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Old September 12th, 2010 (3:44 PM).
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Oh boy, do I have a few of them...
  • raocow -- He's just awesome, seriously. He's one of the most entertaining commentators I've ever listened to.
  • AOD/AcolyteOfDeath -- One of raocow's friends, and raocow co-hosts. Also pretty entertaining.
  • Jarhun -- Probably won't be as interesting to everyone in comparison to the above, but I enjoy his videos...
  • Datai -- His videos are a huge inspiration for mine, especially his solo runs. Although I don't consider him a Let's Player, and more of someone who does walkthroughs.
  • SupaGoGoMan -- His Bioshock videos are alright.
  • chuggaaconroy -- I'm really only putting him on this list because I enjoyed his earlier stuff... I don't consider him an LPer anymore, there's hardly any more community input into what he does, and his videos just seem like walkthroughs to me...

I don't really have a huge list for those who do screenshot LPs, but Yuoaman and Xephyr are in there... Somewhere...
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Old September 12th, 2010 (4:26 PM).
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The only video LPer that I consistently watch is raocow, who is simply fantastic. It's gotten to the point where I've actually absorbed some of his speech into my own. I often say 'like a thing' among other things. Good times.

Zorak and Redchocobo were the authors of the first LPs I ever read and thus inspired me to begin my own so they are definitely going to be on the list.

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Old September 17th, 2010 (12:12 PM).
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My favorite video LPer has to be Scottish Duck. He did Klonoa, so that's immediately a win.

His commentary is also awesome xD

^ This one is 500 px long for sure
Old September 18th, 2010 (8:38 PM).
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I'd have the say Chuggaaconroy. (seeing as he's the only one I've ever watched. XD)

He's funny and knows his stuff. ;) (like a lot of let's players, but whatever)

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Old September 18th, 2010 (9:23 PM).
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Originally Posted by Missingno.7-4468 View Post
My favorite video LPer has to be Scottish Duck. He did Klonoa, so that's immediately a win.

His commentary is also awesome xD
I think I watched part of his Jak and Daxter LP. He swore far too much for me though. lol
Old September 18th, 2010 (9:31 PM).
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Ooh, interesting thread. Anyway, my favorite LPers (On Youtube) would have to be Kilplixism, HCBailly, and Hellfirecomms. I probably have I probably have more, but I'm lazy to think of more.
Old September 19th, 2010 (2:35 AM).
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I know I don't post here much, but I'm more of a lurker. I do enjoy a lot of Let's plays though.
If I had to pick a single one, I'd have to say McGammar. His voice just makes everything better.
Other favourites include, but are not limited to, Chainfire9001 (retired), Chuggaaconroy, HCBailly, ProtonJonSA before hiatus (so everything before Super Mario TKO, basically), and Lancun.
Old September 19th, 2010 (12:15 PM).
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Pokémon Quartz is one of the best ones

Get some Sims 3 stuff now

Old September 19th, 2010 (4:55 PM).
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Originally Posted by Klippy View Post
david64yt does a lot of Half-Life 2 stuff, but he started doing Minecraft recently and I got hooked since he's interesting to watch too, haha.
I watched his ENTIRE Minecraft LP yesterday in one sitting Love his commentary.
Need to get a new video card quick so I can actually play some Minecraft D: My 7 year old one can't.

I've been watching SeaNanner's Minecraft LP also.

Really the only LP's i've seen.
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Old September 20th, 2010 (3:47 PM).
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My favorate is actually not very well known. He LPs a lot of Metroid games. His YTN is Nack289.
Old September 24th, 2010 (3:48 PM).
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Definitely Cloud8745. He is the funniest!
Old September 25th, 2010 (4:26 PM).
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The only LPers I watch are HCBailly (yeah, 'cause I'm an FFtard) and NintenoCapriSun. I don't know, I'm just contented with both of them.
Old October 7th, 2010 (2:41 PM).
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Chuggaaconroy and myself. Chuggaa is the inspiration for my Let's Play of Pokémon Sapphire, and who knows, I might just copy that one quote from his Pokémon Crystal Part 18...
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Old November 11th, 2010 (1:14 PM).
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I am a fan of the following LP'ers:

Snowflake (His rants are funny and he is very informative about the metagame as well as in-game. His "power player" style is very entertaining, even though I personally hate using legendaries in playthroughs. Some hate his accent, but I don't mind it.)

Chuggaaconroy (Chugga is my favorite LP'er and he would be the inspiration for me if I were to ever LP. When things go wrong is when Chugga is at his funniest, but he is not overtly crazy.)

MMLFrostyPixie (I can hear it now, "You can't have a competitive battler as one of your favorite LP'ers!" Well, yes I can, and I will. I believe she's working on a White LP at the moment. She's a nice, refreshing change from other LP'ers or Wi-Fi battlers because she doesn't sound depressed or obligated to do the LP or battle, she just has fun with it!)

Marriland used to be a favorite of mine until he sold out...
Old November 12th, 2010 (12:30 AM).
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In no particular order: chuggaaconroy, davidr64yt, jx23, Kowbrainz, LinusRed2 and paulsoaresjr.
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Old January 7th, 2011 (6:16 PM).
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My faves are chuggaaconroy and nintendocaprisun
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Old January 21st, 2011 (8:56 PM).
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CHUGGAACONROY™. He`s epic for many reasons. Because of him, I`ll be makin` LPs on YT soon.
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Old January 22nd, 2011 (12:23 PM). Edited January 22nd, 2011 by twocows.
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