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Tool nintenlord's GBA Graphics editor

Started by sab January 3rd, 2011 4:09 PM
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This is my first thread for anything like this so please tell me if anything is wrong.

This is nintenlord's GBA Graphics editor. It is a universal tool for graphics editing that is more powerful than unLZ in that it:
Scans better (in my opinion)
Can go directly to a specified offset without it having to be a compressed image (I forget if unLZ can do this)
Has multipule graphics modes (4bit tile, 8bit tile, indexed bitmap and true color bitmap)
Gives the user full control over the height and width of the images
Can show both compressed and uncompressed images
And much more!

The only downside I can find is that it dosn't raw dump in .raw, but in .gba, or .bin.


This is old which is why it doesn't have as many options as the first screen, but it is here to show that this tool also works with other gba roms.

Download: link removed

Please note that this was not made by me, it made by nintenlord. I just didn't see it here, so I decided to post this wonderful tool.
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