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Old July 27th, 2012 (4:55 AM).
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Originally Posted by theSyko501 View Post
would like some feedback on this i did not draw this i just cropped it and added some words would like to know how good of a job i did.(btw i kinda like the style not all the fancy colors and stuff just the object/thing floating there like it was made into the page)

did you add the transparency yourself? there are a few points of choppiness: his tail, part of his fin, and bits on the whirlwind. all in all it's okay for what it is. the font choice isn't the best, though.


two wips:


either one is gonna be used for a battle on another forum but I can't decide which one. I'm leaning towards the second option though

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Old August 5th, 2012 (7:05 PM).
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Originally Posted by Zebra Thunderhead View Post
two wips:
The figure in the first image is too bright and vibrant to me, especially around the arms, it looks rough and pixel'ed. The background in both is great and fits with the figure, I like it. Although the faults', it is also great, I like how it blends in. I like the second one more though, the edges are less rough. Good job.


I'll post mine when I reach 15 posts, can't post external links :c
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