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SMK's Magical Egg Wheel of Wonder!

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Old June 24th, 2010 (11:32 PM). Edited June 25th, 2010 by SargeantMajorKururu.
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Hello. I am SargeantMajorKururu, but you can call me SMK. Now, why is this thread called the "Magical Egg Wheel of Wonder" you may ask? Well actually it has nothing to do with wheels but I just added that in there. Anyways. This is a special Egg Trading Center. You must trade me Pokemon I want in exchange for a random egg. No, I don't choose, this is 100% randomized. There are several eggs you could obtain...Some of them containing starters, some containing pokemon you cannot get in HG/SS...Even I don't know what you will get. So far, the eggs I can produce are:

Turtwig egg
Charmander Egg
Squirtle Egg
Mudkip Egg
Cyndaquil Egg
Drifloon Egg
Cranidos Egg
Totodile Egg

Pokemon I want are the following:
might be getting Chikorita, but maybe not so you can trade one

Do you want to try your luck? If so, step up to SMK's Magical Egg Wheel of Wonder! Send me a Friend Code and let me know who you are! I WILL be playing...When I make the eggs ''' So talk to me tomorrow, and this will begin.
BLACK FC: 3782-8926-6073
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