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Old March 26th, 2012 (2:09 AM). Edited March 26th, 2012 by Nickalooose.
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Can you update first post please, I don't like the style it is in either, it's a stupidly small scroll box, I only see the one screenshot, surely you can gather some more... If that is the first town, then it looks okay, maybe put some foliage (bushies, flowers, boulders), brighten it up, make it look pretty, little less spacious, this town, in theory, would be the only town that has little to no people wanderring around, besides residents... 2 buildings, so this is just a col-de-sac (another name for an area with fewer buildings) Towns I believe have a certain trade-mark, Pallet, Oaks Lab, Lavender, Pokémon Tower, Mahogany, Souvenir Shop, Floaroma, Flower Shop, Dewford, Dewford Hall, Lucanosa, can capture Legendary, just outside-ish...

Mapping is pretty good in my opinion though, well done (although I only have the 1 map to go on), just a few flaws with the space and lack of flowers, but nevertheless, good... Like to see MORE progress though, looks like there hasn't been much progress at all.

Originally Posted by Pichuichu View Post
Storyline: 30%
Maps: 5%
Fakemon: 5%
Trainers: 1%
Over worlds: 1%
Maps are farely easy, I create my maps, and work on them when I get there (i.e. When it comes to eventing on them) Custom or "new", are easy to create, once you get the name, an idea will come, here's a quick example:


Name: SeaSun Town.
Trademark: Beach (ability to surf to Moonlight Hills).
Place Of Interest: Sandy's Day-Care, can leave a Pokémon that is either a grass type or water a type.
Population: 9.
Encounters: N/A.
Information: This Town has 3 exits, to the north, Route 03, to the east, Route 04, to the west, Route 123... After aquirring SURF, the player can therefore surf to Moonlight Hills, VIA, Route 123 located off the beach. SeaSun Town, has 3 buildings, 1 PokéCenter and no PokéMart, although, in the most southern building, a young lady will sell you the most basic of items, Potion, Pokéball, Repel and Anitdote. SeaSun Town has it's own day-care, but only for water and grass type Pokémon. To the west, there is a beach, this has the only point of access to Moonlight Hills. There is no gym here.

Oh, hold on, Route 123 and Moonlight Hills, okay...

Name: Route 123.
Trademark: None.
Place Of Interest: None.
Population: 4.
Information: This is a farely small route that requires SURF to maneuver. It is surrounded by mountains. It has 2 exits, east, which leads to SeaSun Town and north-west, which has a cave entrance that leads to Moonlight Hills, the cave entrance has only an entrance and exit which passes through the mountain.

Name: Moonlight Hills.
Trademark: 1 Legendary Pokémon.
Place Of Interest: Cresent Point.
Population: 13.
Information: To access the hill, you will need SURF to access, as you progress, you will need Rock Climb, Whirlpool and Waterfall. This is a vast hill which has 11 tough Pokémon Trainers and you will encounter your rival nearer the top. About 3 quarters the way up, you will meet a hiker who will heal your Pokémon. This is the only area you can capture Legendary [insert name here] at Cresent Point, but to find this Legendary, you will need 3 things other than HM's SURF, ROCK CLIMB, WATERFALL and WHIRLPOOL,which are, a Moon Stone (or create an item I'm using Moon Stone for obvious reasons, this will allow Legendary to be seen as it has the ability to shapeshift, much like LATIAS and LATIOS), Badges, #3, #5, #6 and #7 (to use abilities) and the day to be Saturday (as this is the only day the Legendary has been known to appear). For some reason, it appears that there is no sunshine here and always seems dark, aside the nightly glow, this probably the reason why it was named Moonlight Hill.

I just created a storyline, encounters, rival apearence, and 4 maps including a cave entrance... I whipped this up in 10 minutes (that's how long it took me to write it) the only thing needed is to event it.

Fakemon, 5%, does this mean, out of 100 planned fakemon, you have, 5? (rough estimate, but you get the idea) That's honestly not any progress, I have 2 in my game, and I didn't plan on having any... And I sprite them myself (which I find extremely hard to do, it's not my strong point)

Trainers, 1%, is this, 1% evented? or again, out of 100 planned, you have created, 1? (rough estimate, but you get the idea) Again, that's not progress, I have about 15 newly created trainers, and I'm working on this game alone, with great help, here and there off the community (but again, I can't sprite for nothing)

I can go on, but, I scouted over the last few comments, and come to the conclusion, there isn't much progress at all, considering the size of your team, you can always ask questions and check with what the community would like to see, and/or, thinks, of an idea you have.

Overall, I think this could have potential and hope this helps a little for your progress.

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Old March 29th, 2012 (5:18 PM).
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Updated First Post.
removed scrollbox
adding screenshots
new gui
maps coming along

Credit: Invasion For Sig And Avatar.

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Old May 14th, 2012 (4:23 PM).
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Don't worry it is still alive just very quiet.
here's a taste of some more fakemon.

I am also still working on the menus and such.

Credit: Invasion For Sig And Avatar.

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Old July 18th, 2012 (3:23 AM).
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Nice Game .. Keep it up
I am A------------>:
1.) Crappy Spriter

2.) Banner Maker :D
3.) Beginner at Mapping !!
Currently nothings been done yet .. hahaha

Hacks I Support:

My Blooper .... Yeah ..

Old September 2nd, 2012 (3:59 PM).
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Locking this at the request of the thread creator.
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