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Old September 6th, 2010 (3:55 AM).
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    The first team I ever produced was a Rain dance team, which performed very well, and it was only recently that I realised that a major part of the reason it was so reliable was because my sweepers had some bulk to them (Ludicolo, Kabutops etc). So, I thought I would make another Team utilising more bulky pokemon, and see how it worked out. So far this team has been very reliable in 6v6 single battles, and has put up a good fight against most teams so far. any obvious weaknesses? I haven't noticed any, but all constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks

    [email protected] Berry
    Jolly (+Spe/-SpA)
    252 Spe/120 SpD/136 HP
    ~Stealth Rock
    ~Body Slam
    ~Thunder Wave
    ~Milk Drink

    Miltank's 100 base speed and decent bulk really caught my eye, so I thought I'd try her out as a lead. The EV investment maximises speed, getting the jump on all base 100s as well as neutral natured base 115s, such as Starmie, Raikou and Ambipom. Body Slam and Scrappy means I can hit ghosts, with the nice 30% paralysis rate. Milk Drink is obvious, and lets me outstall a lot of pokemon without a super effective hit. Thunder wave is filler really, I can't think of much else to have on her, sugestions much appreciated.

    [email protected] Berry
    Calm (+SpD/-Atk)
    204 SpA/204 SpD/100 Spe
    ~Ice Beam

    Haven't quite decided on mantine's moveset yet, Rest can be brilliant for stalling with Toxic, Surf is there for STAB, and Ice Beam for Waters and Dragons/Grasses. Mantine can outstall most bulky waters with Toxic and rest, but often it's better to deal with them with something else. A brilliant Special wall, and it's easy to bring Mantine in on ground types who threaten Magneton, and OHKO back with STAB Surf.

    [email protected] Orb
    Jolly (+Spe/-SpA)
    176 Atk/80 SpD/252 Spe
    ~Fake Out
    ~Close Combat
    ~Blaze Kick
    ~Sucker Punch

    Hitmonlee's my main Physical Sweeper. The Attack Evs combined with Life Orb make him a very versatile attacker and revenge Killer, and, although his speed is a little Lackluster, it's still plenty high enough to deal with most things. If He's threatened by a flying type, it's easy to switch magneton in and threaten with Tbolt, and if he's threatened by a Psychic type, or if a ghost switches into CC, then Sucker Punch is there. Sucker punch comfortably OHKOs Mismagius, Alakazam, Espeon, Gengar and Froslass 100% of the time, and even puts a sizeable dent in Dusknoir. The SpD EVs let him switch into Special Dark moves aimed at Mismagius, and then threaten said dark type with CC. Blaze Kick helps in dealing with Grass types the rest of my team have trouble with.

    [email protected] berry
    Timid (+Spe/-Atk)
    252 Spe/80 SpD/176 SpA
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Calm Mind

    Mismagius carries a similar EV spread to Hitmonlee, and a similar amount of attacking power. I use mismagius to switch into boosted fighting hits, such as Machamp's Dynamicpunch, then burn the machamp as it goes to use payback, the damage halved by its burn, then halved again by my Colbur Berry. If I can eliminate most of the Physical attackers from my opponents team, Mismagius can have a field day. One calm mind sees her SpA go through the roof and makes STAB Shadow Ball a very powerful move. with boosted SpD, she can take almost any special hit unscathed, and can burn physical attackers with WoW. I'm not 100% sure between Colbur Berry and Leftovers yet though, they're both valid options. Tbolt is for coverage, and EVs maximise speed, and increase SpD

    [email protected] Berry
    Modest (+SpA/-Atk)
    204 SpA/204 Def/100 Spe
    ~Flash Cannon
    ~Thunder Wave
    ~Metal Sound

    I needed a reliable counter for flying types, and Magneton hit the spot. with a 4x resistance to flying along with 12 other resistances, Magenton makes a great physical wall. Sadly t does bear a 4x weakness to ground, but I have 2 pokemon immune to ground who can do some damage to said ground types, and so it's not too much of a problem. his fighting weakness is easily dealt with by Mismagius, and most fire types are dispatched by Mantine with little trouble. Also, the speed EVs let Magneton outspeed some ground/rock combos, and the OHKO with STAB Flash Cannon. Thunder Wave is to help the slower few on the team, and Metal sound either forces switches or doubles Magneton's damage output. however, I haven't found much use for it yet, so replacement suggestions are appreciated.

    [email protected]
    Adamant (+Atk/-SpA)
    132 Atk/120 HP/128 Def/128 Spe
    ~Rock Polish
    ~Stone Edge
    ~Ice Shard

    Donphan's another physical sweeper, and provides a nice counter to electric types who think they can get one up on Mantine. His 3 weaknesses are covered well by the rest of the team, Mantine absorbs water attacks, the can either outstall bulky waters with toxic, or switch to Magneton to scare them off; grass is the least well covered, but Hitmonlee can usually take an unboosted grass hit and then OHKO with Blaze Kick; and Magneton and Hitmonlee make good Ice counters. Becasue of no reliable counter to grass, I'm considering the Rindo berry over leftovers. If Donphan gets a rock polish off, it becomes faster than neutral natured Aerodactyl and jolteon, as well as being a lot faster than Alakazam and the like. Ice shard helps if i can't get a RP off, and is a good revenge killing move. EQ and Stone edge give perfect coverage, and Donphans already high attack stat means he can take a physical pounding and dish out some serious damage too.

    The team has only one shared weakness, which is fighting (Magneton and Miltank) but with Mismagius this is hardly a problem. also, there's no rapid spin, because the majority of the team resist SR: Miltank won't take any, Donphan, hitmonlee and magneton only take 6.25%, and Magius only takes 12.5% Mantine can get hurt by it, but can rest off damage taken.

    The team's been fairly well tested so far, but I'm not 100% sure i've got everything covered.


    also, sorry about lack of pictures, says I have to do 15 posts first :p

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    Old September 6th, 2010 (5:09 AM).
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    Hitmonlee: To make the most out of its destructive potential, it's better to max out its Attack and Speed.

    Mismagius: Unless it's on the supporting side, Will-o-Wisp isn't worth using, IMO (replace with Substitute or Taunt). You can replace Calm Mind with Nasty Plot so that its Special Attack is boosted more quickly (Calm Mind is fine as well). Hidden Power Fighting provides perfect coverage alongside Shadow Ball so you can replace Thunderbolt with that (unless you're not that lucky with breeding). Maxing out Special Attack is another option, but you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

    Donphan is better off as a Rapid Spin supporter, even though I like how you're using Rock Polish to help it overcome its bad Speed. It may be better off with this:
    -Rapid Spin
    -Assurance (to hit Pokemon that switch in to Stealth Rock)
    -Stone Edge/Ice Shard
    EVs: 52 HP/252 Atk/204 Def
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Adamant
    Old September 6th, 2010 (8:02 AM).
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      I find Rest Mantine to be extremely bad because you lose leftovers with Chesto Berry. Mantine direly needs Leftovers to be a useful wall. I'd recommend Smogon's RestTalk set, but that's even worse because of Mantine's mediocre SpA.

      There are quite a few options for you to consider.

      Mantine @ Leftovers
      Water Absorb | Calm Nature
      252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
      - Surf / Hydro Pump
      - Ice Beam
      - HP Flying / Toxic
      - Mirror Coat / Toxic

      While Mirror Coat is listed under "Other Options" on Smogon, it is certainly useful for the common Rotom.

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