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    As some may know (if any) I'm a musician and this is my own personal thread where I will be posting my lyrics. I am very diverse when it comes to writing my music and my most of my lyrics written is what I was feeling that day and what my mind state was in. I like to speak my mind through my music rather than in person so writing lyrics is my thing.

    I hope you guy's that read my lyrics like them and post your thoughts or give me constructive criticism. My lyrics are solid but a little constructive criticism wont hurt.

    First I'm gonna post my lyrics to "City of Angels". The lyrics are metaphorically speaking meaning I'm just telling a story that's not true but at the same time the lyrics are based on real life events that's happens everywhere.

    City of Angels

    in the city she's the angel/ who knew that she'd get tangled/
    in things that left on the side of the road broken and mangled/
    bones crushed at different angles/ blood rushin gashes to her ankles/
    pushed over the edge and left to dangle/
    i love this woman, i mean i really did/
    before i thought that kinda beauty was a myth/
    she was the realest girl i ever gotten with/
    the realest girl forgotten swift/
    crack cocaine laced the weed, she was tokin kid/
    she was different, her addiction was persistent/
    tried to help her but she only grew more distant/
    tried to show her the way the drug made her resistant/
    the way the she used to be man, I ♥♥♥♥ing miss it/
    she needed that high, didn't matter if she had to ♥♥♥♥ a few guys/
    in the city of angels, only the true angels die/
    thought sends a shiver down my spine/
    forced to ask why?/
    asking God what kind of sick code he lives by/
    one simple drug can corrode such a beautiful mind/
    she was on the straight an narrow, but the other path rides/
    looking for a change, but only to get her next high/

    society like an institution/
    brains corrupted by pollution/
    she needed the money and she found the solution/
    no real jobs out there so she turned to prostitution/
    so she could keep using, to keep on abusing/
    but you can only be pushed so far, before the walls start moving/
    trigger can take so much pressure, before the gun starts shooting/
    the addictions so ruthless but she kept on choosing/
    to go back, to smoke crack/
    doesn't matter how many times she got smacked/
    until one day she was beaten and stabbed/
    4 entry wounds in the back/
    her whole world went black, no time to react/
    just wish the clocks of time could turn back/
    invest more time get her on track/
    smash the pipe and flush the crack/
    tell her that her death is a fact/
    tell her that I love her, I just wish she knew that/
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