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    The Kanto Region, highlighting Pallet Town, your destination from Hoenn.
    Celadon City - 10:15 AM March 13, 2157 A.D.
    *Static* Attention all residents of Celadon City! We have been alerted that a tsunami the height of the Celadon Department Store has recently hit Cinnabar Island and completely wiped out the population! The entire island is underwater. It his heading north in the direction of the south coast of the Kanto Region. Scientists in Cerulean City estimate that in less than three hours, it will hit Pallet Town and Fuchsia City at a faster speed and larger height than originally. The flood, travelling at over 150 miles per hour, is going to reach the Celadon City Gym at 4:02 PM. The chance of anyone surviving is slim. We encourage all residents to pray, tell people that you love them, and may God help us all! *Static*

    Celadon City - 3:02 PM March 13, 2157 A.D.
    *Static* The wave is travelling faster than imagined. It is expected to hit in 15 minutes. We encourage you to get to higher ground, where you will not be struck as hard as you would be on ground level. You will have greater chances of surviving. Oh... oh... oh no... it's too early! It's coming over the trees! Help us! Help us! Hel- *Static* *Crash* *Whack* *Crash* *Crash*

    The Pokémon League Main Facility - 5:07 PM March 13, 2157 A.D.
    "Hello, trainers from all across the world. As you all know, my name is Lance Fiscus II, champion of the Kanto Pokémon League, son of the late Dragon Tamer Lance Fiscus. A tragedy has struck the entire Kanto region... the entire... entire region is covered in water. A tsunami, the size of a 6 story building, crashed approximately 7 hours ago on Cinnabar Island. The whole population of the island was killed or swept in the ocean to drown. And... a few hours ago, it hit the rest of the region - every single town, city, or village... we don't know if there are any survivors... but... if there are, we cannot do anything about it... the region is gone... we are the highest location in the region. It is impossible for the wave to hit us. We will all survive. But look around you. A few trainers challenging the league. 4 Pokémon masters. A couple shopkeepers. Is this enough to keep the region alive? No it isn't. My good friend Prof. Damon, Pokémon Professor of the Hoenn Region, is aware of our recent tragedy. He is going to round up a team of new trainers and send them to this region. They will hopefully draw some attention to the region, whereas the engineers of Sinnoh will want to come and fix the region. Our approximate death toll is 28,000,000. That is more than 99% of our population. I will appoint the top eight of you to be Gym Leaders in the region. My Skarmory will fly each of you to your respective city, and our shopkeepers will build you a makeshift house and you must salvage what you can of the gym. You are all we have left. Thank you for your time."

    Lilycove City - 12:56 PM March 17, 2157 A.D.
    "Hello everyone, thank you for being here on such short notice. As most of you know, I am Professor Damon Jolly of Littleroot Town. I am quite sure most of you have heard about the tragedy that occured in the Kanto Region, but in case you haven't, the largest tsunami in the history of the world struck Cinnabar Island and worked its way down. It killed more than 30 million people, leaving only a handful of people alive that were staying at the Pokémon League, and those in underground areas like Mount Moon and Victory Road. We need ten experienced trainers to travel to Kanto region via the SS Tidal where you will arrive at the Pallet Town dock. From there you will battle the eight gym leaders and face the Pokémon League. While you are there, we want you to make as much commotion as possible, by means of anything, such as catching Legendary Pokémon, rebuilding buildings, centers, and the like, even saving stranded people. If you are interested in this oppurtunity, please meet me at the lighthouse for sign-up. Thank you for all showing up, and please pray for the people of Kanto."

    - Follow PC's RP Rules
    - Be original
    - I want one paragraph for each section, and each paragraph must be at least 8 sentences in length.
    - Do not anger other RP'ers. Do not fight. If you want, fight in character (organize it via PM or in this thread).
    - Swear if you want. No f---s or s---s though, just hell, damn, ass, etc.
    - Only do what I tell you to do (I will be leniant). If you really want to do something, then PM me or post in this thread.
    - The region is destroyed, there are no PokéCenters. Only 6 Pokémon max, there is no PC. Catch as many legendaries as you want, but no 2 people can have the same legendary (first come, first serve). PM or post in this thread before you do so.
    - If you are inactive for more than 2 sessions, I assume you have quit and you will be replaced. If you PM or let me know somehow, I will be leniant in how much time you will take off, but no more than 3 sessions.
    - Have fun!
    - To prove to me that you read these rules, post "Yummy Pudding" under the What is your favorite color? section of the sign-up.

    Who You Are Playing:
    You are a trainer. You have beaten the Hoenn Elite Four, the Johto Elite Four and the Sinnoh Elite Four. You are experienced. However, you need to give all of your fame and fortune up to revive the Kanto Region. You will meet with Lance in Pallet Town. He will give each of you a Pokémon and send you to defeat Pokémon Gyms and finally, him and the Elite Four. You will face many sadnesses, twists, and ultimately joy. Thank you for playing!

    Sign-up Form
    Name: Self-explanatory
    Age: 13-19
    Gender: Self-explanatory
    Appearance: 3-5 Paragraphs, sprite would be nice (doesn't have to be custom)
    Background Info: 5-7 Paragraphs, history of your character
    Personality: 1-3 Paragraphs, what your character is all about
    Other Info: Anything you want to say
    City of Origin: Must be in Hoenn
    What is your favorite color?

    Your Pokémon will be decided once you arrive in Kanto.

    If I disapprove of one of your comments, I will ask you politely to rewrite. If this persists, I will warn you, but if it happens a lot, I will ask you to leave.

    10 Openings

    I will make playercards and keep track of teams down here.
    Ultimate Monotype Challenge, Ultimate Seasons Challenge, The Ones That Got Away Challenge, Random Challenge

    Pokémon Jungle, coming soon

    Pokémon Kanto Revival, here - 10 spots open! Take them while they are free!
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