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The Phoenix has Risen Again


In a war torn nation, you’ll take on your most important call -- to unite the Oracles against a force greater than the world has ever seen. 

The War that Wages

For hundreds of years the Council of Oracles have maintained peace in Hawthorne. They established after a great war seen a revolution overthrow their tyrannical king. However there are many who believe the Oracles have become complacent and detached. Their integrity is challenged by a family led by a man who calls himself “King” claiming to have descended from Royal Blood -- the true heir to sovereignty. The Royal Family promises to unite Hawthorne and develop it into a powerful force among larger nations. Despite their oppressive distant past people are beginning to flock to the side of the Royal Family. It is time for the High Oracle Anastasia to reunite her Council and regain their grip of peace, or surrender to the pages of history opening once more.

The Phoenix Rising

The region of Hawthorne was, at one time, a land torn asunder by war and suffering. Its people despaired in the face of such destruction, crying out for a savior. In a sign of divine acknowledgment, the Legendary Ho-oh soared across the sky; its feathers rained down to the people below and blessed the earth. Similar legends of the winged savior are told in many cultures; however, the people of Hawthorne have traditionally believed that Ho-oh would one day be resurrected to fight alongside a powerful Trainer and unite their nation once more. This is the legend of the Phoenix Rising. Although the memory of this tale has slipped from the public eye, it is in times of strife that these memories recapture the imagination of a people.

Choice & Consequence

As the hero, your mission will require you to make tough choices. Rarely will you be required to make a decision which has simple choices between good and evil. In a morally ambiguous world; your choices can affect the fate of others in different ways. Pokémon: Phoenix Rising features multiple endings that result from the choices you make throughout the game. Your decisions have an impact on how this war wages and who remains on top. With three penultimate epilogues, and various end-world states Pokémon: Phoenix Rising offers much replayability. 


Only the best and the brightest receive acceptance to  Trinita University, the Hawthorne region's premier establishment of education. The School offers several disciplines focusing on Pokémon Battling, Pokémon Breeding, and all around knowledgeable adventuring. As a newly enrolled student you will choose what you study, your choice affects your gameplay. The discipline you choose will affect your skill tree and the perks you can obtain in the game. Trinita University will serve as a new home for you during your journey. A place to return to for new quests, to stock up or just to chat with characters you’ve met along the way.


Choice Determined Gameplay
The decisions you make during the main quest and side-quests will have various outcomes. Rarely is it ever a simple choice between good and bad - in a morally grey world there is never an easy answer.

Multiple Endings
Choices you make during the story influence the final outcome of the game. With three penultimate world states, and even more factors that can be affected by your choices; you'll have plenty of reason to replay the game.

Skill Trees
Your skill tree will allow you to purchase "talents" throughout the game. You achieve points as you play for various activities and can spend them on new perks to suit your play style. The discipline you study  Trinita University will enhance your skill tree with new options. So whether you're a shiny collector, Pokémon breeder, Pokémon collector, money hoarder or something completely different - your skill tree will bolster the efforts you make to achieve your goals.

Difficulty Modes
If you're looking for a challenge that goes beyond the standard of the game; you'll be able to find it with a simple option change. In the same vein, if you're looking to focus on the storyline and breeze through trainers and wild Pokémon - Easy mode will always be there!

Multiple save files
You will be able to play your game in different ways and so it only makes sense that you can save it in multiple ways too. Whether you're playing though a Nuzlocke Mode, making different decisions to your first playthrough, new disciplines in Trinita University or simply want to choose a different starter Pokémon - you'll be able to do so without deleting your previous saves.

The PokéStrap is a key item you receive during your adventure. Packed with useful applications and utilities - it should surely help you during your adventure. You can always toggle it on or off so you can show or hide it on screen!

Quest System
During your adventure you will encounter people who are in need of your help. They may not be on the path of your main adventure but each one holds a story. Experience a game with multiple quest lines, use your Journal to aid you in tracking these quests and reap the rewards from helping people - or not. The choice is up to you!

Character Customisation
Change your outfit and your skin tone to resemble the hero you want to play as. With full character customisation you will be able to represent yourself in many ways. Unlock new outfits as you play, and mix and match clothing! You're the hero, express your individuality.



Alto is the male hero in Pokémon: Phoenix Rising. He is a determined, fighting and collected teenager. Alto grew up in Nocturne Town in the Hawthorne region with both his parents. When his father went on official business due to work, Alto became the male presence in the house and began to look after his mother.

If you choose to play as Aria, she is the pretty, happy go-lucky girl from Nocturne Town. Aria grew up at home with her parents, and was particularly fond of hearing stories from her parents.

Perrin is a drifter, with a love for exploring and self-experience. They are stifled by polite society or traditional education, and they feel most comfortable outdoors, while surrounded by unfamiliar flora and fauna. Travelling is a joy to them, cooking their own meals and setting up camp, and travelling is easiest for them without company. Perrin puts much weight on their independence from society.

To others, they can sometimes appear a know-it-all. Perrin is comfortable asserting themselves in conversation, but they can forget to consider the people around them. They struggle with their own self-worth and often act to dominate intellectual discussion.

Perrin is a native of the Esteila region. However, they have slowly moved away from their own culture and adopted many sorts of cultural practices that they find most satisfying and unique. As a child, they were in the wild when they came across a Rufflet; after capturing it, they have spent many years together travelling as partners. They love to fly with their Rufflet. On their travels, they heard the story of an incredible adventurer and scholar, who contributed much knowledge to the world, and they hope to emulate that person’s life.
Currently, they are travelling the Hawthorn region to learn from Professor Lotus. They have a keen interest in the region’s myths and theology.


Regan is a member of the Council of Hawthorne, an Oracle of great strength. She wields Dragon-type Pokémon with enormous efficacy. Regan grew up in Cornell City, a town which now idolizes their former citizen. Having grown up surrounded by mountains and rough terrain, Regan has developed a sense of location and a survivalist streak. She feels a kinship with powerful, misunderstood Pokémon, as something of a loner herself.

Regan easily keeps a level head and can be intolerant of ignorance or stupidity. A perfectionist and a high-caliber worker, she can appear stern and high-handed, but her leadership qualities are second to none. She presents a picture of a guarded woman, embittered by cynicism and frustrated by the inaction of others. Regan has difficulty interacting with her own emotions and looks down on those who can be overpowered by their feelings. She is preoccupied by concepts of respect and of shame.

As an Oracle, Regan has a history of completing tasks that others are unwilling to attempt. She is often frustrated by the inaction and lack of drive in her colleagues. Her relationship with High Oracle Anastasia is rocky: Regan feels no hesitation in debating Anastasia’s decisions and the High Oracle often attempts to cultivate an open-mindedness in Regan. Anastasia has enormous respect for the younger Oracle, however; she has made very clear her desire to see Regan someday become the next High Oracle.

Please note that these screenshots may not be final as this game is still in development






First Trailer

Developer Video #1 - Xbox 360 Controller Support 

Let's Play Mode

Something we always wanted to deliver for Pokémon: Phoenix Rising is a full PC game experience. As a team we’ve all played fan games and loved them. However there was a common theme throughout, and that was a small screen that takes up a small amount of your monitor. So this is our answer, a whole new full screen option we name the “Let’s Play Mode”!  

The mode was inspired by Let’s Players who take advantage of the entire screen with elements such as current Pokémon in their party, current location, and so on. We decided we would do something similar. The Let’s Play Mode or “LP Mode” for short, has several features. In the center you have your game screen. So the action is always right in front of you. To each side of your game screen there are multiple GUI elements that aid you in your game, you can see your Party and their current health and status, your registered items and what button each of them are mapped to, your region map and where you’re currently located, and plenty more. 

Click the image for the full view.

Click the image for a larger version.


Title Theme

Battle! Vs Team Chance (Spade/Heart)

Battle! Vs Pokemon Trainer!

Tranquillo Town

Romanti Village


Route One

Plenty more can be found on Youtube!

Team & Credits

Current Team

Name: Gav
Position: Game Director
Favourite Pokémon: Sigilyph
Location: Ireland
Bio: Gav has been developing games for over four years. His main area of interest is in Level Design, and Team Management. He is currently studying Multimedia Programming & Design and hopes to enter the game industry permanently once he is finished this degree. His main interests include gaming (duh!), skiing, drawing, web design, and more.
Name: Deorro
Position: Allrounder
Favourite Pokémon: Dragonite
Location: The Netherlands
Name: Kaliser
Position: Tile Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Arcanine
Location: Spain
Bio: Kaliser studies Fine Arts in Madrid and started doing pixel art and vector graphics in 2010. His main occupation in terms of game development is in tile artistry. He has worked on some fangame projects, with some experience doing sprites and other graphics. Kaliser also leads various other smaller projects in his spare time. He thinks his bio is too boring, so he decides to put a smiley face right here: =)
Name: DaybreakM
Position: Concept Artist/Graphic Artist
Location: France
Bio: DaybreakM is a French Pokémon artist who has worked on various fan games since 2009 as a Pixel Artist. In late 2011, he became the Game Director of the fan game known as Pokémon Cinder & Foam. His role on the Pokémon Phoenix Rising Team relies on creating concept art, character designs and new Mega Evolutions as well as contributing in the creation of the game universe in Pokémon Phoenix Rising.
Name: TheMightySpinda
Position: Concept Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Spinda (obviously)
Location: USA
Bio: Spinda is an American Artist with a history of spending way too much time drawing, reading and writing when he should be sleeping or eating. When he isn’t doing one of those three things though he spends a large amount of time working on a few game design endeavours of his own, and plans to one day become a game director or writer; when he figures out which he has more fun doing. A recent addition to the Phoenix Rising Team; Spinda mostly covers character sketches and concept art for the game.
Name: Josiah Kunz
Position: Programmer
Favourite Pokémon: Gliscor
Location: USA
Bio: Josiah is an American programmer in charge of the scripting code. His real-life time is spent working on his Ph.D. in Physics (accelerator and computational), but he also loves programming Pokémon fangames! Phoenix Rising enjoyments include adding new features, updating user interface, and maintaining the game (debugging). Other enjoyments include almost any Blizzard game, competitive Pokémon (on Pokémon Showdown!), and admiring Gav.
Name: Wackyturtle
Position: Gameplay Developer
Favourite Pokémon: Gengar
Location: UK
Bio: Wackyturtle is an English game developer who has been working on fangames for over three years. His main project is Pokémon: Legends of the Arena, and his role on the Phoenix Rising team is to write and develop the gameplay itself, as well as contribute to storyline development. His interests include watching obscure foreign films, eating bread and getting in arguments with strangers over the internet. One day he hopes to become president of a small island nation or, failing that, a film/video game journalist/screenwriter.
Name: PoLlOrOn
Position: Pixel Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Heracross
Location: Chile
Bio: PoLlOrOn is an Chilean Pixel Artist who has started doing pixel art in 2011. He spends my free time playing video games, reading books, watching anime and his favourite, draw and create new pixel art.
Name: Heavy-Metal-Lover
Position: Region Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Espeon
Location: Poland
Name: Meganchu
Position: Concept Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Snorlax
Location: USA
Bio: Megan is an American illustrator/storyboard artist, caffeine enthusiast, cat lover, amateur ukulele player, and most importantly a gamer. She’s been drawing digitally since 2009 and it is basically all she does besides sleeping.
Name: Rezfan
Position: Concept Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Bulbasaur
Location: USA
Bio: Rezfan is an aspiring artist of many mediums who is still trying to find his way. Rez has always loved drawing but it's been only 4 years since he's decided to make it a future. Although he still has a long way to go he's never gonna give up this dream.
Name: Santi
Position: Pixel Artist
Portfolio: Working on it~
Favourite Pokémon: Serperior
Location: USA
Bio: Santi primarily works with pixels, but is trying to branch into new mediums. He started out doing horrible pokemon splices back in the day, but has been making sprites from scratch since 2011. Currently studying to become a mechanical engineer at uni. While pixels and art are but a hobby from him, they are hobbies he loves. Interests include gaming, eating, sleeping, breathing, drawing, pixeling (?), and procrastinating.
Name: Yuzahunter
Position: Concept Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Mawile
Location: Sweden
Bio: Yuzahunter studies digital media at Uni during the time he isn’t drawing or procrastinating. With a background in theatre and graphic design (and a whole lot of Nintendo gaming and anime), he’s ready to help out the PR team wherever possible! He’s also got a Pokémon webcomic of his own in the works, so, uh, that’s a thing.


Magiscarf - Pixel Artist
Epic RPG Remixes - Composer
Dasgust - Composer
Elaynii - Artist
DaybreakM - Art, Support, Misc
Maruno, Poccil, Flameguru for the starter kit
SirAquakip - Pixel Art
Burton-kun - Pixel Art
Thegreatblaid Tiles
RianSky - Mapping, Tiling, Misc
Litera-sure - Pixel Art, Mapping
LostSoulsDev - Programming
xnyk - Mapping
Rezfan - Art
LogiedanT-T - Pixel Art
Cilerba - GUI, Misc
HourglassHero - Art
KleinStudio - Scripts
KitsuneKouta - Scripts
Heavy-Metal-Lover - Tiles, Maps
Hydrargirium - OW's, Pixel Art, Maps, Tiles
44tim44 - Tiles
iametrine - Tiles & sprites
WesleyFG - Tiles
Kyle-Dove - Tiles
Kuroda-Taiki - Tiles
DaCab - Tiles
CalisProjects - Tiles
blazeknight-94 - OW's, Characters
NSora-96 - Tiles

Contact & Update Resources
Our new sub-reddit is where we hope to hold most of our discussion and updates. Very often we will interact with the community and get opinions on what you would like to see, and also get feedback on any new updates or announcements. Reddit will be a great place to sit down and chat about the development of the game and contribute your views, opinions, or work if you so wish to!

Here Gav will be updating most screenshots, occasional development journals, maps, and more. It’s a great place to find and contact Gav, as well as keep an eye on development!

Occasionally there will be exclusive development images and events put up on the Twitter page. You can get into contact with the team easily, and also give us feedback on any updates we add! Give us a follow if you want immediate updates when there’s any announcements.

Pokémon © The Pokémon Company | Original work - 2015 © The Phoenix Rising Team & Credits

paired with adventure | avatar sprite by logiedan
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Author’s Note
Hi there! First off I would like to thank you for your continued support and interest in Pokémon: Phoenix Rising over the years! It is because of the amazing fans and positive feedback that this game is still in production. It’s not easy to follow an independent developer and keep up the hope that they will continue working on the project you love! You should be aware though that the game has not been in constant production over the last few years. It has been worked on sporadically over a number of weeks and months since roughly the beginning of 2013, officially. Unfortunately I have not been able to dedicate as many hours in a day as I would like to. As a student, a working professional and someone with a lot of ambition, I am kept extremely busy! Pokémon: Phoenix Rising is a game that I have a lot of love for, that I really enjoy working on. Above all, I adore working with others, be they other developers for the game, or the fans whom offer their feedback for it. Unfortunately most of the team members that have worked on the game have pursued other obligations and ventures.

And so I began this project to learn more about game development, and to work with others. I am now wiser and more pragmatic as a natural result of being further down the line of development. However, and I am now a bit wiser and more pragmatic about the potential of this project. Initially, the scale of the game I had in mind was quite vast, especially for someone who doesn’t have as much time as they would like to commit to it. So I needed to make a decision. I could leave the project, and allow it to be a broken promise and an unfinished piece of work that would leave a hole in my heart; or instead I could repurpose it slightly, make the project a little more manageable and smaller.

Today, I’m happy to announce that I decided that the project has a new lease of life. The scale has been reduced, and the story has been slightly altered to reflect that but this means I am now in a better position to be honest with the fans and say how far we are from release, I can finally see the game coming to fruition in the future. The project is effectively taking a number of steps back so that it can take larger, more frequent steps forward. Asset creation (tiles, music, sprites, scripts, GUI, etc.) was the largest and most challenging aspect of making this game. Pokémon: Phoenix Rising grounded to a halt on multiple occasions simply due to my lack of organisation, and understanding of how I could create so many assets alone. Instead of having a mountain of asset creation with little time to work on them, I now have almost all of the assets needed to create the game in entirety.

In this article, you will see the storyline, which is slightly altered from the original, and there will be resources where you can learn more about the lore, history, and characters of the game also. Not only that, but there will be links to where you can follow development of the game, leave your suggestions and comments, and more!

I want to thank all of the fans, new and old, for following development. I want to deeply express my gratitude for your support, but also my regret that I could not give you all I promised sooner. While Pokémon: Phoenix Rising is undergoing these changes I hope that you can stick with me and see the project through to release! It is unfortunate that it will not initially be the game I planned, but I hope that the slight alterations will please you still. While it may be like starting over in some aspects, the project now has a future where it may never have had one before.

What is important is that the Phoenix has Risen again.


The Storyline
As an aspiring Pokémon Trainer, it has always been your dream to go to the Hawthorne University and learn all about the Pokémon world. Graduating from University is your first step in forging your own adventure.

Professor Lotus, a Professor of Pokémon Philosophy, has written you a recommendation and is willing to give you your very first Pokémon on your trip to Romanti Village, where Hawthorne University is located. Your father is set to meet you there as he is a tutor of Pokémon Battling and is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

However, trouble is looming. Strange figures have been spotted all over the region and there have been whispers of their intentions to awaken the Phoenix once more. With your journey to University ahead of you, and Nocturne Town but a speck in your eye, how will you and your Pokémon make history?

What’s changing?
Initially Pokémon: Phoenix Rising had the same formula as traditional Pokémon games. Collect badges, become Champion, and see where your adventure takes you. Now, the story has taken a slightly different turn. The classic formula that you’ve seen many times before has been scrapped. You can still raise your Pokémon, battle fierce trainers, and set out on your own adventure. However, the story will now be more focused on the Phoenix Rising and Team Chance. It will no longer be your objective to become Champion. Your first step is to graduate from University, but what is most important is the adventure you will find yourself on afterwards. Team Chance believe that with the Stone of Rebirth they will cause Ho-oh to bear witness to their leader, see his greatness and show the region that he is the great ruler that they deserve. It is up to you to stop their drastic methods….

How YOU can help
It has always been a dream of mine to finish Pokémon: Phoenix Rising and continue adding content thereafter. However what I love more than anything is working with enthusiastic and talented individuals who have the same drive for developing games that I do. Pokémon: Phoenix Rising remains an ambitious project, and I would love to work with other people to complete it. This would further development at a quicker pace, as well as be a wonderful opportunity for people to improve their knowledge in their relevant field, as well as be an awesome chance for me to get to know other like-minded individuals who just love Pokémon. So with that in mind, I will be looking to work with people who have a talent in these areas:

Pixel Artist

Your job will be to provide high quality sprites and tiles that can be used throughout the game. Visual fidelity is an extremely important aspect of Pokémon: Phoenix Rising so a flair for pixel art and an adaptable style is crucial.


As a programmer, you will be in charge of ensuring systems work efficiently, as well as adding new features to the game. This ranges from UI, to gameplay systems, to small engine related changes that will improve user experience. Knowledge of the “Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit”, RGSS and Ruby are essential.

Gameplay Developer

Events that occur during the game between important plot points must be engaging. This is an important aspect of making a game fun to play, as well as making the story feel more meaningful. As a gameplay writer it will be your duty to help decide on how the game plays out, writing events that transpire between the plot points and deciding on how to make the progression of the storyline more engaging. A good knowledge of how gameplay and story progression work are essential. Good knowledge of RMXP and/or the “Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit” is also necessary.


If you think that you have something you can offer Pokémon: Phoenix Rising, please feel free to contact me! There are many talents out there that could certainly aid production and I’d love to hear from you if you would enjoy being on a team of developers trying their best to create a great user experience!

For any of the above roles, or queries in general you can reach me at one of the contact resources below.

Contact & Update Resources

Our new sub-reddit is where we hope to hold most of our discussion and updates. Very often we will interact with the community and get opinions on what you would like to see, and also get feedback on any new updates or announcements. Reddit will be a great place to sit down and chat about the development of the game and contribute your views, opinions, or work if you so wish to!

Here Gav will be updating most screenshots, occasional development journals, maps, and more. It’s a great place to find and contact Gav, as well as keep an eye on development!

Occasionally there will be exclusive development images and events put up on the Twitter page. You can get into contact with the team easily, and also give us feedback on any updates we add! Give us a follow if you want immediate updates when there’s any announcements.
paired with adventure | avatar sprite by logiedan
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Old June 23rd, 2015 (7:36 PM).
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This is incredible , glad to see this back up & running, beyond excited to play. The game looks phenomenal.
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Old June 23rd, 2015 (10:06 PM).
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It's good to see that you are giving this another go. The screenshots from this game are among the most impressive of any fangame for me and the music is without a doubt a favorite of mine. In fact I frequently listen to it when I am working on my own fan game. I hope we can get some playable content in time. No rush, of course.
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Old June 24th, 2015 (6:51 AM).
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wow, very nice, looks like this game will be very good
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Old June 24th, 2015 (12:00 PM).
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So glad to see this project back!!!
Have a awesome day!
PM me if you want to battle...
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aaaaaaaa i thought you'd abandoned this forever. good luck!!

ruvidonia town theme is my fav
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oh god
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^same, but it's wonderful that you decided to come back to it! it's such an aesthetically beautiful game, i can't wait to play it.
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Old June 24th, 2015 (1:24 PM).
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Wow, I am so excited to see this coming back!
This is honestly one of the best looking games out there, and I'm really looking forward to it's release!

I'm not much of an RMXP-er, but if you're ever looking for people to help test the game, I would love to be one of them!
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I never lost faith nor will i its looked good since day 1 and looks even better now!
Cant wait for a demo this game is seriously the best one ive seen

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Old June 25th, 2015 (6:00 AM).
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This is one of the best fan games I've ever seen ever, I'm so happy to see that you're still working in the project. I can't wait to see new updates.
ps. Congrats to the music composers because the ost is amazing!
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Old June 25th, 2015 (7:33 AM).
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That OST is amazing. I can imagine epic battles against that Team Chance. Great work.
Praise Helix.
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Such a beautiful looking game my eyes are very pleased.

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Thank you for all your kind comments so far guys! Today I just want to share a quick article with you regarding "Fakemon". It's a post I made over on our Reddit page regarding our choice not to use fan created Pokémon in Pokémon: Phoenix Rising. Hope you find it to be an interesting read. As always, have a great day!


There is a question that gets posed to our team quite a lot. Or should I say questions. "Will there be any fakemon?" and "Why isn't there any fakemon?" being the two questions I hope to approach in this post.

I want to premise this by saying that I adore some Fakemon designs. An ex girlfriend of mine took to calling them "Fauxkémon", which sounds great when you hear it in person but doesn't quite translate to screen as well as "Fakemon" does. While that's an interesting tidbit of information you didn't particularly need, I want to press a point on the actual name people give this sub-genre of artwork. I never thought of these as "fake" in any way. Coming up with an original design of any sort is quite the opposite. Evidently some people create designs that don't stray too far from the official ones we see in the Pokémon franchise, however some designs are downright striking. I see these as fan art, inspired by the series and certainly not to be called fake in my mind. Fanmon might have been a better term (and in this article, that is what I shall call them from here on out), if you were to ask me, since just because something isn't part of the official series does not mean it should garner the prefix of "fake". It's a pet peeve, and I know most people take little notice of the term but I almost feel that in my heart of hearts; people deserve a better name for their pride in the series and the designs they create based on it.

With that slight rant aside, I want to get into the meat of things. My love for Fanmon didn't translate to Pokémon: Phoenix Rising and this disappointed a number of fans who follow the game. I've replied in staggered locations to queries as to why I didn't include them in the game. The primary reason is that I never took an interest in drawing Fanmon. While I would love to work on a game that includes fantastic Fanmon designs, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable creating new Pokémon.

For Pokémon: Phoenix Rising, I lead the project. I no longer really consider it "my project", because I honestly can't call it that. So many people have helped me bring it to where it is today that it's become more of a community effort than anything. I want anyone who has worked on it diligently to feel as if they own part of it. And when we see players react to the parts we created we can each get a kick out of it. We're all collaborating to create something awesome, and while we all have different roles it will be our project in the end. A game that we created together, and not a game we created for me. Those who play it will see that this was a team effort, and that's the impression I want them to get. With all that said, I want to have the ability to carry the bulk of the project on my own if I need to. If I were to add Fanmon I would have very little motivation to actually create and add those on my own. Scripting, Mapping, Writing, Spriting, and so on, I'll turn my hand to and will happily do so. Creating Pokémon of my own is just a spectrum I'm not sure I will ever have the desire to enter.

With all of that in mind, there's over 700 Pokémon to choose from as it is. Each time I play the official games, I fall in love with a new one and that's a special thing. I want Pokémon: Phoenix Rising to give that experience to the players. I want them to fall in love with the new Pokémon, the classics, the odd, the powerful. I want to weave stories with these amazing creations that have never been told before and give players an alternative view of a Pokémon that they have never seen before.

Pokémon: Phoenix Rising won't have fan created Pokémon. However we hope that we can give you a fresh experience even so. If you find a new favourite because you got it on Route 1 and played the whole way through the game, or play through a side-quest and think completely different about a Pokémon involved, then I think we've succeeded more than we ever could if we had "Fakemon"

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Old June 26th, 2015 (10:30 PM).
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Darnit i was hoping for a few at least for some pokemon that dont evolve like a tropius pre evolution or at the very least mega evolutions for these poor pokemon that are seldom used because they dont evolve

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Old June 26th, 2015 (10:35 PM).
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I haven't played it yet, but you seem to have some very, very interesting ideas in terms of area designs. A lot of these areas look gorgeous, and I'm sure they hold many secrets to explore and discover. I'll definitely be giving this a play.
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Old June 27th, 2015 (7:59 PM).
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Every once in a while, when I'm browsing DA, I'll come across a few PR screenshots and think "man, too bad that's not active anymore." So I'm actually glad to see that this is back again. I've always thought this project had a great artistic style. I know you probably don't believe this, but I do genuinely want to see this succeed, and I really hope you stick to it this time. Hope to see more from this Gavin!
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Old June 27th, 2015 (8:17 PM).
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this looks pretty cool but it would be a much better idea to compile the ost into a youtube playlist rather than a lmgtfy

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Old June 29th, 2015 (7:51 AM).
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Sweeeet! It's back! I thought this was abandoned a long time ago. I wish I could help :p Too bad I suck at RUBY
Anyhow, if you need testers, I'm open. :p. Best of luck @seeker! Hope it will be finish this time. And oh, the graphics are AWESOME
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Old June 29th, 2015 (8:11 AM).
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Wow, that artwork... looks fun! Can't wait for this to go public!
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Old July 12th, 2015 (7:08 AM).
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So happy to see this back in the works!

That one screenie with the growlithe behind the glass is so cool and unique I love it!
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Old July 12th, 2015 (10:24 AM).
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It's back?! I'm so happy!!!!! Thanks Gavin!!

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Old July 13th, 2015 (1:51 PM).
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This actually looks really amazing.
Hacks I support

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Old July 15th, 2015 (5:25 AM). Edited July 15th, 2015 by seeker.
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Hey everyone, thank you for your comments once again. Your comments and support really keep myself and the team really motivated! Progress has been really good in recent weeks and should hopefully continue at the same speed. We're trying to hold off showing too much of what we're working on so that there's plenty of new content in the actual game so major updates will be done in the form of announcements and some staggered check-ins like today. Our next announcement is set to come within the next two, to three weeks. However we feel that it will be worth the wait and we are excited to show you some cool stuff that we've been working on.

We reached 500 followers on our Twitter page recently, and so we promised our fans that they would get to see some screenshots. So we've uploaded a group of screens from the previously unreleased tutorial area in Pokémon Phoenix Rising. You can see some information and screenshots below.
After the war of Hawthorne, the land was left barren. A Phoenix of great size and beauty flew over the country, and the people of Hawthorne seen it as a symbol of hope and prosperity. It wasn't long until this plant sprouted in desolate earth: the Hawthorne Tree. It is now looked upon as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, hope can prevail.
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Wonderful color choices
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