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Old July 18th, 2010 (3:26 PM).
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(Not sure if I should either post this here on in Battle forum)

Could anyone help me with this? Just need to either battle or trade with someone that has a Glaceon so I can get it into my dex, since I want to trade one over GTC.

(The reason that I just dont ask for someone to trade me one is cause I dont have alot and high level Pokémon. And I need a low lvl Glaceon, so I guess it easier for me to just trade one over GTC.)

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Old July 18th, 2010 (3:55 PM).
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I can evolve a level one Eevee into a Glaceon and it will only be maybe level 5 - 8, is that low enough? If you want.

Don't need anything in return, you can just trade me fodder. :)
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Old July 18th, 2010 (5:08 PM).
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Wifi battling does not affect your Pokedex data.. Your only option is to trade.

As you are looking for one Pokemon, use the Quick Trade Thread. The Trade Corner Rules thread has more information. Thanks.

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