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Xtreme Pokemon Trainer. (MUST have all main region games in order to partcipate.)

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Hello and welcome to the Xtreme Pokemon Trainer Challenge. In this challenge the goal is to Level up every single pokemon you own to level 100 and on each route visit you MUST level up at least 5 times. For example if i am at HGSS the adventure to Mr. Pokemon's house and back that would mean you have to level up at least by 20. giving your starter level 25. you must do this throughout the entire pokemon series from Kanto to Unova in that order. meaning any Kanto main game to any Joho main game and so on. You must have at least ten pokemon by the end of the game and have gotten all the gold medals for that region. Gold medals are as follows

1. Executioner

Beat Every trainer in the region at least 4 times before processeding to the next region.

2. Master Fisherman

Catch twenty Magikarp and get them to level 100 without evolving one.

3. Extreme Couponer

Save up $10,000 before traveling on to the next region.

Extra Rules.

No Cheating of any sort.
Must fulfil ALL requirments before proceeding.
Gold medals have to be met in that order and for every region you restart the gold medal process.
Have Fun.

Joining Template.

How Active:

My Joining Form is this.

Username: 1ninjadude1701
How Active: Very Active-Active.

Thanks for particapating and good luck.
Spartan ID

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Join if you like a challenge.
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