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Old February 1st, 2017 (11:50 AM).
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    Hello everyone!

    I go by MidNite and this is a challenge of my own creation. I am currently LPing it on my channel and thought I'd bring the a here. Below will be the current rules. If you have ideas about how to improve the content please let me know. :D ps tell me u think.

    AnimeLocke rules
    1. Your starter Pokemon is the “Hero” (Think Rorouni Kenshin) of the story. Just like any good anime your hero should be with you throughout the story. So, you can NOT put your starter in the PC box. If your hero (starter) dies than your strongest leveled Pokemon MUST give up his life to revive your hero.
    2. You can choice ONE Pokemon to be your “Hero Pokemon’s” rival. The “Rival Pokemon” (Think Saskue) can take your “Hero Pokemon” spot and become the Hero Pokemon. (I know sounds confusing) The Rival mon can only do that AFTER being with your party for 3 gyms.
    3. Healing items (senzu bean) can only be used during MAJOR battles (Gym Leaders, Rivals, Evil Team bosses, Elite four) and outside of battles.
    4. You must nickname every Pokémon you catch based off an anime reference.
    5. Nuzlocke Clauses: These are additional rules. They are not mandatory.
    6. Shiny Clause: If I encounter a shiny Pokémon I can catch it, even if it is not my first encounter.
    7. Dupes and Species Clause: If you have already catch a Pokémon or any Pokémon it’s evolution line you do not have to catch it.
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    Old March 10th, 2017 (9:14 AM).
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      This seems great, I will surely try this later.
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