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Old August 26th, 2010 (11:28 AM).
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    When I briefly hacked Ruby, I noticed that you can't use a 12th palette for tilesets, etc. This isn't the case with FireRed or Emerald.

    Someday, I want to implement some kind of a Battle Frontier in Ruby, and if that was possible, then I would move my hack over to Ruby. But this would be impossible, because the tilesets I've made requires the use of all 12 palettes, and Ruby only supports 11 palettes.

    So does anyone know how to activate Palette 12 in Ruby? Since it works in Emerald.


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    Old August 30th, 2010 (6:21 PM).
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      It is possible but would require work. Anyway, I think I'll need Palette 12 for my hack too sooner or later so, I'll look into this as soon as I can.


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      Old October 13th, 2010 (5:03 PM).
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        So palette 12 is programed in Ruby and Sapphire but just doesn't work? I always thought it was blank space.


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        Old October 13th, 2010 (10:52 PM).
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          Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
          So palette 12 is programed in Ruby and Sapphire but just doesn't work? I always thought it was blank space.

          Kind. I remember messing around with Pallette 12 for a project and it has set colours from what I saw, and editing the colours in Block Editor did nothing to change it. It was purpley colours that it seemed to be.

          But if a way is discovered, tat would be great. I wonder if you could change it with a Hex Editor anyway, as I remember that the colours were different from what I set for there... Probably not.


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          Old October 14th, 2010 (3:32 PM).
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          I figured it out. When the game triggers the SWI that copies over the palette from the ROM to the RAM, it only copies six palettes (6-11). The palette that occupies the 12th palette slot is actually the palette used for the "Ruby Version" text on the titlescreen. Oddly enough, it never gets overwritten. So all you have to do is change the parameter for the SWI call so that it copies over '0x70' halfwords instead of '0x60'. In order to do that, you should change the byte at '0x056d62' from '0xc0' to '0xe0'. Isn't it funny how a single bit can affect the game so drastically?


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          Old October 14th, 2010 (5:26 PM).
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          Wow! This is some amazing infromation. I hadn't even realized that the 12th palette wasn't used! Also, it is very useful to know the the 12th palette is for the titlesceen. Thanks!


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