Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.
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Old March 12th, 2011 (8:26 AM).
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    Just finished Black for the first time. Those of you who haven't completed either game yet, I can safely say you're in for one hell of an ending. They ramped up the "epic" factor so much after the 7th Gym, and it just kept getting more and more awesome right up till the final line of the game.

    Brilliant music over the credits too

    This Generation has definitely introduced a more grown-up, story-driven theme to Pokemon. I for one really like it.
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      I restarted my game yesterday (I had made it to Celestial Tower) to try and get decent IV's. First run was merely to get aquainted with the locations of the Pokemon and the new moves and such. This time, I'm going to go forward with knowledge of my party and I will make the best of it.
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        I battled Cheren and some Preschoolers. I trained a bit and then fought team Plasma. My Oshwott evolved into a Dewott! I am in Necrene now. I am going to do some training and then go to Lenora's gym.
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        Just got the game today, but I did choose Oshawott as my starter, beat both of my rivals, and caught a Patrat on Route 1. Then I came on PC so I'll probably make more progress later today.

        Named myself "Ashley."

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          I did some training. I also caught a Throh and named him Fighter, and he helped me in Lenora's gym. I used Throh and Dewott to beat Lenora. It was a kind of tough battle. I lost the first time but second time I beat her.

          Team Plasma came and stole the Dragonite skull. Later I am going with Burgh to hunt them down in Pinwheel Forest.
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            Just got white today. Chose snivy as my starter. So far I got to route 2, and caught myself a purrloin.
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              Decided to post my uneventful Pokemon black events here due to not having much else to do. Here is a summary of things thus far:

              -Started the game, chose Snivy, battled rivals, mourned over my broken 50" plasma screen apparently purchased by my nonexistent father, went to lab after talking to everyone in town, named Snivy Zero, left town.

              (Party: Zero the Snivy)

              -Didn't feel like catching anything in the route 1 catching competition thing, talked to everyone in next town, progressed through story.

              -Went to Striation, pwned chili, lost against team plasma's Patrat's bide (How does that even happen!?), continued, was told it was too dangerous beyond the playground with only one pokemon by two toddlers who apparently had more authority than me, reluctantly got the free Panpour who went through the "Initiation Grind", continued.

              (Party: Zero, Mizu the Panpour)

              -Reached next city, lost to Lenora's retaliate, trained, beat Lenora, continued with the story.

              -Reached Castelia, formed the dancer team, talked to everyone in town after much time, saved Munna, destroyed Burgh, continued.

              -After much time, effort, and Sandiles, I explored the entire desert, desert resort, and relic castle (the areas I could). Saw a Sigilyph, and felt compelled to get it, therefore catching my first pokemon after over 13 hours of gameplay, continued.

              (Party: Zero, Mizu, Res the Sigilyph)

              -Currently checking out Nimbasa after beating Elesa.
              - My team -
              Zero (Snivy) (♂) Lv.35
              Mizu (Panpour) (♀) Lv.29
              Res (Sigilyph) (♂) Lv.25
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              Mirai zura!
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                Decided to catch Cobalion and Virizion.
                Defeated Iris thanks to Scolipede's poison point as well as Scrafty and Unfezant.
                Currently battling Cheren on route 10.

                Current team
                Serperior lv.46
                Unfezant lv.43
                Carracosta lv.42
                Scolipede lv.43
                Zoroark lv.43
                Scrafty lv.42
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                Haven't been here for ages...
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                Entry 3
                -Beat Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest
                - Traveled on to Castelia City
                - Spent hours in Castelia exploring
                - Got back Bianca's Munna
                - Did some surveys
                - Reunited the three dancers
                - Beat Burgh on second go
                - Beat Bianca and Cheren
                - Got lost in the desert
                - Collected Plume Fossil
                - Resurrected and Archen
                - Traveled all the way back to Castelia
                - Visited the name rater.
                - Called Archen Kaori on IRC
                - Traveled to Nimbasa City
                - Battled people in the baseball and tennis field.
                - Beat N

                Medusa. Lv 29. Leaf Tornado, Tackle, Vine Whip, Leech Seed
                Petunia. Lv 28. Psybeam, Psy Wave, Moonlight, Yawn
                Lily. Lv 28. Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Growth, Sleep Powder.

                Kaori. Lv 25. Ancient Power, Quick Defense, Pluck, Agility.
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                - Trained my team using the many trainers in Castelia City.
                - Beat the Plasma.
                - Beat the gym.
                - Played in the sand~ (Went through desert)
                - Got the Plume Fossil.
                - Caught a Yamask.
                - Trained team up to Lv.27 (except Victini)
                - Traded over a Gurdurr from my Japanese White to evolve it for my team.

                I am battling N right now, about to challenge the leader. I also gave all my Pokemon PokeRus~

                My team is:

                Victini Lv.26
                Rash w/Amulet Coin
                - Confusion
                - Flame Charge
                - Headbutt
                - Grass Knot

                Dewott Lv.28 Male
                Adamant w/Mystic water
                - Razor Shell
                - Retaliate
                - Water Pulse
                - Revenge

                *Servine Lv.27 Male
                Hardy w/Eviolite
                - Leaf Tornado
                - Cut
                - Glare
                - Leech Seed

                Swoobat Lv.27 Female
                Serious w/Scope Lens
                - Heart Stamp
                - Air Cutter
                - Confusion
                - Attract

                Yamask Lv.28 Female
                Lax w/Wide Lens (For Will-O-Wisp)
                - Return
                - Hex
                - Ominous Wind
                - Will-O-Wisp

                Conkeldurr Lv.30 Female
                Careful w/Rocky Helmet
                - Rock Throw
                - Wake-Up Slap
                - Strength
                - Bulk Up
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                  Caught a Musharna. Female/ Relaxed nature. Named her Maya.
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                  Currently Hacking BW
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                    Nature: Lax
                    Posts: 1,431
                    -Started up in Desert Resort
                    -Caught Tombask the Yamask
                    -Got Plume fossil
                    -Revived it into Jurassai the Archen
                    -Defeated Eresa (4th gym)
                    -Met Alder
                    -Caught Sunny the Solosis and Capuccino the Minccino
                    -Traveled to Driftveil City
                    -Defeated Team Plasma in Cold Storage
                    -Defeated Clay
                    -Scorpede evolved into Scolipede!
                    Saved Midway up Route 6

                    Tsunamurai the Dewott, lv. 29
                    Tombask the Yamask, lv. 28
                    Scraggai the Scraggy, lv. 28
                    Jurassai the Archen, lv. 30
                    Cottonee the Fluffee, lv. 32
                    Scorpede the Scolipede, lv. 30
                    In progress

                    Hoenn, 1 Badge
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                      FINALLY got white today. Bayum.

                      Named myself Alex, spent an hour choosing between Tepig and Oshawott, and chose the latter and called him Feral (still not sure about my choice)

                      Challenged my buddies and beat they asses', Grinded on those poor Patrats and Lillipups (Which are both ugly).

                      Beat N like he nuthin', green haired sissy, then caught myself a Purrloin and named her lolcatz. I don't battle competitively so I don't care about.. What they call em' IV's, EV's? I thought those were hospital contraptions.

                      Grinded on more poor defenseless wild pokemon. Then beat Bianca who only gained what.. two levels? Also wiped the floor with Cheren, btdubz who has a fantastic fashion sense. I KILLED HIM WITH MY NEW FIREMONKEY who I called Fireball, cuz he's firey.

                      Also I HATE the new EXP system.
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                      Back after a short break
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                        I finally picked up White today too and I haven't put it down for the past four hours. I picked Oshawott as my starter and caught a Pidove later. When I got to the Pinwheel Forest(Outside Area), I caught myself a Timburr to add to my team. I did some more training in that area and beat Lenora on the second try. Right now I just beat all of the Plasma grunts in the Pinwheel Forest and I'm battling the last few trainers in there before I move on to Castelia City.

                        My Team:
                        Dewott Lv.22 w/Tackle,Tail Whip,Razor Shell,Water Gun
                        Tranquill Lv.21 w/Air Cutter,Roost,Leer,Quick Attack
                        Timburr Lv.21 w/Leer,Wake-up Slap,Rock Throw,Low Kick

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                          So far today, I have gone a long way. I defeated Skyla (she was a cinch with my Emolga, Eddie). Also, I *finally* evolved one of my Pokemon, Garrett. Right now, I'm searching for another Cryogonal in Twist Mountain, which is quite the feat...>.<

                          Adam (Level 38 - Modest male)

                          Eddie (Level 40 - Hasty male)

                          Garrett (Level 36 - Modest male)

                          Additionally, I added a Flying slave, Yester the Tranquill.
                          3DS FC: 2165-7396-9005
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                            Post 1
                            Hi, I didn't start posting till after I already started the game so we are picking up from Route 4.

                            Not much to be said, just looking for new pokes/exploring the Desert Resort

                            Liepard Female Lv.24
                            Pursuit/Cut/Assist/Fake Out
                            Amulet Coin

                            Blitzle Male Lv. 24
                            Lightning Rod
                            Quick Attack/Thunder Wave/Charge/Shock Wave (really regretting not getting Flame Charge)

                            Swoobat Female Lv.24
                            Confusion/Heart Stamp/Air Cutter/Assurance

                            Swadloon Male Lv.24
                            Tackle/String Shot/Bug Bite/ Razor Leaf

                            Pignite Male Lv.24
                            Rollout/Smog/Flame Charge/Arm Thrust

                            Audino Male Lv. 24
                            Secret Power/Attract/Doubleslap/Refresh

                            Can't wait to see Nimbasa City XD
                            VOTE FOR MAGIKARP!!!!


                            HE DESERVES THE <3

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                              Just wrapped up Mistralton cave. Got my hand on both a male and female Axew. Plan on breeding a Dragon Dancing Scraggy now. Also, I caught the first of the muskateer trio, Cobalion, with a Poke Ball!
                              John, 0089 6443 1079
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                              Haven't been here for ages...
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                              Nature: Modest
                              Posts: 2,184
                              Entry 4
                              - Battled Elesa and won on second go.
                              - Explored route 16
                              - Met up with Adeku and Elesa and Cheren on route 5
                              - Taught Munna Nightmare
                              - Battled and beat Cheren
                              - Beat the twins in the double battle
                              - Elesa got Clay to open the draw bridge for me
                              - About to enter Driftveil city
                              Medusa. Lv 30. Leaf Tornado, Slam, Mega Drain, Leech Seed
                              Petunia. Lv 29. Psybeam, Nightmare, Moonlight, Hypnosis
                              Lily. Lv 29. Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder.

                              Kaori. Lv 30. Ancient Power, Acrobat, Pluck, Agility.
                              Please Click:

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                                Posts: 7
                                Time: 10:39

                                Explored Castelia City. Battled at the battle company and got an exp. share. Team Plasma stole Bianca's Pokemon, so I went and battled them and got her pokemon back to her. Beat Burgh and got the third badge. Then I headed north to Route 4. I battled my way through, and actually started to use my dowsing machine. I really like it. Just walked into Nimbasa City and saved.

                                I have had a few changes to my team. Still not sure on a final team.

                                Servine Lvl 22
                                Woobat Lvl 22
                                Timburr Lvl 21
                                Darumaka Lvl 19
                                Audino Lvl 22
                                Tympole Lvl 21
                                Old March 12th, 2011 (6:58 PM).
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                                Dear Journal,

                                It had been raining this morning, but that wasn't going to dampen my mood on what I had been preparing my Pokémon to do all yesterday afternoon. Ready to face Driftveil City's Gym Leader, Clay, I stormed towards the gym with Duckling, Excadrill, and Duosion on my team.

                                Engaging in battle, Duckling managed to knock out his first Pokémon only to be recalled when he sent out his own Excadrill. Ready for a challenge, I decided to test out just who's Excadrill was stronger. After a little give and take on our Pokémon's part, my Excadrill managed to come out on top. Sending out his final Pokémon, Duckling pulled off a swift victory, and with that, we earned our fifth gym badge in Unova; the Quake Badge.

                                Deciding to head to the next city, I managed to pull together the rest of my team and head forth towards Chargestone Cave. Unfortunately to my dismay, the entrance had been blocked all thanks to Team Plasma. Luckily, Clay came along and was able to free the entry way. Wishing me luck on my journey, he went his way back toward the gym while I took my path forward.

                                Not too long after venturing into Chargestone Cave, I was ambushed by these ninjas, who then confronted me with N who said Ghetsis was waiting at the end of the cave to see what kind of potential I had - or something like that anyway. Soon after leaving, I decided to continue on paying no attention to N's remark and came across Bianca and Professor Juniper. Wanting me to get stronger and fill up my PokéDex, she rewarded me the Lucky Egg; which by the way, I find very useful.

                                While in Chargestone Cave, I decided to capture a wild Joltik. Currently he's not with me, but with some spare time before my next gym match, I plan on picking him up from the PC system and training him.

                                I must say, throughout Chargestone Cave, quite a few events took place. My Duckling had evolved into a Swanna, my Darumaka learned two new moves and in return also evolved into a Darmanitan. Lastly, my first Pokémon I obtained from the start of my journey in Unova, Oshawott, evolved into its final stage, Samurott. Upon this mass of evolutions, my Excadrill learned a new move, Earthquake!

                                Finally arriving to the end of the long, winding Chargestone Cave, I came upon N once more. Here, he challenged me to a battle with all of the Pokémon he managed to catch right there within that cave. Seeing as they were new to him, I single-handedly swept his entire team with my Scraggy.

                                Still not understanding his goals, he rushed off after finding disagreement with the upcoming Professor Juniper and Bianca. After they made their departure, I too decided to finally get myself out of the electric-based area and finding myself in Mistralton City for the first time.

                                Just taking a short walk away from the city's Pokémon center, I had the honor of meeting both the Mistralton Gym Leader, Skyla, and Professor Juniper's own father, Professor Juniper! Talk about your mix up, the old man had me confused when he first called me out in the middle of the street. No bother, it was a pleasure to meet the Professor.

                                Currently, I'm residing inside Mistralton's Pokémon Center while I prepare to head out in the morning and see what the city has to offer. One thing is for sure, I don't plan on leaving without my next gym badge.

                                Until next time...
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                                Age: 24
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Impish
                                Posts: 4,268
                                A lot has happened since my last update. I managed to catch Reshiram, despite not wanting to catch it, and I defeated N and Ghetsis, along with the Elite Four, which was quite easy, except for Caitlin. Now I'm running around, catching some Pokemon, and I caught a Plusle since it's my swarm Pokemon. :D

                                Munchino ♂ ~ Lv. 55
                                Bashful Nature ~ Cute Charm
                                Sing ~ Tail Slap ~ Wake-up Slap ~ Rock Blast

                                Sydoredia ♀ ~ Lv. 53
                                Jolly Nature ~ Own Tempo
                                Petal Dance ~ Giga Drain ~ Magical Leaf ~ Quiver Dance

                                Moxie Girl ♀ ~ Lv. 55
                                Naive Nature ~ Sheer Force
                                Thrash ~ Fire Punch ~ Superpower ~ Flare Blitz

                                Lulzypop ♀ ~ Lv. 55
                                Quirky Nature ~ Magic Guard
                                Synchronoise ~ Air Slash ~ Cosmic Power ~ Psychic

                                Gtfolurk ~ Lv. 55
                                Docile Nature ~ Iron Fist
                                Shadow Punch ~ Earthquake ~ Mega Punch ~ DynamicPunch

                                - Sydoredia is amazing in every single way, except I don't have hidden power.
                                - Munchino is awesome against Ghetsis
                                - N, for being a good sport.
                                - Not using TMs ftw.
                                - Gamefreak/Nintendo, for making an awesome game. :D
                                - Cohagrigus, nuff said.

                                - Lulzypop is good early on in the game, but not so good later on.
                                - Sheer force lied to me. D:
                                - Ghetsis, for being an evil prick.
                                Old March 12th, 2011 (11:02 PM).
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                                  Posts: 988
                                  Woobat evolved just at level 16. I had caught it when it was level 10, and I kept it in my party while I trained all the rest of my Pokémon.

                                  All trained up, met everyone in Nacrene City, and it's off to face Lenora's Gym!

                                  Drilbur Lv. 20
                                  Herdier Lv. 20
                                  Blitzle Lv. 21
                                  Tranquill Lv. 21
                                  Pignite Lv. 21
                                  Roggenrola Lv. 20

                                  What else can I say? I actually really like the dark grass patches. It makes training so much more efficient!
                                  My YouTube channel (BlasterMillennia).
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                                  Millefiore Mechanic
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                                    Gender: Male
                                    Posts: 150
                                    I can say, that with the large load of free time today, I have brought my Reshiram to lvl 90, and it is also my first lvl 90 obtained without cheating.

                                    I have also gotten myself a Meinshao, easily leveling it to 65. Gotta love that insane attack and speed.

                                    But nothing too special other than that for me.

                                    I have to say, I'm quite amazed at how little time it takes to level up your pokemon in this game-especially with the abundance of trainers.
                                    ..........That is true......
                                    Old March 13th, 2011 (3:26 AM).
                                    travisjb90 travisjb90 is offline
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                                      Age: 27
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Quiet
                                      Posts: 38
                                      I went to Pinwheel Forest. I caught some Pokemon their and saved the Dragon Skull from Team Plasma. My Pansear, Pyro learned Flame Burst. What a cool attack! I traded the girl in Nacrene a Petilil for here Cottonee. I crossed Sky Arrow Bridge! What a cool bridge. I am now in Castelia City and I am going to explore the city.
                                      Old March 13th, 2011 (5:12 AM).
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                                      The little... Daleks
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                                        Age: 28
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                                        Nature: Quiet
                                        Posts: 532
                                        After I defeated N and Ghetis I went through the new routes unlocked and battled the higher levelled trainers, I'm currently searching for 6 of the Seven Sages, I've found 3 so far and have just caught Volcarona which too 3 resets (I either knocked it out or my pokemon fainted etc), In the end I taught Poison Jab to Sawk and managed to poison Volcarona on the first turn, when Sawk got knocked out I switched to Samurott and used Slash, at this point Volcarona's health was in the red so I threw a Dusk Ball at it and caught it straight away (It still took 10+ Dusk balls from the previous attempts), I've also decided to replace my Archeops with Volcarona and I replaced Haxorous with Reshiram as soon as I caught it.

                                        My Team;

                                        Samurott Lv57
                                        Stoutland Lv56
                                        Excadrill Lv57
                                        Sawk Lv57
                                        Reshiram Lv57
                                        Volcarona Lv70
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