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Old February 26th, 2011 (1:27 PM).
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Hey so I'm new... I always feel like introducing myself on here is like some sort of alcoholic anonymous thing.

My name's Michael and I like pokémon.

Haha, I make videos on youtube, if you want to see what I'm like you could go there /user/Mykemyday

Nice to meet you all!
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Old February 26th, 2011 (1:34 PM).
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My name is Sydian and I'm a PCholic. v_v

Interesting way to put it, haha. Nice to meet you too, Michael! That's awesome that you make videos on YouTube. I recommend putting a link to your channel in your sig instead of posting about it, though. Otherwise you might get in trouble for advertising. Welcome to PC though! Hope to see you around! :)

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Old February 26th, 2011 (1:39 PM).
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Mykemyday Mykemyday is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
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Posts: 15
Thanks for the advice Sydian! Is the pokemon in your signature a new one from black and white?
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Old February 26th, 2011 (1:52 PM).
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Hi! =) I'm new here too,and I'm glad to see you here!
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Old February 27th, 2011 (6:40 AM).
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This place really is one of those places where you can get cured of Pokemon-itis or whatever it's called. Most people come here because they currently have some sort of addiction to Pokemon, such as myself or other users here. Either that, or they come to learn all about the world of Rom Hacking. That's what we're famous for you know. :) Aside from that, welcome to the community! :D

I actually got around to watching one of your videos, well at least the Valentines Day one, and I must say I was impressed with it greatly. I really loved the Pokemon one, and it seemed really cool! Also you seem like a decent vlogger, so you can probably expect a subscription from me sometime soon. :D

Not much more I can say, since you really didn't say much, but oh well. :P Don't forget to read the rules, and you can always ask someone like myself if you ever need help around here. :D
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Old February 27th, 2011 (7:19 AM).
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And Clefable said this was a dumb idea! Wait, since when did Clefable started talking. @-@ Anyhow, introducing one self is always a good idea! Since people will always be there to welcome ya and give you some pointers! Miss Doronjo's no different. <3

Quite interesting how this is compared to an alcoholic anonymous....thing! I would think that the alcohol is like pokemon in this place~ Cause its so addictive! In my opinion. Well, maybe if it name is Doronjo, and I've been DANGEROUSLY addicted to Poke-ohol for 13 years! Ever since I was five in fact, I was so addictive that all I ever thought about was to get behind the wheel with a nintendo DS in my hand. <3 Of course, MAPH [mothers against poke-holics] may not approve, but! Pokemon is just so much fun. :3

Hm, your videos sounds interesting! I kind of liked the Valentines one as well. :3 Nowadays, I haven't gone around watching videos in Youtube much, except from updates from Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Pokemon Black and White, but its still pretty cool. :3

Like for everyone, it may interest you to know that since this is a pokemon forum, there are loads of pokemon boards. <3 Up to you to explore! ^.^ There is also non-pokemon boards for you to explore, like Art, Music, Trivia, etc. But I digress! Its very nice to meet you this morning. <3 Yeah, if you have any questions about anything, your free to ask a moderator! And I hope you'll have a nice time. <3

Hawthorne Guardian
Moderator of Video Games
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