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Old September 8th, 2010 (4:20 AM).
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Solo Run Part 1: Lets Go Muchu

Started the game off and named myself EN and my rival Gary and i choose Charmander as my starter and beat Gary with it. Next i travel to Viridian City and obtain the Oaks Parcel so i go and deliver them to the good professor and get my pokeballs. Then i get the town map from Daisy so now i activated the code to get Smoochum. The damn thing didnt want to get into the ball but i finally caught her and named her Muchu(which is actually Smoochums japanese name) at LV 3 and i caught a Pidgey afterwards for Fly later on.

At the pokemon center, i deposit both Charmander and Pidgey into the PC and start to grind Muchu so she can be big and strong. And....we get off to a bad start losing to the first Rattata we encounter Dx. But we are determined so we continue training but...all our efforts were useless Q_Q so i took Charmander out to help Muchu steal EXP. It worked out pretty well and i put Charmander in the PC when I felt Muchu was ready enough before moving onward.

Back in Viridian City, I stock up on Potions and finally set out walking to Viridian Forest where i take out a few Caterpies before running across my first trainer, pretty simple. The second trainer i lost to because of poision and the rematch i won thanks to Potions while still poisioned. But thank god after that battle i came across an antidote so i used it immediately and my last potion and pressed forward. After the third trainer, Muchu is now left with 7 HP but we still march forward and I find a Potion...lucky me. I use it and proceed to defeat the last trainer only to get poisoned on Weedles low HP. So now i head out and to Pewter City where i head straight to the Pokemon Center to heal and afterwards explore the town. Afterwards i train Muchu to LV 14 before facing Brock.

Inside the gym, I lost to Brock twice before finally obtaining the boulder BoulderBadge(only due to my luck of freezing Onix), access to Flash, and TM Rock now i was off for the next destination...this solo thing is going to be tougher than i actually thought. Anyway, before rushing to Route 3 i obtain the Running Shoes(finally) and proceed forward and beat the trainers in route before making my way to the pokemon center on Route 4 to heal, save, and make my way to Mt. Moon.

Inside, I find a useless TM Bullet Seed at the entrance and from there i went to battle trainers within my site, collect items in the area and i also caught me a Paras for HM Flash later on. Continuing, also fight off Team Rocket as i make my way outside and to Cerulean City. Quickly, i rush to the pokemon center to deposit Paras into the box, heal, save, and then explore the town. During this, I run into my rival and ended up losing.

Anywho, in the pokemon center i save yet again and i will see you all at my gym battle with Misty :]


Everything started out so very bad but now the run is going pretty well :3

Solo Partner

Muchu the Smoochum
Lv 23
-Sweet Kiss
-Powder Snow
Seigo Takahashi

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Whew, I've been in the Game Corner for like the whole week! I'm getting those TMs that I want for Slowbro. I've got them, with some luck! :D

Sephiroth @nothing
Male, Lv. 54
Moves: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Flamethrower

Once I get Surf, I'm replacing it for one of the moves. x]
I'll get on a real update on Friday or so. Not that sure, though.
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    I'm in!
    I'll play games in this order: Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Emerald, Platinum,
    And I'll do it with my trusty Bagon!
    3DS Friend Code: 1864-9474-4763 (Matthew)
    X/Y Safari Zone: Ice-type, Snover/Bergmite/Dewgong

    Emblems awarded so far

    Alola Rotomdex completion: 294/301

    Currently looking for: Politoed, Weavile and Lunala Dex entries.
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      Mine won't be in story form like you guys' because mine will look incredibly bad in comparison.

      Update 1: Start - Eucretak.
      -Edited Mankey in for Cyndaquil.
      -Named myself Andrew.
      -Grinded to level 10 outside New Bark.
      -Went to Mr. Pokemon's house.
      -Fought Rival. Easily killed his Totodile.
      -Named Rival Virgil.
      -Gave Oak the egg, and left for Violet City.
      -Picked up the town map from the old man in Cherrygrove.
      -Went north and fought trainers.
      -Healed up in Violet City.
      -OWNED Sprout Tour. Luckily nobody had a Gastly.
      -Healed up again and headed for the gym.
      -Beat the two trainers but had to leave and heal since Flying > Fighting.
      -Faced Faulkner. Barely won with 3 hp left.
      -Recieved ZEPHYRBADGE.

      -Healed up and headed south.
      -Fought every trainer along the way to Union Cave.
      -Healed and headed inside.
      -Easily beat everyone inside (except the guy with the Slowpoke) D:
      -Healed in Azalea.
      -Went and saw Kurt, then followed him to Slowpoke Tunnel.
      -Killed all the Rockets inside. Yes, killed, as in murdered. That's what they deserve for cutting of the poor Slowpoke's tails. Damn them.
      -Healed and entered Azalea Gym.
      -Remembered that Fighting isn't good against bug either and facepalmed.
      -Slowly beat every trainer, healing between each one. Grrr...bugs.
      -Beat Bugsy. Pretty easily, too.
      -Recieved HIVEBADGE.

      (forgot to screenshot.)

      -Healed and fought Virgil outside Ilex Forest.
      -Saw his Gastly and super-facepalmed.
      -Spammed Scratch and waited to die.
      -After blacking out and waking up at the PC, taught Snargles Mud Shot.
      -Fought Virgil again, this time easily beating him, with the help of Mud Shot.
      -Found the guys lost Farfetch'd in Ilex Forest, and got HM01.
      -Togepi hatched from it's egg.
      -Caught an Oddish to use Cut.
      -Left Ilex Forest, defeated a few trainers, and arrived at Goldenrod.
      -Healed and entered Goldenrod Gym.
      -With the help of his fighting type move Karate Chop, Snargles OHKO'd every Pokemon in the Gym except Miltank. Miltank took 2 shots.
      -Beat Whitney.
      -Recieved PLAINBADGE.

      (screenshotted the wrong two screens. i'll screenshot all 3 stat screens from now on.)

      -Left the Gym, healed up, and left North.
      -Defeated many trainers and eventually came to a weird moving tree.
      -Went all the damn way back to Goldenrod and got the Squirtbottle.
      -Squirted water on the moving tree.
      -Sudowoodo (the tree) attacked, and Snargles killed it.
      -Fought a few more trainers and entered Eucretak.
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        Ok... Update 2

        After Brock I went to the cave with a level 15 Beedrill and came out with a level 21 beedrill. I went and challenged Misty but lost cause I was low on health. I healed up and went back to the gym and beat Misty this time. I went up to the bridge and my jerkish rival was there. I beat him and got to Bills. He gave me a ticket for saving him. I went to the boat where the ticket ws for and am currently doing that.

        Beedrill is level 29 with moves: Rage, Twineedle, Poison Sting, Fury Attack
        Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon
        Second Favorite Pokemon: Scrafty
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          Huh this looks fun this is my first challenge so no judging! anyways I guess the game I will be doing is Pokemon Fire Red and the Pokemon I will be using is Larvitar! so I guess I start doing this!

          Update!!! 9/10/2010 - 5:19

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            Time to update my ZOMBIE JUMPLUFF (yes, caps are totally necessary here, to emphasize the importance of these two words) run, isn't it?


            So, I was busy with Mt.Moon for ages because of PP limitations and Jumpluff general moveset direction being not optimal for a Solo run, but at least I got Leech Seed in here.

            This was a weird battle. Staryu and Starmie both couldn't hurt me (LS would immediately heal any damage), but they lasted forever because they spammed recover. I'm pretty sure must have been about to run out of Tackle (yeah, I still haven't found anything better) PP when Starmie finally died.

            ZOMBIE JUMPLUFF at this point. Well, that's not exactly true, since it's not a zombie yet. But what if it was already a zombie when I received it...?
            Anyways, it's time for me to think about a moveset, LS+Poison might be awesome but is not going to work for the Elite 4. First there's Lorelei who will just kill me, then there are tons and tons of Pokemon, so I'll eventually run out of PP and Ethers.
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            Oh fudge! I totally forgot about this Dx

            It doesn't say I've posted in here but I remember posting saying I'd do a run through with Bagon, if it's okay. I'd like to change it

            HG/SS Challenge : Gible.

            And I won't abandon it this time D: I've got a swollen foot so I need to kill time (:<

            If it means anything HG is the game im using.
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              I'm going to start the challenge now with Soul Silver!
              The Pokemon I will choose is Elekid.

              I'll post again later with the first update.
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              So far :


              Has just entered the world of HG and is ready to dominate it.

              Lv : 5
              Jolly nature
              Dragon Claw
              Aerial Ace
              Flamethrower < and other 2 are from Momma Chomp.
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                CURRENT STATUS: In Pokémon Ruby, beaten Roxanne.

                Day 19

                Wingman already hates the sling. He couldn't do anything to help pack up, and he hated it. I felt guilty for it, seeing as he hurt his arm even more because of me. But he never blamed me, only himself. If I could have, I would have told him not to.

                But that couldn't be helped. We spent the morning packing while Wingman did anything he could to help, though it wasn't much. We got all packed up soon enough and flew off, back to Mahogany Town. Continuing where we left of the day before, we headed east again, towards Blackthorn City.

                Getting there wasn't easy; an expansive maze of icy tunnels called Ice Path stood in our way. The ground inside the caverns was half covered in ice and getting and keeping footing was near impossible. Slipping and sliding became the easiest mode of getting around, and it started to become rather frustrating. Falling down was common, so we were extra careful to keep Wingman from falling on his arm.

                Even then, it was impossible to completely protect him from slipping often, if not as often as we did. But he didn't get hurt any worse than we did.

                The cave exited right into the city. It was more of a mountain village, though, with houses and buildings spread further apart and placed wherever flat ground was. The Gym was higher up than any other house, and it stood in front of a lake. The doors led to a long hallway that got increasingly hotter.

                Finally, the hallway opened up into a large room with a field in the middle. The field was an isthmus between the two walls of the Gym, but instead of being through water, it was through lava. No wonder it was so hot in here.

                Clair, a slightly hot-headed lady, met up with us and introduced herself as the Gym Leader. Wingman talked with her for a bit as they discussed the Gym and the sling he had. After a short period of time, Clair and Wingman got to talking about battling and the match was declared.

                Standing with lava on either side of me was highly uncomfortable. But I knew that I might be able to use that to my advantage. Clair used all Dragon type Pokémon, and none of my attacks could do massive damage on them, so I used the one that could do the most damage easily. Shadow Ball was able to beat most of her Pokémon, but it took some time and patience. Those dragons were persistent and nimble.

                Eventually, I was able to defeat them all. Clair, of course, was a little bit in disbelief, but she was denying it with her whole will. She refused to give Wingman the badge and grant him access to the Elite Four. "I don't think you're ready yet; you have yet to really prove yourself," she told us. Then she gave Wingman a task. If he could enter the Dragon's Den behind the Gym and successfully retrieve the Dragon Fang, she would award him the badge.

                Across the lake behind the Gym was the entrance to the Dragon's Den. The cave was a huge underground lake. A shrine was built on the lake, but the bridge between the entrance and the shrine was destroyed. The lake churned and swirled, almost angry at our arrival. We had no idea where to look, so we decided to look at the shrine first. Unfortunately, the waters made it harder than ever to surf to it. I was thrown back and forth by the waves like a toy boat in a child's bath.

                It took some time, but we reached the shrine safely. Soaked and half-drowned, but safe. The Dragon Fang was hanging on a necklace in the shrine. Wingman approached it slowly and, with his good arm, removed it. Almost instantly, the swirl of white-capped water calmed. Gripping the string tightly, Wingman climbed back on me and we easily returned to the entrance, where Clair was waiting.

                She was dumbfounded. "Ever since Lance left, no one has been able to defeat me AND reach the Dragon Fang," Clair stated. "Fine, so be it. You have both beaten me and passed the test, so here is the badge you deserve." With that, Clair handed Wingman the Rising Badge. "You may keep the Dragon Fang," Clair added. "You've earned it."

                Caroline, Wingman, and I stayed in Blackthorn for a little longer before flying off to the Victory Road gate. When we entered Victory Road this time, we entered through a different entrance into a different cave. This was supposed to lead to the Johto branch of the Elite Four.

                The cave was a little easier to navigate than the Kanto part was. There were fewer puzzles and no other trainers. However, just as we were about to exit the caverns, we heard a familiar voice. "So, you weaklings have finally caught up to me."

                We turned around to see Greg standing behind us with a smug grin on his face. "About time. You kept me waiting." Greg approached us slowly. "I was about to give up and destroy the Elite Four, but I kept waiting; and sure enough, here you are." He halted. "I see you've got yourself another injury there, huh? That's too bad," Greg said, getting in Wingman's face. "I wonder if it would hurt if I did this."

                Suddenly, he grabbed Wingman's sling and shoved it down and out of position. Wingman cringed in pain, but he didn't scream out. I tensed up and started growling, but Wingman looked back as if to tell me no.

                "Hmm... I guess I didn't hurt you enough with that," Greg coldly observed. "What if I did this?" He twisted Wingman's arm upward and away. Wingman yelped in pain, and I took a step forward. "No no; this is a human only interaction," Greg said to me as he continued to harm Wingman. Wingman looked up at me, and his eyes were pleading me to stay back; he knew that my involvement could end up disastrous. But I couldn't just stand there doing nothing.

                Then there was a crack. Wingman's shouts of pain were cut off, and Greg released him. The arm fell down to his side, bending back awkwardly. "There, that should suffice," Greg stated as he began to walk off. Wingman's eyes were wide as he fell to his side, clutching his arm. I snapped, almost visibly, and roared. Greg turned around and looked at me, and I stared him down.

                He started to back up, and I stepped slowly towards him. Then he turned and bolted out right. But I was faster, and I caught up to him in seconds. My hand wrapped around his arm and jerked him to a halt. I whipped his face around and picked him up. The smug grin had been wiped off now; a terrified expression took its place. With one swift motion, I hurled him around and slammed him into a wall, knocking the breath out of him. That was the only thing my mind was telling me to do, but my heart was broken seeing Wingman fall like that. And the man in my hands was responsible.

                In a fury, I swung my free arm at his chest, smacking him right in the gut. His eyes flew wide, and he coughed in response. Blood droplets flung out of his mouth and splattered my face. Wiping the blood off, I threw the bastard to the ground. His body hit with a resounding smack. I stared down at him coldly, and he looked back up, absolutely terrified. He was about to crawl away, but I reached down and grabbed his leg. Then I yanked a boulder off of the ground and placed it on his leg. He shouted in pain, but I was deaf to his cries.

                I left him trapped like that and turned to Wingman and Caroline. Caroline had gone to Wingman's side and lifted him up, and they had seen the whole event. Wingman stared at me, though it felt more like he stared through me. His mind was miles away. Caroline was looking at me with a mixed look of fear and respect, and she would glance over quickly as the desperate cries of Greg grew louder and more pained.

                We carried Wingman out of the cave, past the lonely eyes boring into us. I couldn't care what happened to him from then on. He could starve to death there and I wouldn't give a crap. Besides, he had his Pokémon, though seeing as how he treated them, I doubt they'd do anything for him.

                Once Wingman was in the Pokémon League, he was taken to the hospital they had built in there. They X-rayed his arm and fitted him in a cast. Caroline explained that it was broken by a trainer in Victory Road on purpose. She also explained that he was still there, trapped by a boulder. I wasn't upset that she told them; I was more worried that they'd be curious as to what happened to him, and that could mean trouble for me.

                But for now, it had started to get late. Wingman was resting on the hospital bed, and Caroline and I fell asleep keeping watch over him.

                Day 20

                Wingman's arm is broken in two places. Greg is in the hands of the authorities. And I narrowly avoided being put down.

                The x-rays weren't revealed to us until today, and they weren't good at all. Wingman had his lower arm twice, one break on the radius and one on the ulna. The worst part is that they weren't clean fractures; splinters of bone were also broken off. He would be forced to wear a cast for the good part of the next two months. He was pretty much devastated, and he started to consider stopping his training. Caroline and I were able to convince him to keep going, but he was still depressed.

                Greg was brought in by the police and interrogated. Then Wingman and Caroline were interrogated. The cops came to the conclusion that Greg was responsible for the damages and was taken into custody on the charge of unprovoked attack. However, from the stories, my aggression was put up to question. They thought that my attack was a sign of a dangerous Pokémon and a bad mental problem. Which means I could be either ordered to be released, forcibly taken away, or even euthanized.

                Wingman fought for me, though. He put up the case that I was very well behaved and normally non-aggressive. The Gym Leaders, he said, would support that. For the moment, the officials decided to let it go through consideration and that the Leaders would be called up and asked about it.

                So for now, my long-term future was hanging in limbo. But for now, I knew what I had in store. Wingman would need to be cared for, and the Elite Four were right there, waiting for us. Wingman felt the same way, but the hospital required that he have a nurse with him at all times.

                I don't have much to say on the Elite Four, only that they were almost just as easy as they were before. Only Lance gave me any real trouble, and that was only because of his Pokémon's resistance to most of my attacks. For the most part, though, the Elite Four fell quickly and with few disturbances.

                What happened afterward was the much more interesting part. Wingman, Caroline, and I returned to the main lobby with Lance, discussing the events in Victory Road, when the people from the PAMP (People Against Mistreatment of Pokémon) stopped us. They had heard of the event and accused Wingman of mistreating me, saying that it was his mistreatment that caused my inner anger to build up and Greg was a convenient release for it. However, there was a hole in their theory: why would I attack Greg after he hurt Wingman if I was angry at Wingman? Lance pointed this out, and the PAMP people tried to counter it.

                Before they could come up with anything, the police returned and told them to back away. They stated that they had talked with all of the Gym Leaders and confirmed that Wingman was treating me properly and that I was acting only to defend Wingman, not because of mental issues or need to release anger. They even mentioned Jasmine and Amphy, who was overly appreciative for helping save Amphy. PAMP was told to disperse and that the police had this under control.

                At this point, I'm sighing a huge breath of relief. I knew I had been extremely close to losing either my life how it is now or even my life period. But the Gym Leaders had come through for me and cleared my name. I'd have to thank them somehow. I'd also have to go back and see Amphy again. I kinda wanted to talk to her and figure a few things out. And that doesn't mean I have a crush on her, it just means I wanna set a few things straight.

                Wingman knew that he'd have to stay fairly inactive for some time, but he wanted to re-visit Kanto and clear his head of the anger that accumulated because of Greg.

                He also decided that a good way to do so was to get in a few good battles, and he decided to go back to the Gyms and connect with Leaders to catch up on things.

                The next few days will probably pass fast, and I'll be very busy making sure Wingman is taken care of. I might not be able to make another log for a while, but I'll do so as soon as I can.
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                  I've always loved ice types no matter how fragile most of them are. I'm going to use Cloyster and I'll be starting on Pokemon Yellow (sorry Pikachu.) I'll hack in a Shellder who is quite defensive.

                  Started Pokemon Yellow and got Pikachu and defeated Blue.
                  Obtained and returned the parcel.
                  Ran through the grass and found a Shellder!
                  Caught it and named it Dextrous.
                  Grinded Dextrous to Lv. 10.
                  Defeated Blue who knocked out Dextrous and had to use Pikachu to finish him off.
                  Deposited Pikachu in PC and headed to Viridian Forest.
                  Defeated Brock with Tackles and apparently Struggles too.
                  Made it through Mt. Moon and defeated Misty with Supersonic and Tackles.
                  Defeated Blue and got S.S. Anne Ticket.
                  Defeated Blue again in the S.S. Anne and got Cut.
                  Defeated Lt. Surge with speed decreasing Bubblebeams while Raichu growled and was given a speed boost at the wrong time.
                  Made it through Rock Tunnel and therefore waiting in Lavender.


                  Dextrous the Shellder Lv. 39


                  -Aurora Beam


                  Lv. 10 Charmander-Cut

                  Next time:

                  Shellder gets exposed to a Water Stone.
                  Erika suffers from the wrath of ice.
                  A damper is put on Team Rocket.
                  A fight to the top against possessed ladies.
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                  Day 1 (Which was yesterday )

                  Gible and Cynthia made their way to Violet city, destroying Bug catcher's will Aerial ace and Flamethrower, whilst the youngsters suffered the wrath of Dragon claw, we made our way up Sprout tower, taking down alot of weeds on the way, we finally arrived before the master.

                  Gible easily took down 2 of his Pokemon until Hoothoot decided to use Hypnosis and get like 4 Crit hits in a row .-. till then I was screaming GETUP! Gible then answered with a Claw made of dragon power and sent that bird to it's grave, I received flash and saved.

                  Coming up on day 2

                  Togepi with hatch and become a slave of flash.
                  We catch a sandshrew for slaveness
                  We defeat Falkner and Bugsy
                  Team rocket fly out of the well.
                  And everything in between
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                    I beat Red on Crystal, with my Level 95 Steelix.
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                      New Update Time! By the way I did way more than what was mentioned previously.

                      Got to Celadon and bought a Waterstone and gave it to Dextrous as a gift.
                      Dextrous exposure to it made him evolve into a Cloyster!
                      Defeated Erika with Ice Beams via TM.
                      Crashed Team Rocket's Hideout and defeated Giovanni with Ice Beams as well.
                      Defeated Blue and Team Rocket and the crazed Channelers in the Pokemon Tower.
                      Got Surf and Strength in Fuchsia.
                      Defeated Koga with Surfs or Double-Edges I think.
                      Foiled Team Rocket's plans at Silph Co. and defeated Blue and Giovanni with Ice Beams and Surfs.
                      Defeated Sabrina with Double Edges and Surfs.

                      Currently, I'm on Cinnabar Island and already got the Secret Key from the mansion. I'll be fighting Blaine soon which should be easy. Dextrous is overpowered so there's no doubt I won't finish soon.

                      Pokemon Team:

                      Dextrous the Cloyster Lv. 68


                      -Ice Beam

                      HM Slave: Charmander-Strength, Cut

                      (Yeah, I did not want to get Fly since the emulator can speed through.)

                      I will soon be finishing Pokemon Yellow so get ready for another update.

                      ...and here it is. The final update for Pokemon Yellow's, solo run for Cloyster.

                      Defeated Blaine with Surfs and Clamps.
                      Defeated Giovanni with Clamps and Surfs.
                      Defeated Blue with a combination of Dextrous' moves.
                      Made it through Victory Road with ease.
                      Stocked up for the toughest battles.
                      Defeated Lorelei with only Double-Edges. Probably my toughest battle throughout the game since her Pokemon were mostly ice and water.
                      Defeated Bruno with Surfs. His Machamp survived one but killed himself with recoil from his Submission.
                      Defeated Agatha with a variety of his moves.
                      Defeated Lance with Ice Beams.
                      Defeated Blue with a variety of his movesets. His Jolteon knocked out Dextrous but I had my HM Slave Charmander revive him with a Max Revive and everything after that was a breeze.

                      I beat Pokemon Yellow! I'm unsure of which game I will be playing but it will surely be easy.

                      Pokemon Team:

                      Dextrous the Cloyster Lv. 76


                      -Ice Beam

                      HM Slave: Charmander-Strength, Cut
                      Old September 11th, 2010 (2:58 PM). Edited September 11th, 2010 by pleryt16.
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                      ERMAHGERD ITS A VAPOREON
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                        Posts: 177
                        Ok, Update?

                        BEat rival and got Cut. Taught it to Oddish. Beat Lt.Surge... EASY. Got through cave. Beat Erika and Giovanni and saved Fuji. Killed a Snorlax. Beat Rockets again, then Sabrina and Koga. Got Surfand Strength... Beat Articuno. Beat Blaine with Double Team 6 times while Growlithe Agilitys and then Skull Bash. Beat Giovanni. That is all.

                        Beedrill is level 72 with moves: Skull Bash, Double Team, Twineedle, and Toxic.

                        EDIT: Just Beat ELite Four with getting hit twice... Beedrill is level 78 with the same moveset

                        On to Johto!
                        Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon
                        Second Favorite Pokemon: Scrafty
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                        Mr. Flying Pickle Monster
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                          Nature: Calm
                          Posts: 104
                          Ok so after stalling the completion of Johto(which I find the most boring one to play) I finished it and have completed hoenn the next day(which btw means today) so heres the last two logs of Johto(Pictures to be added soon) and all the logs for hoenn(Pictures also to be added soon).

                          Log 4
                          -Beat Sarina with Slash
                          -Travelled to power plant
                          -Turned the power back on
                          -Travelled to Pewter city
                          -Beat Brock with surf(Tuaght rock slide to Kabutops)
                          -Beat Misty with slash
                          -Travelled to ****sia
                          -Beat Janine with surf
                          -Travelled to cinnabar island then to seafoam
                          -Beat Blaine with surf
                          -Travelled back to cinabar, talked to blue, then travelled to Vermillion
                          -Beat Blue with a combo of moves
                          Log 5
                          -Climbed Mt. Silver
                          -Challenged Red, this battle was easy except for Venosuar who was very hard to take down.
                          -Beat Pickachu with rock slide
                          -Beat Venosuar with rock climb
                          -Beat Blastiose with Rock climb
                          -Beat Lapras with Rock slide
                          -Beat Charizard with Rock slide
                          -Beat Snorlax with Rock climb
                          -Challenge complete

                          and hoenn (which I must say was rather easy)
                          -Started game
                          -Choose tarter(Kabuto)
                          -Defeated May
                          -Helped Wally capture his first pokemon
                          -Captured a marill and a wingull for HM slaves
                          -Travelled through the forest and saved the devon employer from team aqua
                          -Entered Rustburo
                          -Beat Roxanne with aurora beam
                          -Saved Peeko the wingull
                          -Travelled to Dewford city
                          -Delivered the message to steven
                          -Couldn't beat brawly so travelled to slateport and stoped team aqua
                          -Beat May on the way to Mauville
                          -Defeated Wally in mauville
                          -Travelled to Verdanturf for some extra exp
                          -Defeated Watson with mud shot
                          -Returned to Dewford and defeated Brawly with mud shot
                          -Arrived at farlarbour town
                          -Meet Team Aqua and Magma at meteor falls
                          Log 2
                          -Climbed Mt. Ember
                          -Kabuto evolved into Kabutops!
                          -Defeated Maxie
                          -Beat Flannery with mud shot
                          -Defeated Norman with Mud shot and Slash
                          -Saved the weather institute from Team Aqua
                          -Defeated May (this was an extremely easy fight)
                          -Arrived at Foretree
                          -Acquired a Devon Scope
                          -Marill evolved, hooray(sarcasm)
                          -Defeated Winona with Rock tomb and Aurora beam
                          -Arrived at Lilycove
                          -Beat May
                          -Defeated Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre
                          -Entered Team Magmas secret base
                          -Defeated Maxie
                          -Entered Team Aquas base
                          -Defeated Team Aqua
                          Log 3
                          -Arrived at Mossdeep
                          -Beat Tate and Liz with surf
                          -Saved the space station
                          -Arrived at the sea floor cavern
                          -Defeated Archie
                          -Travelled to Sootopolis
                          -Awakened Rayquaza
                          -Beat Juan with Rock tomb
                          -Entered Victory road
                          -Beat Wally
                          -Arrived at the Pokemon league
                          -Defeated Sydney with slash
                          -Beat Phoebe with Surf
                          -Beat Glacidia with rock tomb
                          -Challenged Wallace
                          -Beat Wailord with slash
                          -Gyrados slash again
                          -Whishcash went to surf
                          -Ludicolo took a couple slash's
                          -Tentacruel went to some more slash's
                          -Milotic was easy thanks to critical hit with slash
                          -Wallace defeated
                          -Got my name down in the hall of fame
                          -Challenge completed

                          Anyway I should be doing and completing Sinnoh soon.

                          P.S. I don't know if I will be able to do a solo run with Metagross and Kabutops when Black and White come out, seen as I'm getting them soon but only one copy until the eng versons are out
                          Completed challenges:

                          Ultimate solo run with Kabutops

                          Current challenges:
                          Ultimate solo run with Nidoking, [K][J][H][S][U]
                          Black part of solo rune with Kabutops

                          Evidently I like solo challenges

                          Metagross and salamence fan
                          Old September 12th, 2010 (1:31 AM).
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                            hi sorry i want not active for so long and here my progress actually i am writing it in very less detail because i can't remember how i have done everything

                            got my 3 gym badge
                            got my 4 gym badge
                            got my 5 gym badge
                            got my 6 gym badge
                            got my 7 gym badge
                            won from team galactice and saved the world
                            got my 8 gym badge

                            WON from pokemon league and i was surprised to see Cynthia there
                            thats how i completed my challend and won platinum
                            Old September 12th, 2010 (3:37 AM). Edited September 12th, 2010 by Roughsponge.
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                              Posts: 239
                              Sorry to be a pain but I've changed my mind on the spheal solorun.

                              I think I'll change to a pikachu (possibly Riachu) ultimate solorun
                              I'll be going Yellow - SoulSilver - Sapphire - Platinum. (Yellow will be the only ROM)

                              I've already started yellow and named Pikachu Static, will start updating with pictures soon (If I figure out how lol..)

                              Update #1:

                              -Named myself Yellow & rival Blue
                              -Did all the start bit & beat Blue
                              -Trained up to level 10 then beat Blue again.
                              -Went through the forest and got to Pewter city.
                              -Defeated Brock
                              Yellow defeating brock.png

                              Yellow pikachu stats 1.png
                              Old September 12th, 2010 (5:16 AM). Edited September 12th, 2010 by Perriechu.
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                              no more sad songs
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                              Im gonna start another run through with Yellow on an Emulator

                              and Choose Dratini.

                              EDIT I'll use Pidgey instead.

                              Ok... here we go.


                              -Game started
                              -Named Myself Joe.
                              -Rival : Blue
                              -Obtained Pikachu
                              -Obtained Oak's parcel.
                              -Caught a Lv 4
                              -Ditched Chu.
                              - Grew to Level 5
                              - Learned Sand Attack.
                              - Grew to Level 6

                              That's it for now.

                              I'll update soon ^.~

                              Update 2


                              -Pidgey grew to level 7
                              -Pidgey Grew to level 8
                              -Pidgey grew to Level 9
                              -Challenged gary and lost
                              -Re-challenged him and won.
                              -Pidgey grew to level 10
                              -Pidgey learned Quick Attack.
                              -Made it through Viridian forest.
                              -Challenge Jr. trainer in Brocks gym and won.
                              -Pidgey grew to level 16
                              -Challenged Brock and won.
                              -Pidgey grew to level 17
                              -Beat trainers east of Pewter city
                              -What this?
                              -Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto.
                              -Some grinding got us to Level 21

                              Next time :
                              Misty meets her match
                              Surge get's powered down.
                              Erika loses her scent.
                              twittertumblr ☂ 1349-6159-4149
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                                All right, everyone who needs to be updated has been updated.

                                Also, stargate brings up a good point. For everyone wanting to do Ultimate Solo Runs, Black and White will not be required for quite a while. There will be a section for them, but they won't be required for the Ultimate.
                                Old September 12th, 2010 (6:43 AM).
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                                  Im interested to know if anyone has tried this on any game with a magikarp? Im not sure if it would be possible with hacking moves or evs onto it?
                                  Old September 12th, 2010 (6:50 AM).
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                                  no more sad songs
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                                  Update 3


                                  -Battled through Mt. Moon
                                  -Received a Fossil
                                  -Beat Jessie&James.
                                  -Beat Misty
                                  -Pidgeotto's level 28
                                  -Beat Gary
                                  -Defeated the whole of nugget bridge
                                  -Took down all the trainers on the way to bill's house
                                  -Meet bill
                                  -Pidgeotto;s level is now 33
                                  -Enter Vermilion
                                  -Took a trip on the S.S anne
                                  -Defeated Gary
                                  -Received HM1
                                  -Taught HM1 to charmander.
                                  -Pidgeotto grew to Lv35
                                  -Used a rare candy on Pidgeotto
                                  -Pidgetto evolved into Pidgeot.
                                  -Challened Surge and lost.
                                  -Re-Challenged Surge and won.

                                  I CBA with pictures that time ~~
                                  twittertumblr ☂ 1349-6159-4149
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                                    Okay I decided to play on Gold with Cloyster but I don't know when I will start. I'll get to it eventually.
                                    Old September 12th, 2010 (7:25 AM).
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                                    ERMAHGERD ITS A VAPOREON
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                                      Update #1 for Johto

                                      I picked a Chickorita for Cut/Flash. beat rival. Named him Banana. Caught a Weedle and named him Harry. Trained him to level 10. evolved into Beedrill. Beat Sprout Tower. Got to level 14. Beat Falkner. Beat Team Rocket. Beat Bugsy...

                                      Beedrill: Level 22
                                      Fury Attack
                                      Poison Sting
                                      Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon
                                      Second Favorite Pokemon: Scrafty
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