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Old December 15th, 2010 (7:13 PM).
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@Hunterzero: You do not have a pokeball yet so you can't capture a pokemon without it. But you did defeat the Ralts so I'll give your Blitz the level up.
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Old December 16th, 2010 (12:43 PM).
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The ball twitched one more time before finally stopping with a 'ping' sound. Kaylin blinked, at first unbeliving. When the ball did not move any more, it slowly dawned on the young girl that this Pokemon, who had only moments ago been a foe, was now a friend. This dog was now her's to command and she can use him to help her and, overall, help him to become stronger.

When she realized this, Kaylin slowly let a grin cross her face and she punched the air. "Alright! I caught my first Pokemon!" Chomp let out a happy cry and jumped in the air, punching the air much like his trainer.

A musical laugh reached the young girl's ears and she turned to see Sedna laughing, then clapping her hands once more. "Bravo, bravo! I swear, if more trainers had your energy, there would be a lot better ones out there."

Kaylin blushed at the compliment, then watched as Sedna gracefully went over to the now occupied pokeball and bent down to pick it up. She walked back to the girl and held the red and white sphere in front of her.

"So? What are you going to name this little puppy?" Sedna asked with a smirk.

Kaylin looked at the ball before slowly taking it from Sedna's hands. She turned the ball over a few times before looking up at Sedna and saying: "How about Lupin? Isn't that Latin for wolf or something?"

"Well, the correct term is Lupus Lupus, but that name works," Sedna said with another chuckle. "After all, I should know."

"Why?" Kaylin asked, confused.

" real reason..." Sedna said, seeming to regret her word. She then wraped her arm around Kaylin's waist again and started down the path, half dragging the girl beside her, Chomp following close behind. "Come on, we don't want to take too long getting to Evengor."
"I guess..." Kaylin muttered, suddenly wondering what all the rush was about.

There was a bit of silence between the girl and the woman for a little while. It didn't take long for Sedna to slow down her pace so that she wasn't dragging the seemingly unwilling girl along.
"Anyways...its a good name, Lupin," Sedna finally said. "Maybe not too original, but it works."
Kaylin looked up at Sedna, then lowered her head and nodded. There was yet another bout of silence between them before they could see the city slowly coming into view. Kaylin smiled slightly, happy that she would be in a safe area soon. She looked up at Sedna and the smile slowly went away. Sedna was only looking at the city ahead, yet she seemed to have mixfeelings on her face. Though there was a hint of a smile, possibly happy that Kaylin would be safe soon, but there was sadness in her eyes. Kaylin had no idea where that sadness was coming from, and when Sedna turned to look at the young girl, it went away so quickly that she thought maybe it was just the light playing tricks on her.

"Well, there's your destination," Sedna said as they drew ever close to the city. "I wish I could go with you like this for the rest of your journey, but I'm afraid that we will have to part ways in the town." She squeezed Kaylin closer to her. "But I know you'll be safe. At least, as long as I have a say in it."

Kaylin looked up at Sedna once more, confused. But this time she didn't say anything. She didn't want to put the beautiful woman off. So, there was only silence between them as they entered Evengor.

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Old December 16th, 2010 (1:01 PM). Edited December 16th, 2010 by Tomackze.
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@Charzeon: Good reply and good with latin too cause I am a Classics Major so I do need to learn Latin lol. Level up for your Poochyena.

BTW guys we are waiting on two people, if they don't reply by tomorrow we will move on to Chapter 3

Anyways it's time for new chapter:

Chapter 3: Evagnor

In Evagnor you meet Steven, and you also get a chance to battle each other now for experience. Better written piece gets guarantee level up, but both can potentially get level up. You may even choose to joint post it where you can both get the level up or you can both get nothing... He also lets you know that there will be a tournament amongst you all in three days where he says only 5 of you will be able to continue on. Since the rules that we can only have 5 trainers at a time.

After the tournament he sees the strength and fire in all of you so you are all allowed to go on to route 3 on your way to Rome. He'll tell you there are a lot of adventures for you before Rome, and to be careful and get stronger so you can go to Rome and take down the Team Rocket grunts there.

You can also choose to stay an extra day to go to the library and learn more about what just happened in this land. There are a few diary entries here that detail what happened between Mewtwo and Arceus. Before they leave, the mysterious trainer that helped Kaylin find Evagnor decided to stay in Evagnor with Steven. You overhear them talking for a little bit and catch the end of it, Steven asks her how you are and her response was: "She's getting there..."

Special Darkrai Trainer Event:

You fall asleep and suddenly wake up in pitch darkness. You begin to roam around trying to find some light when you run into a person. This person uses a flashlight to light up the surrounding and instead of introducing themselves to you, just throw down a pokeball. This trainer is wearing a hoodie so you can not see their face at all, since that part is not shown through the flashlight for some odd reason. What comes out of his pokeball happens to be a Pidgeot, the final evolved form of your pokemon. This Pidgeot is extremely powerful too, knowing moves like wing attack, Aeriel Ace, Quick Attack, and Roost. You are not supposed to win this battle, and once you lose the mysterious trainer disappears but you hear a few words before he is completely gone. "You are not strong enough!!" What is this supposed to mean?

1. Meet Steven, get items.
2. The Darkrai trainer must deal with the nightmare event.
3. You may go back to route 2 if you want to capture some pokemon or train a little against the wild pokemon.
4. You must register in the tournament with your pokemon.
5. You must choose someone from the group of RPers to battle. We have 8 (well now 6 cause two haven't posted) so it is evenly distributed. Four winners will advance, and one of the losers will expand based on how they do. (or it'd be 3 winners and the others battle for the other spots)
*I prefer you do this in joint post but if you instead choose to have each post and winner is the one chosen, that would work too.
*You have to finish the tournament. The winner of the entire thing will get a nice gift. Will not put you in a huge advantage over the others but it will be a nice gift... (This might be why it is better not to do joint posts).
6. You will find out that he is impressed with all so you so you all can advance
7. You may go to the library and then either I'll make the post about what happened or you will post it yourself. Either is fine with me. Just specify using [OOC]
8. You must go to route 3, unless you wish to go back to route 2 now to capture some pokemon. But you have to end on route 3.

[OOC: The level of the wild pokemon will, to some degree, count on how good your post is and how strong your strongest pokemon is... So going back later might be more beneficial]
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Old December 20th, 2010 (7:15 PM).
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"Alright the Blitz let's get moving don't want those other trainers getting ahead," Dante said as he got up and wiped the dirt from his pants. Dante took a deep breath trying to enjoy the peace surrounding him. "This is nice isn't it?" Dante asked Blitz who was distracted by a falling leaf near by. The two started walking down the path the trainer they fought had told them earlier. The wind blew dantes' hair and blowing the ends of his coat back. Blitzs' flame swayed back in forth in sync with the winds movement. It was sunny but not too hot for Dante just perfect weather for him. It was about the afternoon the sun was half way down and the temperature was dropping.

"Hey Blitz apparently we're going to meet some strong trainer that knows Wallace when we get to Evangor," Dante said to Blitz as the walked by a couple of trees and a puddle. "Man too bad i didn't have any pokeballs that ralts sure was strong," Dante said thinking back to the battle that just took place. "Char," Blitz said with an tired expression he was still exhausted from the last battle. "Hmm I wonder where the other trainers are," Dante said wanting to battle someone else.

They both suddenly stopped as both their stomach growled. "Looks like we're both hungry let's see what I got in my backpack," Dante said smiling and looking through his bag. "I got a sandwich some apple juice and pokemon food," He said taking all the things out and preparing a nice little picnic area near a tree. The two ate peacefully and enjoyed the surrounding. There were ralts and poochyena and even tailows playing around them and caring on not even really paying attention to them. Dante loved watching pokemon play around in their natural surroundings without any human interference it made him very happy.

"That was good," Dante said cleaning up the little picnic and putting everything back into his backpack. "I figure we're almost there," Dante said optimistically. He stopped in his tracks as he saw to people standing and talking right in front of the entrance to Evangor. "Aww geez I really don't want to have to converse with anyone but I guess if I have to," Dante sighed as he waited behind a tree for the two girls to walk off. Blitz spotted a pokemon walking next to one of them. Excited he ran after the pokemon quickly with a smile on his face. "Blitz!" Dante shouted as he ran after him. "Hey if one of you could stop him!" He said.
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Old December 30th, 2010 (11:42 AM).
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OOC: Cool! I get a special event!

Cirru picked up the item, and learned that it was a Sitrus Berry. She remembered that Zituko was looking for a Sitrus Berry, so she looked at him.
"Zituko, the item was a Sitrus Berry. I heard yu were looking for them, so you can have it," Cirru said, holding out the berry for Zituko.
"Thanks a lot, Cirru. You can have this in return," Zituko replied, taking the Sitrus Berry. He held out another item when he had put the Sitrus berry in his pocket.
"You're welcome, Zituko. And you don't have to give me anything in return," Cirru blushed.
"Just take it, Cirru!" Zituko exclaimed.
"Giy!" Pecker cheeped. He seemed to want Cirru to take the item.
"OK, I'll take it," Cirru smiled. She took the item and looked at it. What was it?

OOC: I'll post chapter 3 when I know what the item was.
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Old December 30th, 2010 (11:09 PM).
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[OCC: Sorry for the delay. ;]

April stopped in front of the opening of a town. She sighed a sigh of relief. Finally I'm here. She thought as she walked into the town.

I have to find Steven. She thought and looked around. April didn't know what house was his. She turned her focus on an elderly man who was walking by.

"Excuse me sir!"April called and the man stopped and looked at her."Would you happen to know where Steven's house is?"

The man pushed his glasses closer to his face."Steven? Oh, yes. Take this road and then go left. His house should be the fourth one on the right."

April smiled."Thank you." She hurried down the path determined to get to Steven as soon as possible. April stopped in front of a house and walked up to the door. She knocked on the door and a couple minutes later the door opened to a man.

They exchanged presentries and Steven invited her in. Once in the house April explaineda the situation to him. He stood their and shook his head.

"How troublesome."He muttered rubbing his chin."April, there is a tournament being held here that you ans the others need to participate in. I will deal with the matter at hand but you should sign up and get your Pokemon ready."

"-But what about Lance?"She asked.

"As I said before I will deal with it. You need to go and sign up for the tournament."

April sighed."Ok, I'll do as you say." She turned and walked out of the house.
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