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Old December 1st, 2010 (7:07 PM).
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    This is based off the Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky games. I finished playing the main story of Sky and decided to write up a novelization of it. Still in the works.

    I am a huge fan of the Mystery Dungeon series, probably more-so than the original Trainer RPG games. The plot, gets me everytime. And let's face it. We all got that one pokemon we want to be.

    About the fanfic. Currently working on chapter four. I took a good look at Pokemon and wondered what I could do differently that could make it better.

    And I decided to try and give pokemon a darker side. Dark, as in more difficulty, not as much happiness (the show is too happy, heh.), and just plain darker.

    I begin the story in Seattle, and take one of the sorriest people to be alive and transported him to the pokemon world, where he meets Grovyle, and Celebi. You may get the story somewhat from here. I am basically adding an origins, the story, and will be adding an epilogue.

    I also will be experimenting on the original story as well, in ways of adding a possible love story, and the pokemon in which our human character will transform, will not be any of the pokemon used originally.

    I hope to see some opinions, feedback, and.or reviews.
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    Mystery Dungeon: Through the Never
    I'd appreciate any reviews on my fic.

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    Please check the rules - you're meant to post chapters here rather than just link to another site:
    Post your fanfics on the forum.
    When you wish to post your work on PC, it is better to post your chapters here than to link to another site. Reasons for this include the previous rule of "Your first post must contain part of your story", and the fact that some reviewers prefer reviewing fanfics on the forum. Also, this could technically count as advertising another site for unnecessary reasons.
    Hence going to close - just repost the chapters here rather than linking next time, is all.
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