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Old March 30th, 2013 (3:33 PM).
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First game I ever played was Crystal, and I caught an Unown Z and thought it was the coolest thing ever, so I trained it all the way and it was part of my team for the rest of the game. Until I let my friend borrow my cartridge and he swiped all my good Pokemon then told me he "lost" his cartridge with all my Pokes... #friends off.

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Walking in on Misty and her date doing naughty tings at Cerulean Cape.

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Old April 10th, 2013 (7:49 AM).
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I killed the red gyarados
I was so noobish that I thought he was some kind of obstacle or something that I was supposed to destroy, luckily I replayed the game (not rly just shiny gold) & caught the red gyarados but unfortunately it had a bad nature & I had to throw it in my PC.

I think the natures are the worst idea GF ever came up with, why does every Pokemon have to get awfully unbalanced stats? Why does a certain stat have to be so low while another one is so high? that's just lame.
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I'm on a two-week summer break with nothing much to do, so I'm planning to grab an emulator and re-live the good ol' Color Generation days. First up on my play list is Pokemon Red. The million dollar question is - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle? As usual, I'm stuck when it comes to choosing my starter Pokemon.

Currently Playing: Pokemon Red (1/8)

And so began a young woman's quest to become the greatest trainer of them all...
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I've just started to play crystal again. I haven't played it since I was nine. Just a few nights ago I'm at the radio tower, and the prize number guy says your stantler has all the numbers blah blah and I get a master ball. Then I go outside of olivine and I see entei being the nerd I am i freak out and almost throw the wrong ball. I thought master ball were purple
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Hm, I've gotten quite far so far...I'm proud on my strong (albeit underleveled) team. So far we're at Blackthorn and looking for Clair!

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So I recently had to replace the little battery in my Red Version because it finally quit saving and lost my saved file. (Very sad for me.) And although it's rather disheartening to start all over I've finally built myself up to do so and it's been rather fun. But it keeps plaguing me in the back of my mind that it could very well just happen again and all my progress be lost yet again. I know it's a silly thing to worry about but it just sort of irks me that it happened and eventually will happen again. So I've decided to just enjoy the game for what it is one last time and complete as much of it as I possibly can before shutting off my Gameboy Color for good.
Here's my team, like most people I'd like to know what you guys think.


It seems a little bland at the looks, Bulbasaur was the first Pokemon I ever got way way back as a kid so naturally I picked it again. I decided on Vaporeon because originally I wanted to get a Poliwag because again as a kid I like him a lot. (I had Blue Version originally) but alas Poliwag is exclusive to Blue! Arcanine because I again like Growlithe a lot, lucking out here with it being a Red only exclusive although it was a pain waiting to level 50 just for Flamethrower before I could evolve it! Raichu because, well come on, even though Pikachu is over-rated, it's Pikachu and this is first gen. I felt kind of stupid once I found out that Pikachu never learns Thunderbolt naturally in first gen, I was all the way in Saffron clearing out the Silph. Co. building of Rocket Grunts before I even realized I'd wasted all that time not using a Thunder Stone on it! I've actually never used a Snorlax before and the thing owns so hard. I taught it Earthquake, Body Slam and Psychic and kept Rest on it. I've also never used an Aerodactyl before either. I was kind of heartbroken to find out that it can't learn Rock Slide! That's rather cheap wouldn't you guys agree? But it's fast and very sturdy, I actually like it a lot.

Sorry for the long post but just a few more things I'd like to say. Seeing as how this is going to be the last time I play my Pokemon Red Version, I'm finishing every thing as much as possible so naturally that includes the Pokedex! Sadly I'll have to leave out the starter Pokemon and Mew. But my friend has his Crystal Version still and he's going to help me at least get the Pokemon I can't obtain in Red like Sandshrew Meowth and the such.

Also, since it's my last time playing and I've played so so so many times I decided to play the game differently this time around. Instead of fighting each Gym Leader as they come I actually fought Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, skipped Erika and fought Koga so I could use Surf. Then I cleared out all the overworld trainers and dungeons minus the Elite 4 and Victory Road before I even fought Erika. And I got a say it was a nice refresher.

In short to sum all this up, Pokemon is great.
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The first game I ever played was Yellow. I had this Cartdrige for my Gameboy Color that had 12 games on it and Pokémon was listed as the first.
I didn't speak english so I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I just went along with whatever was happening.
I remember I was extremely frustrated at the old man blocking my path in Viridian and at the first Guard at the League Gate for not letting me pass.
I spent days trying to figure out what to do then I accidently entered the PokéMart in Viridian and triggered the Oak's Parcel quest xD
I was overjoyed to finally be able to move on.
Since Pokémon was airing back then (I was like 6 or 7 o.o) I tried building up Ash's team on my game.
But yeah, beating Brock took me ages because I kept trying to use electric attacks on his Pokémon xD
Then I reached Mt. Moon which was pure nightmare for me.
Zubats everywhere and I kept going around in circles, unable to find the exit.
Then I was so happy when I got Charmander and Bulbasaur and Squirtle, like the whole world was at my feet xD
I never got to finish the game though >u< But I remember I was trying to force Pikachu to evolve by using a Thunderstone on him xD

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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I remember the first time I beat Red in Crystal. I was so proud to be beating such strong Pokemon as a kid, but that was at a time where thinking the starter Pokemon were the best Pokemon you could get in the game lol. But those were the times where I enjoyed Pokemon the most, and those memories will always be the most enjoyable.
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Today, I decided to dust off my copy of Crystal and start a new file. I selected the female character before running off to Professor Elm's lab and choosing Chikorita as my starter.

Currently, I am exiting Violet City's Pokemon Center before challenging Falkner.

Trainer: Amanda


Bailey the Chikorita (female, Lv. 10)
-Razor Leaf

Maya the Growlithe (female, Lv. 9)
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The first time I played Pokemon Gold was in fifth grade. My friend had a copy and she let me play it for a while. I was instantly hooked. I had only played the newer games until that point and it was exciting to find out what Pokemon used to be like. My friend had two copies of the game, but unfortunately one had a dead save battery. We didn't know that at the time, so we never replaced it. Eventually, I ended up asking if I could have the game, since she had two and it didn't save anyway. She let me and I took it home. Later, a quick google search informed me of the problem with the battery and my mother and I fixed it. Overjoyed that I could play the game properly, I set off at once. I still have that game today, and it is still one of my favorites. I caught my first non-event shiny there. (A gligar named Clyde.) My current team consists of:
(species name-nickname-level)

Hopefully this game lasts a while longer before the save dies. I enjoyed it immensely.
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I booted up the ol' SP and trained Beedrill a level. I put Typhlosion and Ditto in the daycare and I'm hoping to hatch a shiny Cyndaquil, but I'll probably give up after 10 eggs lol.
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the best was battle with red in goldi beat it with all pokemon lvl 50
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My neighbor just kind of GAVE me his Blue Version when I was little. At the time, I knew ZILCH about pokemon, so the whole thing was discovery. I didn't know what a "Gym" was. When I saw one in Viridian City, I thought, "Hmm, well my pokemon could use a good workout...", then the old man would shove me off the cliff.

Finally I get to Brock, amazed that there was more to the game than just Pallet Town and Viridian City, and I discover pokemon types, along with my bro (we were sharing the game, so we were raising a charmander together.), and later on waste our time trying to make Charizard evolve, waste most of our money on pokeballs, oh the idiocy... and we only beat 4 gyms that first run-through.
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Oh wow nice topic I remember the first Pokemon game I got was from my babysitter (who lived next door) when I was about 5 or 6 years old. She also gave me her old pink GameBoy Color. This was the fist video game system I had ever played on so I was very exited, but about 5 minutes after starting up and creating a new game the batteries died D: I remember bursting into tears because I thought I had broke the game haha. I was super relieved when my mom changed the batteries!

Also, I reeeaalllly hope I'm not the only person who did this but since I was also relatively young when I got Gold and Silver (pretty much the same age as when I got Blue version) I ended up naming my rival "???" because that's what it said in the game. I seriously couldn't put two and two together *hides in a corner* xD

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Well, this isn't quite a fond memory, but it certainly is memorable. I had spent ages grinding to be as strong as Red, because I kept challenging him and I kept losing. For a 10 year old, it was extremely frustrating. xD
But the time came where, on a hot summer in my grandpa's car, I finally beat his stupid face. I don't even remember my team. Just as I opened up my menu to save... my battery died. And that wasn't even the peak of whatever series of unfortunate events this was. After I got over my little tantrum (Really Big and Loud Tantrum), I turned back on my Gameboy, sure that since I had beaten him once, I could do it again.
My cartridge had been wiped.
I never touched that game again. U nU

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Originally Posted by SinfulGuroRose View Post
Well, this isn't quite a fond memory, but it certainly is memorable. I had spent ages grinding to be as strong as Red, because I kept challenging him and I kept losing. For a 10 year old, it was extremely frustrating. xD
But the time came where, on a hot summer in my grandpa's car, I finally beat his stupid face. I don't even remember my team. Just as I opened up my menu to save... my battery died. And that wasn't even the peak of whatever series of unfortunate events this was. After I got over my little tantrum (Really Big and Loud Tantrum), I turned back on my Gameboy, sure that since I had beaten him once, I could do it again.
My cartridge had been wiped.
I never touched that game again. U nU
OMG that's terrible I'm so sorry! D: If that happend to me I would've pitched a huge fit as well

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Just starting playing Blue again tonight. So far I have Squitrle and a Sparrow. I need a Pidgey and ditto for what I need to finish off my team.

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Started a new game... again... Huff*

Episode 1 | "The Journey Begins"

• Chose Squirtle as my starter.
• Beat Ben*
• Headed north into Viridian City
• Retrieved Parcel belonging to Professor Oak and returned it to him.
• Received PokéDex
• Went back to Viridian City, bought items* and caught three Pokémon
• Nidoran (F)
• Spearow*
• Rattata
• Nidoran* (M)
• Grinded team to level 10
• Battled Ben again won
• Headed north into Viridian Forest
• Caught Pikachu
• Grinded team to level 13
• Beat all Bug Catchers in the forest
• Headed further north.
• Challenged Brock and won.
• Got first badge*

*Ben = Blue or Gary
*5 PokéBalls, 3 Antidotes, 3 Paralyze Heals and 3 Burn Heals
*Spearow added to team.
*Nidoran (M) added to team.
*Boulder Badge
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I decided to actually write in this thread isntead of the advance generation one :D well here goes.

I choose the name TAI as it has been a tradition to use that name, I named the Rival MATT to reflect the rivalry between TAI and Matt in Digimon Adventure 01.

So I walk into the grass and Prof. Oak stops me and catches a strange Pokemon, he shows me to his lab and tells me to take the pokemon off the desk, his grandson busts in as I am about to take it and says its his, Prof. Oak decides to give me a Pikachu so I am okay with that and as I walk out Matt thinks it's okay to just attack me with his small dog named eevee.

I beat his eevee, apparently my Pikachu doesn't like his pokeball so it follows me around like a stalker, and set out on my pokemon adventure, long story short I was stopped at Viridian City I was told that its "Private" property and cannot pass, since when did kids obey old men.

After that strange encounter I walk into the Pokemon Center and am told to deliver a parcel, yeah sure, I run down to Pallet Town again being attacked by small rats and birds before finally getting to the Lab, Prof. Oak gives me and Matt a Pokedex apparently it is supposed to catalog Pokemon species, so after leaving Pallet Town I am faced once again by those damn rats and birds that have some sort of vendetta against me.

I make it back to Viridian and walk into some Pokecenter that heals my pikachu, so yeah, I leave this "Pokecenter" and decide to walk back up to that creepy old man, he shows me how to catch Pokemon, not the only thing he catches, so I have to throw a ball at it hopefully knocking it out so I can steal it, seems legit, well he clears his way and gets going I continue on into a forest and find my self attacked by small green musli bars that like to use the move harden, my pokedex says they are called Metapods, so after a while of killing hardened muesli bars I run into a pidgeotto apparently that pidgeotto is the big brother of that small bird that I saw on Route 1, yeah great it seems like every animal I run into wants me dead except that "spearow" in viridian city in one of the houses that is called Speary, I think I got lost in the forest so I ran back to the so called city, it has like 5 houses in it and a gym where the doors are locked, so do I work my Pikachu out in there or do I work out.

So I decided to leave it at that in Viridian, until I took the side path and ran into my old friend Matt who tends to hurl insults at anything that moves, he has a bird and that dog called Eevee it's gotten stronger but I managed to defeat him, he got angry and stormed off saying something about this Elite Four maybe they are the evil corporation I hear about.

I decided to venture back into Viridian Forest as it is called and was attacked again by little hard muesli bars and birds that hate me whilst bumping into a handul of small children named "Bug Catcher" they have these weird caterpillars and those muesli bars its scary. When I finally get out of that hell hole of a forest I find a grey city with a guy who wont let me leave he says I need to go into this Gym but I ain't trusting those protein shakes!

Well I decided to give the Gym a try, I hate it I cannot kill this guys animals he has a rock with arms and a snake made of rocks I find it difficult when my moves dont do anything to it and when he decides to use this move that basically kills my little Pikachu (bind) so then I have to go to the Pokecenter again and I am forced to talk to that girl who is always so happy SHE DEALS WITH DEAD ANIMALS EVERYDAY OF HER LIFE HOW CAN SHE BE HAPPY!

I have decided that I will kill this guy brock and everything he stands for.

I finally killed the guy with a lot of these things called potions, it worked I recieved a Badge I think the badge allows me to kill more animals or that more children and animals will try and kill me not sure I wasn't listening he also said something about FLASH but I ran away as soon as he mentioned it because I am not into that kind of stuff, I explored the City a bit more and found a museum or something it was really boring so I left also the guy at the end of the city will let me leave thank god I hope he rots in HELL for putting me through that pain, I hear that there is a mountain up ahead, I am thinking of purchasing those expensive rocks called Pokeballs, they seem pretty useless because I already have this Pikachu and he seems fine with a bit of training plus 200 dollars for some useless rock that doesnt catch animals 100% I wonder when the government will realize this is kind of bad.
Pokemon Seen/Captured


level 16
Thundershock / Double Team / Quick Attack / Thunderwave
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Badges: 8 | Time: 14:26

Croconaw - Olli - Mac - Alexial - Twisted - Tabor
Levels: 45 - 43 - 41 - 46 - 40 - 41

[22:15:02] <Lilith> olli ur kicking butt
[22:15:10] <Lilith> aaaa he used max potion
[22:15:51] <Lilith> oh u died
[22:15:51] <Lilith> :<
[22:16:12] <Lilith> tabor held on to one hp
[22:16:22] <&Lilith> tabor survived with 1 HP lmao
[22:16:39] <&Lilith> mac is pretty ugly
[22:16:45] <&Lilith> i hope he can use dat wing attack
[22:16:51] <~cc> do i even wanna know what i am
[22:16:55] <~cc> am i a zubat again
[22:17:00] <&Lilith> oops, exeggutor used psychic
[22:17:03] <&Lilith> survived with 7hp
[22:17:05] <&Lilith> i love you guys
[22:17:14] <&Lilith> crobat in my crystal challenge that i never finished D8!
[22:17:18] <~cc> lol
[22:18:57] <&Lilith> mac grew a fat level

[22:25:30] <&Lilith> lmao koga is next. thought it was bruno
[22:26:32] <&Lilith> olli didnt ohko ariados lmao
[22:27:36] <&Lilith> great i have nothing that can best the forretress
[22:27:55] <&Lilith> lets go dragon rage
[22:28:09] <&Lilith> o waterfall did more damage
[22:28:46] * &Lilith throws mac out
[22:29:17] <&Lilith> mac didnt ohko venomoth -.- flap your fat harder
[22:29:27] <&Lilith> psychic! NOOOOO MAAAAAC you survived with 5HP
[22:29:34] <~cc> ;;
[22:29:38] <~cc> o.o
[22:29:48] <%Slenderman> what species is mac?
[22:29:49] <~cc> my kang just ohko'd with fake out
[22:29:52] <&Lilith> you were always the one i could depend on, mac
[22:29:55] <&Lilith> crobat
[22:30:00] <~cc> ilu2 bb
[22:30:39] <&Lilith> alexial has to take over. all you guys are dying
[22:31:04] <&Lilith> alexial didnt ohko muk -.- she is xatu
[22:31:46] <Lilith> beat koga

[22:39:39] <Lilith> hitmonchan used ice punch
[22:39:43] <Lilith> you tanked that like a bro!
[22:39:52] <Lilith> sis! since youre a female pidgeot
[22:58:15] <Lilith> bruno is easy. got my birds and my water turds
[22:58:28] <Lilith> OH NO ROCK SLIDE
[22:58:29] <Lilith> OLLI
[22:58:46] <Lilith> yay you owned machamp

[23:16:13] <Lilith> karen was so easy bc she used her favorites lol
[23:16:25] <Lilith> stun spore missed mac haha 2ohko
[23:16:35] <Lilith> i dont even have to heal anyone

[23:22:15] <&Lilith> dragonite used thunder on the only pokemon that knew an ice attack
[23:22:18] <&Lilith> im screwed
[23:27:58] <Lilith> oh my god its using thunder wave too
[23:28:39] <Lilith> used full restore on a crippled xatu and then thunder misses crobat. full restore on crobat now, gogogogo!
[23:29:44] <Lilith> ...critical. you fought well, mac!
[23:30:34] <&Lilith> MAC fainted!
[23:30:44] <&Lilith> boy you couldnt tank a critical thunder :'(
[23:30:57] <&Lilith> but your death allowed me to fully heal alexial
[23:31:40] <&Lilith> oh jesus another dragonite. i barely got through the first one
[23:33:03] <&Lilith> switched gyarados in on a blizzard, sigh
[23:33:14] <&Lilith> who to heal... two are alive. alexial and twisted
[23:33:03] <&Lilith> switched gyarados in on a blizzard, sigh
[23:33:14] <&Lilith> who to heal... two are alive. alexial and twisted
[23:33:21] <~EV> twisted
[23:33:47] <&Lilith> why did i waste tabor?!
[23:34:03] <&Lilith> oh, i meant revive, not heal
[23:34:44] <&Lilith> revived croconaw but twisted died
[23:37:27] <Lilith> level 50 dragonite... ice punch 2ohkos woot
[23:39:00] <Lilith> alexial was too paralyzed to attack charizard and died... last pokemon is croconaw
[23:39:29] <&Lilith> 1 pokemon alive hm
[23:40:12] <&Lilith> oh my god hyper beam
[23:40:17] <&Lilith> croconaw survived .-.
[23:41:11] <&Lilith> aerodactly used hyper beam.........
[23:41:16] <&Lilith> croconaw survived
[23:41:18] <%Slenderman> whar
[23:41:19] <%Slenderman> *what
[23:41:19] <&Lilith> 14HP o3o
[23:41:33] <&Lilith> enemy AERODACTYL must recharge!
[23:41:34] <+blueredemption> lance?
[23:41:36] <%Griff> Then again, Aerodactyl does have crappy special attack.
[23:41:36] <+flare> Thank god that wasn't Dragonite. D:
[23:41:41] <&Lilith> CROCONAW used SURF!
[23:41:45] <%Slenderman> I'm more talking about Aero using a special move .----.
[23:41:46] <&Lilith> bye bye aerodactyl o3o
[23:41:52] <&Lilith> ooo i won o3o
[23:41:58] <&Lilith> crystal version
[23:42:01] <+flare> YAY :D
[23:42:02] <%Griff> o.O
[23:42:03] <%Griff> oh
[23:42:05] <&Lilith> i barely won yay :D
[23:42:06] <%Slenderman> yay
[23:42:10] <%Slenderman> \o/
[23:42:11] <+blueredemption> thrn its physical
[23:42:14] <+blueredemption> then
[23:42:22] <%Griff> What level is Croconaw anyway?
[23:42:37] <&Lilith> 45
[23:42:42] <&Lilith> lances best pokemon was 50
[23:42:43] <%Griff> Uhh.
[23:42:49] <&Lilith> my team is 40-46 o3o
[23:42:50] <%Griff> y no evolve
[23:42:53] <+blueredemption> why was it a crocanaw?
[23:42:56] <&Lilith> because CROCONAW<33

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Doing a series on Pokemon Silver and I need to name my rival any suggestions?
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Hey there, i want to tell you my nice but also sad story of the game Pkm silver.

First of all i was 6 years when i had my first school day and in germany is it normal that you get a big bag with many little presents in once your very first school day is over.
In there i found the old Gameboy with some normal games.
My neighbour who was 6 years older than me gave his old pokemon games to me (yellow, red and blue) and i played it. But i did not play it for a long time because my mum decided to buy the game pokemon silver for me. That game was the "entry" to the pokemon world. I loved it so much that i played it all day long. Every time i went to toilet i sat there longer than 20min because i was playing the game and i was forgetting everything around me. And everytime my mom grumbled over me every time.

One late evening i was playing the game secretly. I got stuck in one of the isles where lugia was living in and i did know that. There i was, a 7 y/o kid who was trying to find out how to get out of this caves without flash. (i was really confused about everything in that cave).
Went into this cave with a feraligatr with the level 50-60. And i totally did now know how to get out again. I thought maybe my feraligatr can help me out if i train it *facepalm* but it did not work. As my feraligatr was exactly level 81 (i trained in there for a very long time) i found lugia. I was so happy about it and i tried to catch it all time but i only had a few pokeballs. So i had to attack it, try to catch it and if my feraligatr was to strong i had to quickreset it sothat i can try it again. I really tried it so often that i lost all the hope and fun but after many many resets and pokeballs i encountered the shiny version of lugia. Well.. i was so happy that i was very carefull but my feraligatr did not think so. He killed it with a slash. After that i was extremly sad and did not want to catch the normal version of lugia anymore, so i tried to get the shiny version again.
But luck left my and so did my hope. So i decided to catch the normal lugia and try to get out of the cave, but without success. After many tries i gave up and deleted my save and i had to begin a new game.

That is my favourite memory of pokemon and it will probably always be my favourite one.

(sorry if you did not understand something, i am not that good at writing storys )
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Originally Posted by Finatic View Post
Doing a series on Pokemon Silver and I need to name my rival any suggestions?
I often give him mukty names.
Weedle, Farts, Joey, KimKar, Hiroto, Derp, Jason for instance.

iDeathly it's such a sad tale bro... It moves me :'(

Edit : Wow, my gross word was replaced by the word "Mukty".
Actually Mukty fits much better, well done!
I am currently playing Pokemon Y.
I do not own any RoSa game.
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I just remember booting Whitney's Miltank after Togepi (spammed bike lel) used Metronome and it used Thunder Wave.

XD This forced Miltank to use Stomp, so I used Quilava to spam Ember.

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