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Old September 3rd, 2010 (9:10 PM).
Sora's Heartless
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    Interested in helping with the production of Pokemon: Legends? Pokemon: The Beginning? Or Pokemon: The End? Then you've come to the right place! I've started this group not only to improve my hacking and everyone else' hacking, but to make a team that makes great hacks that everyone will love.
    We want to make a hack that can improve everyone skills while making it enjoyable to everyone in this community to play.
    We'll need lots of members since this is gonna be a big hacking team.
    Now, we will be hacking Ruby. Of course, I am very open to suggestions for hacking other games, be it Red, Gold, Crystal, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald.



    Pokemon: Legends
    Pokemon: The Beginning (CROSSOVER like R/S)
    Pokemon: The End (CROSSOVER like R/S)

    Pokemon: Legends
    Have got title will post later EDITING

    Legends takes place when Prof. Oak try's to take over Pokemon by creating fused species. But by doing this Normal species have become near extinct! Now the Pokemon world is being destroyed as the natural balance of the old species is dwindling due to the increase of Prof. Oaks creations....
    3200 Years later Prof. Oak has become a role-model to all Scientists and Professors around the world. But he mysteriously passed away before he could complete the "final" Pokemon...
    This is where you come in, a young kid bought up in a family with some of the last known, unfused Pokemon. As your Pokemon start to disappear you decide to do something about this shenanigan. You think it has to do with the groups of spliced Pokemon that appear every night outside, or that someone is trying to create the "final" Pokemon...


    Choose howto dress (Dress System)
    Cities / Towns
    Trainers / Characters

    thats all so far have made few spliced Pokemon already. (C title and album)

    Pokemon: The Beginning
    Need title.(Thinking about Reshiram facing top-left corner blowing out all pokemon with "character" on back and "shadow" face in top right side)


    In the beginning, Reshiram, The Creator, was busy creating the world and all things on it...
    Until a "Freak Storm" hit Reshiram's HQ and knocked Reshiram unconscious...
    But not before he created HUMANS . Reshiram didn't get to create the other half of the Pokemon species, causing the natural balance to become upset...
    You, one of the few HUMANS Reshiram created, must help bring back Reshiram's forgotten memories so he can create the "other half"...
    Is this really "The Beginning"?...


    Choose how to dress (Dress System)
    Cities / Towns
    Trainers / Characters
    Mini games

    Pokemon: The End
    Need title.(Thinking of Zekrom's shadow overlooking the Earth, with Reshiram lying in the middle.)


    After knocking Reshiram, The Creator, unconscious Zekrom, The Destroyer, was close to dominating the world and the Pokemon species he set out to follow Reshiram's puny HUMAN creation knowing that if he returned he would bring together 'The Creator' and 'The Destroyer'...
    But this creation was too cunning! causing Zekrom to lose his way. So he decided to create his own HUMAN's...
    These creations were too weak and feared Zekrom. All except one...
    You, Zekrom's true follower must prevent Reshiram's memories from coming back to him and from reuniting this puny God and your Creator...
    But Reshiram's HUMAN has other ideas...
    Is this really "The End"?...


    Female character
    Pokenav watch (Like Pokenav but better)
    Cities / Towns
    Trainers / Characters
    Mini games

    Any job would help. (And most likely be accepted.)

    Name: Name or username.
    Position: The position your applying for.
    Proof of Work: You need a proof to show off for me to decide whether your in or not.
    Past Experiences/Past Projects: Feel free to state the hacks you have worked on as well as your own hack. (OPTIONAL)
    Contact: Your email address. (OPTIONAL)
    Splicing / Fusing exp: Your Fusing / Splicing experience

    Plz join


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    Old September 10th, 2010 (1:31 PM).
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      I'd like to be a member!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Username: KK Moloney
      Skill: Spriter
      Proof of Work: For some reason I'm not allowed to upload it so just look in my album Pokemon Sprites. It's called Alvapup...... Its an unknown scratched up fusion
      Contact: I'll pm you my email
      Cattle are meant to dwell in trees.

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