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Old July 9th, 2010 (11:31 PM).
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Call Me Ruby
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    I got my shiny Pichu at GameStop,but I got another one on Pearl from the Spring 2010 Wi-Fi event.I haven't touched it,nor have I touched Pearl in a few months.I can prove it's real because it's original trainer is "SPR2010".Like the Wi-Fi Jirachi's was "SMR2010".Reply on this thread if you want it and I'll give you my friend code.I don't think I'll reply immediately,though.It's free,so trade some Pidgey,Rattata,or something,I don't care.

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old July 9th, 2010 (11:33 PM).
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      Yes please
      Want anything for it?
      Old July 9th, 2010 (11:33 PM).
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        yoohoo! rule no. 1 of pokemon: never decline free offers
        me being online after pretty much not being online since 4th gen lolwat hi
        Old July 10th, 2010 (12:15 AM).
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          I'd like one please! My friend code is in my signature!
          Old July 10th, 2010 (1:07 AM).
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          You fight like a cow!
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            If you still have it/them, can I have one? :3
            My lovely shinies from Pokemon X~

            Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 4570 7976 4238 (Friend Safari:
            Audino, Chansey and Teddiursa)
            art Gold Friend Code: 4813 0768 5125 (Trainer name: Ember)

            Old July 10th, 2010 (1:10 AM).
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            Use the Quick Trade Thread next time, please.

            Paired with Hiroshi Sotomura and Cherrim
            Tumblr / IG / Twitter
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