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Prodigy Challenge (Name Pending)

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Old September 25th, 2010 (7:49 PM).
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Hello everybody! This is the Prodigy challenge, name may change. There aren't too many rules to this.

1. You CAN'T grind. Only battle trainers. I prefer you battle necessary trainers, but its not a requirement.

2. You get 25 PC heals MAX with the exception of FR/LG in which you get 28.

3. No Legendaries!!! It's in most challenges, why not this?

4. The Challenge ends when you beat the Elite 4 TWICE. G/S/C is no exception. You have to do extra things to battle the E4 a second time in FR/LG, hence the extra PC heals.

5. Have fun!

The sign up format is like this:

Game being played:

Simple enough, right? I'll used mine as an example:

Username: Dabutcha
Game being played: Yellow



None yet

None yet

None yet

None yet

What people say when a new game comes out: Why dont we widen our range by hacking the new game?

What they mean: Lets abandon knowledge and tools on things we know, purge previous gen hacking, and start a new field that we probably wont master.

For this reason, New pokemon games make me die inside just a little.

95% of all Pokemon hacks are of the 3rd Generation, majority of them being FireRed, if you believe that the 2nd generation should be hacked more often, copy and paste this into your signature.

Charlie R/G/E/D
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