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An Apocalyptic Zombie Roleplay
sign-up and occ

This is the sign-up thread and OOC for this RP.

I'd really like if your character's background/history was fleshed out well. I like knowing the characters that will be interacting in the RP and knowing who and what makes them what they are is helpful to creating situations that will be interesting for you.

If you can make your biographical information similar to the example, (mainly the [Time here] before the infected reached [City]), it'd be greatly appreciated, because however you end it is how Hank/Chuck will find you and you'll join up. If you want to go solo, just let me know! You'll have to join a group eventually though.

Also, during the RP, feel free to make up fellow survivors. There's enough "survivors" in each group that you can create your own dialogue with them, give them a name, have your character bond with them, etc.


All the general junk!

Location: Atlanta/Charlotte only!


You may use a picture, but still be descriptive of your character! At least one to two descriptive paragraph.



Be extra descriptive here! At least two paragraphs total.

General personality:


Give two to three paragraphs of information on your character. Life before the infection, what happened to them when the infected initially invaded the city, etc. In the motivation area, give a bit of information on why your character joins up with Hank or Chuck.


Time before the infected reached city:



Is your character traveling with family? Is he trying to find someone? Or has his only family already been lost to the swarm? At least a paragraph.




All the general junk!

Name: William Burke
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Location: Charlotte, NC


You may use a picture, but still be descriptive of your character! At least one to two descriptive paragraph.

Appearance: A man of average height and weight, William had the face and hands of a hard worker. His hair was scraggly and thick, brown like his eyes. It was matted in places and all sorts of dirt and debris littered the forest of greasy hair. His face was lined and wrinkled, but he managed to maintain a youthful glow. A bushy beard and mustache grew on his face, along with yellowish, sunken eyes from years of alcoholism. Callused palms and fingers were met with scars and hair going up his arms. He slouched slightly and walked with a limp caused by a broken foot years ago, but he could run better than anyone he knew.

He had worked in a car shop and his look matched his profession. He wore a garage shop uniform, the name "Todd" stitched into it, stained with oil and even trickles of blood. It wasn't his own, but it still gave him the look of a dangerous, possibly deranged man. He had an undershirt on, speckled with drops of mud, oil and blood also. He wore military boots that looked tattered and beaten, battered from years of use.

He carried a messenger bag on his shoulder, torn in places and repaired with duct tape, but still holding together strong enough. It was green, but dirty. Inside was the essential items he was able to scavenge from his home before leaving, along with things he had picked up walking alone. Three bottles of fresh water, a knife with blood on it, a photo of himself and two children, and a bottle of pills. He wasn't able to grab much before he left and the photo was one of the only ones he could find before being forced to leave.


Be extra descriptive here! At least two paragraphs total.

General personality: William was a tough man. Years of substance abuse had brought his personality to a shallow indifference with specks of humanity trying to break though. His mindset began with himself, ended with himself, and anyone other than himself was simply a pawn to be used to get where and what he needed.

He had once killed a man, but due to faulty police work, he had never been formally charged and had missed jail time by an inch. It was a mistake and he hadn't meant to, but drunken behavior was hard to control. Despite this, killing the infected that attacked him caused him no trauma, as it was live or die in this situation. While others became sick looking at the corpses littered throughout the destroyed towns and cities, he simply gazed at them without a grimace.

And yet, the two things he held emotion for were his children, Becca and Ronny. His wife left him a year ago and took their children with her, but he had continued to fight for time with them. They had helped him when he had the urge to drink and were special to him, as they had been a foundation. A rock. His wife lived in South Carolina with them and he needed to get to them before it was too late.

Strengths: His children give him strength and when he feels he is struggling, he looks at the photo of them in his bag. They are his motivation and goal now. If they weren't around, he would have ended his life before now.

Weaknesses: Alcohol. When scavenging, alcohol seems to always be what people have left behind and the urge to drink gets him every time he enters a supermarket or liquor store to find food and liquids for himself or others.

Fears: His only fear now is that his kids are not there when he gets to the safe zone or even worse, that they have become infected. He also fears slipping back into alcoholism and drunkenly getting killed.


Give two to three paragraphs of information on your character. Life before the infection, what happened to them when the infected initially invaded the city, etc. In the motivation area, give a bit of information on why your character joins up with Hank or Chuck.

Background: William was born in Charlotte and raised there too. He met his wife in high school, before dropping out to work and marrying her at a young age. They had their first child, Becca, early on and struggled to make end's meet month by month. Their second child, Ronny, was not an intentional birth and money became an even greater problem. William began drinking to forget the problems of life and eventually killed a man outside a bar. His wife left him a month after the murder and his drinking became worse.

Ten minutes before the infection reached Charlotte: William was working hard fixing a van that had come in earlier in the day. Life in Charlotte was as normal as possible, despite the country being in a panic due to the rapidly spreading virus in the country. He stopped to wipe the sweat off his forehead and check his cellphone for messages. He had called his ex-wife four times today after reports came in that the virus was spreading closer to North Carolina and Georgia.

The army was trying to hold off the constant barrage of infected charging the borders of the states, but supplies and soldiers were running out quickly. William knew it wouldn't be long before the infected broke through, especially now that many of the top generals had been exposed to the virus and even the president had disappeared, leaving morale and hope lower than ever.

William took a step outside to call his ex-wife once more, but screams and an explosion from somewhere in the city caused him to stop in his tracks. It sounded like a riot, but William knew this would happen. He ran back inside the waiting room of the shop and saw everyone standing around a television set. The news was reporting that the infected had broken through the borders and that it wasn't long before they reached the major cities.

William turned on the spot and ran outside, fumbling with his car keys. He reached his car and got in, not thinking of where the screams and explosion had come from. He started the car and peeled out of the parking lot as cars sped past, trying to flee. He reached in his bag on the passenger's seat and pulled out his pill bottle. He popped a couple in his mouth and swallowed them, to calm his nerves and keep his mind alert.

Traffic was jammed in every direction. People had mostly abandoned their vehicles to get out of the city as fast as possible, but William didn't have time to run home. He lived too far from work and feared he wouldn't make it there if he ran. He turned his wheel and drove his car onto the sidewalk, crashing into trash cans, newspaper stands and even a person, who had jumped from behind a pillar. He didn't have time to stop for them and continued on, managing to break out of the traffic jam a block from where he started.

It took him five minutes to get home using the sidewalk method and he swerved into his apartment complex. His elderly neighbor, Mrs. Kimm, was slowly walking through the parking area. William swerved, having seen her, unlike the other person, but foolishly crashed into another car. He heard his car whirr and die instantly, but there was no time to worry about it now.

He rushed inside and opened his door, glancing out his window to see people running towards his building. Either the infected were coming this way or they would be soon. He grabbed the few things he could find lying around. The picture he cherished, a knife from the kitchen, and the last three bottles of water. He stopped for a moment, looking towards a bottle of vodka that sat on his countertop. No, he thought, I won't need it anymore.

He rushed back outside and lifted his car's hood, attempting to start the car again. It was completely dead and he didn't have the tools to fix it. Mrs. Kimm and two of the other neighbors pulled up next to him in a car. They opened the back door and he hopped in.

He told the neighbor to use the sidewalks, if possible, but a mile from their apartment, a taxi cab slammed into the right side of the car. William's head slammed into the window as all sound and sight went blank, into darkness.

Motivation: His children are his only motivation and reaching them is all that matters to him.


Is your character traveling with family? Is he trying to find someone? Or has his only family already been lost to the swarm? At least a paragraph.

Relationships: William is trying to find his children, Becca, age 13, and Ronny, age 10. They are with their mother, Deborah, and William hopes they made it to Port Royal, where he is heading now. He was traveling with his neighbors, but when their car was in a wreck, he blacked out and it is currently unknown what their condition is. His only other living relative was his mother, who lived in Nevada. He lost touch with her years ago, but she had called a few days ago to tell him she was trapped in her home and wouldn't make it. He felt little sadness when she had told him and had given a forced, "I love you too, mom" when they had hung up from each other.
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Name: Anita Martin
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Appearance: Standing just a diminutive 5'2", Anita had a small frame, being slightly underweight. Her copper hair was often left to fall tousled halfway down her back, with her bangs swept to the side over her right eyebrow. The contrast between her bright hair and pale complexion (with matching watery blue-grey eyes) gave her a peaky, sickly look. She wore thin-rimmed, perfectly round glasses, lopsided and pushed down her pointed nose. The glare from the lens generally hid the grey rings around her eyes. Bony wrists and prominent collarbones were masked with thin scarves and cardigans. Her clothes were generally mismatched, thrown on carelessly in the morning. On the day, she was wearing a plaid skirt in a faded pink (from being washed over and over), teamed with a striped grey cardigan and a lemon blouse with slight ruffling around the hem. Around her neck was a black silk scarf that she would nervously fidget with.

Despite her messy hair, askew glasses, and uncoordinated clothing, Anita's nails were always immaculate, her teeth shining white, and her hands never dirty, although they did have a few faded scars from washing so much that the skin peeled off. She was nervous and often fretful about cleanliness, and as such would never let her clothing become stained or her skin become dirty.

Anita held a tan handbag with a large bow on it. Inside she kept her purse (with all forms of identification alphabetised by type), two bottles of hand sanitiser, a Moleskine journal with a few ballpoint pens, and some aspirin for headaches.

General personality: The first word that would come to mind for most people who knew Anita was "mild". She was too shy to confront people, and her temper was not quick to raise; she would hide irritation under a blank facial expression. She was not particularly wont to showing any passionate displays and preferred to keep to herself. She always appeared too preoccupied and absentminded, except when it came to repetitive tasks and small rituals. Under her harmless, quiet, gentle surface, she harboured a lot of paranoia. Her main preoccupation came from her constant fretting and inability to calm her thought processes, leading to insomnia. She was very easily startled. She had a fear of contamination and disorder that led to her constantly performing little rituals, like washing her hands over and over, spraying surfaces with hand sanitiser, and only using one hand where possible (to keep one hand completely clean).

Anita's introversion meant she was not particularly talkative, but she had an active internal narrative that was often sarcastic. She rarely expressed this though. Anita was very sensitive, both in taking criticism and in giving criticism. She had trouble bringing herself to inflict harm on things due to a persistent guilt, and had a soft spot for animals. Her general response was run and hide, especially from the infected -- she was not confident that she could kill without wavering. Despite being a bit of a lone wolf because of her timidness, she recognised that she didn't have the strength to defend herself and was looking out for any non-infected she could band together with.

With her close friends, Anita was generally playful and had a constant nervous giggle. She was considered the smart one in her group of friends and also something of a shoulder to cry on, perhaps because she was never involved in any drama and was overall soft-hearted. She used to cry often because of her sensitivity, but embarrassment about this led her to stop.

Strengths: Anita relied on her reasonable intelligence and ability to get along well with everyone (not gregariously, but she was completely inoffensive) to survive. A mass outbreak and pandemic causing social breakdown was inevitable to her, so she did not completely flounder.

Weaknesses: Negative mindset and constant stress so intense she would often have headaches. Also poor health. Too soft to kill.

Fears: Chaos, contamination. The virus outbreak was not unexpected to someone as neurotic and paranoid as her, but still a realisation of her worst fears.

Interests: Reading, art, animals, sweet food, travel.

Background: Anita was an only child and until she attended the private school in Charlotte where her father taught, she was not encouraged to socialise much. As such, she tended to stay indoors and her interest in reading was cultivated and nurtured. She tended to catch every strain of influenza, chicken pox, you name it. She always had a horror of dirt and because she avoided exposure to disease were possible, she did not have a tough immune system. Her neuroses were a result of her mother's obsessive compulsive disorder. Anita's childhood was largely made up of "don't touch that!", "don't go near that filthy place!", and "wash your hands again!". Her father was more devoted to her mother and as such paid little attention to Anita, as when he was home (and not teaching), he was spending time with his wife.

In high school, Anita did not make friends easily; their teacher's seating plan was how she met Melissa and Tatum, the girls she sat between in art class. Their more outgoing natures overwhelmed her passive tendencies and so she often found herself pushed around. She dated a few boys but was too frightened about kissing ("swapping spit") and her mother disapproved of it in general. Around tenth grade, Anita realised she could not make a proper living out of the watercolours she wanted to do, and so she began considering a career in publishing or behind the scenes in the media. She had a nervous breakdown in eleventh grade caused by stress from school, increasing depression at her parents showing little interest in her (if anything, they had had a child to satisfy her overbearing maternal grandmother), and an encounter with a dirty syringe. Her suppressed anxiety and loneliness led to her spending days in bed doing little, until her mother finally tired of her skipping school and sent her back.

After graduating, Anita joined her friends at a popular Charlotte university and moved out of home. Her friends were all too happy to have her join them in their rented flat and her fastidious behaviour made sure it stayed fairly clean.

(sorry tl;dr about a somewhat unremarkable person =P)

Morning of the outbreak: Anita had been following the progress of the outbreak online as soon as the first news broke. Her mother had called frantically mid-morning, when it was reported that the virus was approaching NC, telling her that she and Anita's father would be leaving to stay with relatives in Canada and that she should flee with them. Anita packed her bags and drove to them.

(RP starts here)

"Dear Melissa and Tatum,
Left with parents for Canada. Stay safe and practise good hygiene. Hope this dies down soon. I left the cleaning products.

Anita hastily scrawled her note and grabbed her suitcase, some of her clothing peeking through the edges of the messily-packed bag. Inside, all she could think was it's coming, it's coming, it's coming at last, I've got to go. Living with her family again wasn't a bright prospect, but neither was being infected -- she shuddered involuntarily at the thought --, and she knew which one she would pick. She paused to consider, then shrugged and put the two bottles of water and three cartons of apple juice left in the fridge in her bag. Just in case.

She opened the door of her shared apartment and walked into the mild Tuesday morning. There was an odd calm around Charlotte. Cars drove by on the speed limit, not pedal-down traffic jams of people trying to escape the city limits, as she expected.

All the better, she mused, opening her car door and jumping in with marked relief. Means I can get away faster.

She tried to drive calmly through the tree-lined streets, but her hands shook on the steering wheel. Don't speed. Don't get caught by the police. Don't act suspicious. You won't make it out if you get arrested, her mind's voice whispered. Meanwhile, her heart thudded like a hummingbird's. All the preparation, all the information in the world could not have readied her for the realisation of her nightmares. It seemed that the panic had not hit Charlotte just yet, but it was raging fully-fledged inside Anita.

Her cell phone chirped. Giving her surrounds a nervous look for any officers, she clicked the answer button. Her mother sounded tinny and panicked. Frenetic, even. "Anita! It's going to hit Charlotte soon! It's on the news and if you don't get here in five minutes, we're going to have to leave without you!"

Her mom hung up abruptly.

Anita's heart stopped its drumming and froze. She was easily fifteen minutes from reaching her parents, and that was if she sped a bit. Meanwhile, around her in the pleasant, respectable neighbourhood, chaos was afoot. People were shoving children, old people, pets, and belongings haphazardly into vehicles. It had begun.

Anita's heart resumed its drum solo.

Cars were now veering onto the streets with screeching wheels, and Anita grit her teeth and put her foot down, sending her car forward with a start. Birds lined up on the road flew in every direction as she drove on relentlessly. Now her little sedan was surrounded by traffic, and the paths were crowded with people trying to flee. They pushed at each other, screaming expletives and even resorting to punching people away from them. Somewhere distant, something exploded with a loud, echoing boom.

Anita pushed forward around the corner, turning the wheel as hard to the side as she could to get around the flaming wreckage on the road. People had scattered from the paths and cars were left abandoned by the side of the road; the citizens had taken to fleeing on foot, rather than grapple with the traffic jams. But Anita knew she could not get out of the car, her only protection. She swerved around the cars and the people running on the roads. Let's try not to murder anyone, because God knows the infected are going to cause enough deaths, she thought, as she approached her family's house.

But no cars were there, and her phone was still in the passenger seat. Had her parents left without her, or had the swarm taken them? Seems the panic was infectious (ha ha, she thought sourly), because she was chilled to the bone, and the hysterical screaming all around her made her shake and shiver.

It took all of her self-control not to break into her instinctive weeping.

NOTE: Is present-tense okay? Umm... I prefer to write like that, lends more action imo. ^^; But if you would prefer I stuck to past-tense, assuming I'm accepted, I can do that.

Motivation: Needs protection, knows there is safety in numbers.

Relationships: Anita's friends, Tatum and Melissa, are likely stuck somewhere in Charlotte. Both were at university when she left. She would like to find them, but knows in the panic it's unlikely. Her parents appear to have left for Canada and their whereabouts and condition are also unknown.

あの交差点で皆がもしスキップをして もしあの町の真中でてを繋いで空を見上げたら
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    Name: Chad Caffrey
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Location: Charlotte, NC


    Appearance: Chad is a tall and lanky young adult. He stands roughly about six feet tall, and weighs just slightly less than average. His skin, though covered now in dirt and grime, is normally a light peach color. His hair is curly and blonde, and he’s let it grow out to an inch or so above his shoulders. He has a mustache now, but it isn’t super noticeable because of his lighter hair coloring. Chad’s eyes are a light blue color, but occasionally they have a dusting of red in them from his...”cigarettes”.

    Having skipped a year of school to go see the world, Chad is currently still enrolled in college. He’s going for a business degree at the University of North Carolina, and thus wears a suit almost every day of his life. Chad also works part time as an intern for a nearby (small) company, and doesn’t have time to go home and change. So, that’s why, when all of this happened he was stuck wearing something nice instead of something comfortable. He was wearing a black suit and slacks, white undershirt, and silk red tie at the time. His shoes were dress shoes, but Chad ditched those and grabbed a pair of white tennis shoes from a store (shh) on his way out. He looked rather odd though, covered in grime and wearing a suit.

    Also, because he hadn’t had time to go home (and partially because he was too stupid to think to TRY to go home) Chad had to nab a simple black backpack from a local store. He got a pretty sturdy one, and now it was about half full from the stuff he had grabbed. His wallet resided in the pack now, and though Chad didn’t think he’d need it, it held something very valuable to him inside. Inside the pack were a couple bottles of water, a canteen (that went with the backpack he grabbed), a couple cans of tuna, some crackers, and a pocketknife (once again, complements to the backpack). He also had his smokables in one of the more inner compartments of the pack. A broken iPhone is stuffed in one of the smaller pockets, and Chad simply keeps it in hope that it’ll work again someday.


    General personality: Chad, for the most part, is a goofy guy. He enjoys joking around with people, and doesn’t like to get too serious about hardly anything at all. Of course, he can get serious, he just generally chooses not to. That’s probably why he has had such a hard time in his academic career, but finally things have been starting to look up for him. Chad doesn’t give up, no matter what anyone tells him, and if he has a chance at something he wants he’ll take it. That’s why, when someone recommended it to him, Chad decided to take a shot at college and be a businessman. He had also promised that same person, his girlfriend, that he would stop marijuana. Well, in short, Chad’s a pretty strong’s just, the drug is stronger.

    Another major part of Chad’s personality is his ability to care for the people he loves. He would probably do anything for them, no matter what it was. With his friends, Chad takes an almost noble approach. In short, he would die for them if circumstances happened it that way.

    Strengths: Chad is a very resilient person. He didn’t grow up with a super nice background, so he knows quite a bit of self defense and can use a knife pretty efficiently. Chad also has a particular problem with double crossers, and things that anger him tend to strengthen his resolve and make him tougher.

    Weaknesses: He has a major weakness for drugs. He just likes them, and he can’t help it. Really the only one he currently uses is marijuana, but he’s beginning to fear that he’s grown addicted to the drug. Chad nearly always smokes it after some sort of an adrenaline rush, simply telling the people around him it’s a cigarette. Chad is also a rather trustworthy person; he doesn’t think many people would be out to do him harm. He isn’t the smartest person around either, so asking him to calculate the distance of the armies to you and then the arrival time probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

    Fears: His main fear is loosing everything he cares about. Part of the reason he’s going to Port Royal is to see if his best friend and girlfriend are there. Another fear he has recently acquired is the addiction to his drug, but he just can’t help it.


    Background: Chad grew up in the big apple, New York City. His father had left him and his mother when Chad was younger to pursue his “dreams and goals”. Seeing as they had enough money because Chad’s mother had inherited her wealthy father’s When Chad was about eight or so she remarried, and though he was an alright guy Chad just didn’t take to his new father. Just before high school, Chad began taking drugs he happened to find in his step father’s study. Chad went through high school with two great friends. His friend who just happened to be a girl, Amy, later became Chad’s girlfriend in their senior year. While Chad went off to see Europe, Amy and Chad’s best friend, James, headed to New York City to go to college there. Chad finished his Europe trip and then went to college in North Carolina, close to Charlotte.

    Thirty minutes before the infection reached Charlotte: Chad was having a normal day. He had gotten up around eight in the morning and left his small apartment to go to college. He was wearing a nice suit and tie and slacks, with shoes to match. He started his car, frowning when the radio buzzed to life and immediately began blaring about the virus and all that crap. Chad drummed his fingers on his steering wheel as the traffic creeped along, but finally he made it to school.

    The rest of the day went on without incident, but by the time he had walked into his internship Chad was exhausted. He sighed and began filling out the paperwork and all the other crap he did during the day, when suddenly there was a bunch of screaming. Seconds later, there was a harsh boom and the entire building began to shake. Chad leaped to his feet, and then peered out the window in his office. People were running around screaming hysterically; it had finally happened.

    Without hesitation Chad snagged his keys and practically dashed down the stairs, almost slipping on several of them. Many people were still waiting for the elevator, but Chad wasn’t that stupid. He burst through the doors and slipped past several cars and walkers, then got in his own car. Without checking to see if anyone was there, Chad peeled out of the parking space and into the lot. He gunned it and drove out of there as quick as possible, turning onto the street with the intent of going to the countryside.

    Of course, his plans were halted when it became apparent that traffic was jammed and was not going anywhere. Chad cursed under his breath and kicked open his door, standing in the jammed street for a moment. He looked around wildly, but all he saw was smoke and cars and coughing or screaming people. A groan escaped his lips, but instead of standing there he dashed off towards a store. Looters were grabbing things, and Chad slipped in to join them. Somehow, they weren’t stealing the important things. Chad grabbed a backpack that was “fully loaded”, or whatever that meant, and rushed out the door. He looked around wildly, and then bit his lip. Port Royal flashed to his mind, so Chad whipped around and headed in that general direction, trying to conceal himself wherever possible.

    Chad had crouched inside what appeared like an abandoned bakery. He tugged his phone out of his pocket and thumbed through the contacts, pushing the call button for Amy’s number. Nervously licking his lips, Chad scanned the windows just incase. The phone rang and rang, but there was no response. Cursing loudly, Chad slammed his fist into a wall and thudded his head against the counter. It was then that Chad saw the rioters had grown closer; he knew it was time to leave.

    He had just jumped over an alley fence when there was another boom behind him, and suddenly bits of a building were falling from the sky. Chad let out a yelp and dodged the first couple, holding his pack over his head with his iPhone in his pocket, but a large one slammed into the pack, and Chad went down like a sack of bricks. His phone flipped out of his slacks, landing with a thud on the pavement.

    Motivation: His best friend and girlfriend. He refuses to believe that they’re dead, and somehow knows (or just convinces himself) that they’re alright.


    Relationships: Chad’s basically trying to find his girlfriend and his best friend. They had been going to college in New York City, and Chad could only hope they had smartened up and made it out. Chad felt pretty confident they would though, because his best friend was (at least, compared to Chad) a genius. His family is of little or no concern to him, seeing as he only had an alcoholic rich mother who didn’t really help him out with his dreams much. Sure, she gave him all the money he could want, but Chad had hard feelings for her that didn’t exactly revolve around love. He did have a step father, but Chad didn’t consider him family and didn’t want anything to do with the jerk.

    *Sig credit to Comic Tragedy/moments.
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    Kylie-Chan, accepted without a doubt! And you can use present-tense if that's what you prefer.

    Frostbiteकर्म, you're accepted also.
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      General Information:

      Name: Nena Katic
      Age: 24
      Gender: Female
      Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

      Phyiscal Information:

      Appearance: At 6', Nena has a thin frame, tall and lanky. She prefers to wear her brown hair in a ponytail, letting it reach her shoulders. Her skin is pearly white, giving her an exotic look. She was born with heterochromia, one eye green, the other blue and frequently bloodshot. She has a limited wardrobe, generally wearing the same clothes several times per week. The day in question, she wore a brown shirt with black jeans, a green overcoat and brown work boots. She wears a grey flat cap she found to keep her hair in line.

      She is lean and muscular, usually covered in dust and sweat. Her clothes are kept in order, if not clean. She has a few scars on her face and hands, and doesn't really care how she looks.

      She carries a faux designer purse, patched with duct tape. In it she carries her favorite belongings, as well as her pet rat Martin. Martin is small and black, with a white patch over his left eye.

      Personal Information:

      General personality: If you were to choose a word to describe Nena, the best would be "inconsistent". She would try to talk to people, but get easily angered over nothing and leave. She tended to focus intently on particular aspects of something and was usually avoided. She always appeared too preoccupied and absentminded, talking to herself as she worked. People believed her to be crazy, and she probably was. Had she ever been to a specialist, she would have been diagnosed as schizophrenic. She felt convinced something was around the corner, but was unsure if it was good or bad. She prepared for the worst, stockpiling things she felt were important, but shared them with people in case of good times, as she wanted to be seen as friendly. She was very jumpy, believing that people didn't like her.

      Nena was highly talkative, and always had a ready explanation for everything. She would scoff at people if they raised a question, and give another answer as if it were obvious. Nena was very blunt in giving criticism, usually ignoring any that people gave her. Her general response was to stand and fight, even the infected -- but soon ran when she discovered that they could not be intimidated. Despite being an agressive fighter, she realised that she didn't have the strength needed to defend herself and was forced to band with the people who had shunned her in order to survive.

      Nena cared for her friends, but she only had Martin and Doug, the man who lived next to her. She liked to spend time with them, and they would often walk the streets together.

      Strengths: Nena was tenacious and had nigh superhuman toughness, surviving in the harsh world of the Charlotte streets. She has a talent for scavenging and salvaging, finding something useful wherever she went.

      Weaknesses: Nena doesn't always understand what's happening, and will sometimes lose focus on the world. When this happens, she tends to get nervous and violent, prefering to find a corner and protect it.

      Fears: None. She sees fear as useless, and will angrily stand against any threat to her.

      Biographical Information:

      Background: Nena was an only child in a poor family. Her parents both worked and sent her to a lower-class school. Her life was full of struggles and grasping at straws. She would often steal items from school or shops, eventually learning how not to get caught. Her father got cancer and died when she was ten, leaving her mother heartbroken. Nena's mental disorder started to come to light, but her mother dismissed it as her reaction to her father's death.

      In high school, Nena got a part-time job, trying to help support her mother. She dropped out of school when she was sixteen, getting another job. When she was nineteen, her mother passed away too, leaving Nena alone. After trying to maintain a job, Nena eventually had to leave her apartment, and was soon fired from both jobs. She spent the next few years in a homelsess shelter, but couldn't handle all of the people and the in-fighting.

      She soon after left the facility, finding a part-time job cleaning a restaurant at nights, and soon after moved into an alley close by. By day she would wander the streets and pick up the city, selling recyclables for money and picking up loose change. She soon met Doug, another homeless who had moved into her alley. They became friends, and Nena found a young rat while digging through a dumpster, taming it and naming it Martin.

      One hour before the outbreak:

      Nena wakes up to the sound of police sirens. She peers out of the dumpster she's sleeping in, looking to see where it's coming from. She sees Doug emerge from his box, also confused.

      "What's going on?" asks Doug. "They're testing the sirens. Seeing how many people they can wake up," answers Nena.

      "Oh. Well it worked. We're up." Doug looks for his shoes, finding one for each foot. He stands and heads out to look at the street. "Police cars. Looks like somebody broke into the store. Every store, actually."

      "Really? Let's see what we can grab! They won't notice two more people!" Nena gets out of bed, grabbing her shoes ans purse. "Come on Mar-Mar! There's a sale!"

      Doug had already left, and Nena barely caught up with him. They went to the closest store they could find, a gas station. While Doug started to grab some food, Nena got distracted by the television. The news said that the virus had arrived, and people were advised to leave in an orderly fashion. Nena went to join in the looting, grabbing a bag of bread from a shelf and two bottles of blue drink from a fridge. She grabbed a bottle of vodka from a shelf, putting them all in her satchel. Doug appeared, holding a shotgun. "Look what I found behind the counter!" They move on to the next store, Nena putting her purse in her satchel and cinching it close to her.

      The traffic has picked up, and several people flee from the sight of the hobo with a shotgun. Nena moves on ahead, leaving Doug to raid a ditched car. She hears the sirens, and sees a policeman holding a gun on Doug. She turns to help, but an explosion goes off not far away. Doug tries to run, and the frightened cop shoots, striking him in the head. Nena watches her friend fall to the ground, and things go black.

      She awkens soon after, alone. She hears the sound of running footsteps, and ses a group of people rushing towards her. She notices the blood stains on them, and knows that she can't fight this many people alone. She turns and flees down the street, seeking somewhere to hide.

      Motivation: Survival. She has no idea what's going on, but hasn't let that stop her at any other time in life.

      Genealogical Information:

      Relationships: Nena has no living family, and with Doug's death, it's just her and Martin the rat.
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      Draginja, accepted.

      IceFireLightning, denied. Your personal and general information is in bullet form; I asked for paragraphs. Your character is unrealistic, when this is supposed to be generally as realistic as possible. Your character is only twelve and has a katana and guns? And your "Before the Virus" bit is really sloppy and doesn't really make sense, since it seems like you just rushed through it.
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