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Brainstorming a Gen 2 Only Mechanic

Second Generation Gold, Silver, Crystal

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Old July 6th, 2016 (4:14 AM).
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Been trying to think of new stuff lately for my Gen 2 hack, so I wouldn't mind some opinions.

Here's a catch though, the main idea of this thread is to brainstorm a new mechanic never before seen in any Pokémon game ever made, however the idea of the mechanic MUST be setback to the Gen 2 or lower era's and could only possibly work in Gold, Silver, or Crystal. Meaning it has to have the closest authentic connection to Gen 2.

Nothing of Gen 3 or higher is allowed, including even current mechanics nowadays that weren't available back in Gen 2. So if you think of something along of the current Fairy-types from Gen 6 or something older like Contests from Gen 3. It won't count. But if it does play a role with Gen 1, that can count as long as Gen 2 is involved since Gen 2 succeeds Gen 1.

My only other restriction is the Orange Islands are omitted from this conversation, because let's face it. Its been thought of already.
Plus new stuff from HG/SS won't count either such as the Pokeathlon Dome because its Gen 4.

Again, sorry for all the restrictions. But with my current thought process I'm having, I could use some input/help on ideas.
I've had at least one already, but I'll wait until others reply before I comment my current idea.
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Old July 16th, 2016 (7:41 AM).
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Hmm that's a toughie, what's the idea you had already? It's hard to think of many things that only Gen 2 could have as the games generally build on each other rather than replace each other with each new generation but let's give it a shot... One of the only things I can really think of which is strictly only in Gen 2 is the GS Ball - what if this could be added to the game as a part of the plot as a non-event item? Perhaps you could make a sub-plot at one stage of the game where a character tells you about the legend of the GS Ball containing the rare Pokémon Celebi and he sends you on a quest to track it down, involving lots of hiking around searching for components or going through new spooky caves to pick it up as treasure or even just having to beat a selection of new puzzles or NPCs in a special area to be given it? I know a lot of people would love an easier way to catch Celebi so that could be worth thinking about but otherwise I've got nothing for now - will keep thinking though because this is interesting!
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Old July 31st, 2016 (10:09 AM).
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I'm not sure if you're thinking of a basic game mechanic, or something that creates a sidequest/plot change (like the Celebi mentioned above). For mechanics, one that wouldn't really help the plot, but could be useful for training, adding new Pokemon to your team, competitive play (think breeding Stadium teams, especially for Little Cup) could be the passing along of stat experience via eggs. You wouldn't want to use this in later generations, because EV training limits the number of EVs you can put into each stat and use in total, and you might want new EV spreads on each Pokemon, but since you can max out stat experience in gen I/gen II across all stats, this could work there. The idea is that one parent (maybe the female or non-Ditto parent) passes along any stat exp that she has to her offspring, so that when the egg hatches, it already has that stat exp.

Example: You're playing Crystal, and you have a level 100, female Electabuzz with maxed out stat exp across all stats. You want a new Elekid with Cross Chop that you can use in the Little Cup (or in in the level 10 part of the Trainer Tower, or whatever else suits your fancy), but you want it to have some stat experience. With this new mechanic, you breed your egg move, Cross Chop, onto your new Elekid, and the baby hatches with full stat exp, ready to enter the Stadium 2 Little Cup, Trainer Tower, or whatever new tournament mode you want to add to your hack. Goodbye box trick + daycare level resetting to get those stats up, hello ready-made competitive Pokemon based on the effort you already put into training other members of your team. Now, so long as you have one Pokemon in an evolutionary line that's all trained up, you can easily train others that are ready for battle with new movesets, etc.
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Old July 31st, 2016 (10:47 AM).
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