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Old April 10th, 2011 (7:36 AM).
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    Almost a year ago I started to build my own fangame. Since I'm just a spriter/mapper and not a scripter, I gave up after not understanding any of the tutorials on this forum (shame XD). But right now, I'm back. I really want to finish it this time since I've got some great ideas. I just need help!

    General info
    Title: Pokémon Nocturne version
    Developed by: Me XD
    Using Poccil's Pokémon Essentials for RMXP

    Concept: (WIP)
    The Serra region is one of the oldest regions of the world. Also, it's one of the most beautiful regions, known by its beautiful coasts and astonishing cliffs.
    Many night pokémon live in the peaceful region. You'd think too many of these pokémon would be dangerous, but everything is kept perfectly in balance by two Pokémon.
    But what happens if these mythical creatures, living on the Floating Islands, give birth to a new creature, and most of all, what happens when they start fighting over it? Danger lies ahead! If the world doesn't act fast, it might be too late and the world might be struck in the endless night...

    Your story: (WIP)
    You have lived with your overprotective mom for years. When you turn eighteen, you're done with it. You decide to start your own life. You pack your stuff and get out as soon as you can. A new journey has started!
    But then you get weird visions about two creatures. You decide to focus on unraveling this mystery next to your main goal: becoming the pokémon champion.

    New features:
    -Welcome the Serra region! A huge region with four different parts; North, East, South and West!
    -Meeting gym leaders from other regions (e.g. Blaine, Whitney, Winona)!
    -Travelling by motorcycle!
    -All the original Pokémon + over a hundred Fakemon!
    -The floating islands: three legendary islands!
    -Using the subway!
    -Buying newspapers
    -Rent your own property!
    -New Pokéballs!
    -Changing your outfit
    -Larry's fishing pond: safari-like fishing minigame!
    -Official Pokémon Zoo: Spot new pokémon for just $200!
    -Jobs (optional)
    -From now on, some general moves can be used as HMs! (example: rock smash = slash, iron tail, karate chop, etc)

    To be continued!

    Not yet

    What I've got:
    -Spriting skills
    -Mapping skills
    -Writing skills

    What I need:
    -Music editors
    -Intro movie creators
    -Icon/overworld spriters
    -Transition/map connection people (lol)
    More to come


    Poccil's Pokémon Essentials starter kit
    Enterbrain's RPG Maker XP
    visit my deviantart!
    I need someone to help me with my own project, Pokémon Nocturne! Interested? PM!
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    Old May 28th, 2011 (2:01 PM).
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      oh >_< can I be a mapper and a scripter because mapping is my real skill....... PLEASE? oh and I use Flamurgu's Starter kit for XP {srry about spelling}
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      Old June 3rd, 2011 (8:46 AM).
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        This sound oh-so Awesome! :3
        I can music edit. When i say edit i mean grab a MIDI and Change the instruments used. Not anything fancy and it can only be a mp3 afterwards :/
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