First Generation Released in Japan on February 27, 1996 and re-releasing on the Nintendo eShop on February 27, 2016, come inside and talk about the games that started a cultural phenomenon: Pokémon Red (and Green), Blue and Yellow! Share your experiences about Kanto in its black and white glory, learn how to be a master battle strategist, get help (like how to get past Pokémon Tower), write up the millionth Missingno theory, and more.

Draconius GO
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Old February 17th, 2013 (10:13 PM).
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    Definitely the part where you have to go through Rock Tunnel. This probably wasn't too hard in the GameBoy, but playing it on the GameBoy Advance (which had no lighting) was hell unless you had flash, but I don't think even flash helped much. It was just a pain to get through, but at least the cave itself wasn't too difficult.

    I also didn't like not being able to rematch anyone. Granted it was the 1st generation so it does get a pass, but with how much the levels jump from Erika to Koga I'm surprised that they didn't implement it.

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    Old February 17th, 2013 (10:17 PM).
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      Part that annoyed me most about first gen, ummm. I loved 'em but I'd have to say the broken typing's would be my biggest pet peeve. Ghost not effecting Psychic as a glitch was pretty annoying, and the Grass/ Bug / Poison mess was... confusing xD I went back and used grass attacks against bugs and went lolwut. Glad they fixed all the typing mishaps after the first generation of games.

      Oh, also no running. FUUUUU
      Old February 18th, 2013 (3:27 PM).
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        The most annoying thing of the first generation had to be the Safari zone trying to catch any of the Pokemon there that I wanted like Pinsir. I also did not like having to get to the end for the surf when I was younger can do it easily now.
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        Old February 18th, 2013 (4:44 PM).
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          Rock Cave
          When Pikachu hits level 35 how much you have to grind to level it xD
          Safari Zone
          and my Yellow would very rarely freeze during the champion battle.
          Old March 4th, 2013 (1:48 PM).
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            Walking through a cave and/or grass and running into the same pokemon 5 times in a row or more!
            Old March 5th, 2013 (12:37 AM). Edited March 5th, 2013 by Ycia.
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              training kadabra to 100.. Not knowing it would evolve through trade.. lol
              Old March 5th, 2013 (7:49 AM).
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                Definitely Rock Tunnel, because it requires the use of the most useless HM's in the game. You need to teach a pokemon cut to get to the cave and flash right after it in order to navigate through the cave. Of course you can also get through without flash, but it is way more comfortable with flash. Also I usually have to get back to the Pokemon Center halfway through because my pokemon took a lot of damage in battles or were poisoned.

                Victory Road can be tough aswell. It's annoying to encounter Zubats/Geodudes every two steps; and you need strength. At least there are trainers inside the cave.
                Old March 6th, 2013 (2:47 PM).
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                  To be honest, the only issue I have ever had with the game was the hardware itself, I couldn't tell you how P'O'ed I was when I turn on the game and the save was gone, later found out that the internal battery tries up over time, but only with Red and Blue, because somehow the save function still works for me on Yellow, that I had for about 15 years now :D
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                  Old March 13th, 2013 (2:03 PM).
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                    "The ball missed!"

                    And all of the Rocket hideouts/caves. Blargh u_u
                    Old March 14th, 2013 (1:22 PM).
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                    I'd have to go with the Silph Co. and their teleport tiles.
                    Nower days it's an okay challenge, back then as a kid it was freaking hell

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                    Old March 17th, 2013 (10:48 AM).
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                      Toss up betwene the red graphics, and the viridian forest.
                      Old March 17th, 2013 (2:34 PM).
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                        The one thing that really bugged me back then was the item limit <<; a lot of the times I'd end up running out of space ;
                        Old March 17th, 2013 (2:43 PM).
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                          If we are talking about game mechanics, it would have to be all the glitch moves, focus energy lowering your crit. ratio, permanent freeze. For areas in the game, Silph Co. That is the most confusing area in any pokémon game. I can still never fully remember the correct path.
                          Old March 19th, 2013 (11:09 AM).
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                            The last few caves/dungeons at Seafoam Islands, Cinnibar Mansion and Victory Road. It was as if there was no through, or out of SI unless you got lucky
                            Old March 19th, 2013 (1:39 PM).
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                              "Nope! There's only trash in here. Hey! The electric locks were reset!"

                              Killed me a little inside.

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                              Old March 19th, 2013 (4:21 PM).
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                                When you would be walking through a forest, field, or a cave and the same pokemon keeps attacking you.
                                Old March 20th, 2013 (10:05 AM).
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                                Navigating through Rock Tunnel without flash was a pain X_X.
                                Old March 20th, 2013 (2:52 PM).
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                                Something I learned about pretty recently actually. The fact you could get a PokeDoll and be able to bypass the entire Celadon Game Corner part of the game. With the PokeDoll, you can go try and battle the ghost Marowak and use it, which causes the game to think you beat it. A very small oversight, but still grinds my gears

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                                Old March 24th, 2013 (7:39 AM).
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                                  Silph Co. That place is so large and confusing. Especially when combined with the bad graphic, it's gets even more complicated.

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                                  Old March 24th, 2013 (3:49 PM).
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                                  Flash being rendered useless since there is only one place where it is usefull (actually no there isn't) also if you teach it to a Pokemon it couldn't forget it. Always switching Pokemon so they could get a decent amount of exp, since EXP-Share was pretty useless. Scyther being only catchable in red version (since I had blue and didn't know anything of the Mew glitch)

                                  Old March 24th, 2013 (8:37 PM).
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                                    Stupid ol' Rock Tunnel. But I got through it, and nothing else too annoying.
                                    Old March 25th, 2013 (2:19 AM).
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                                    Bind and Wrap and all caves. What with their "three-step; battle" thing that STILL happens in current installations today.
                                    Old March 31st, 2013 (12:48 AM).
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                                      My game freezing after leaving it on standby for more than 5 minuets. Or the cartridge coming out and the game re-setting it took me forever to get to lavender town...

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                                      Old March 31st, 2013 (1:02 PM).
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                                        Lack of repels... enough said?
                                        Old April 1st, 2013 (6:34 AM).
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                                          Lt. Surge's Gym (3rd). It was just to annoying trying to literally guess my way though
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