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Old March 6th, 2011 (4:23 PM).
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On Route 2, leveling up all my Pokemon, even Patrot and Lilipup, which is weird since I don't plan to have them on my final lineup.

Yellow: Complete
Sapphire: Not Started
Cherrim: Not Started

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Just recently started my journey. On my way to the 2nd badge. my team currently consists of:

lv 14 pansear
lv 17 Dewott
lv 14 pidove
lv 14 blitzle
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I started yesterday, named myself Minder (not pronounced Myn-der, but Miiiiihhhn-der lol) and picked Tepig. I named him King <3
Today, I just finished up the second gym and I'm in Pinwheel Forest;

King the Pignite, male, lv. 23
Watson the Blitzle, male, lv. 18
Litae the Woobat, female, lv. 19

And the two I will be taking off my team:
Sun the Pansage, male, lv. 12
Padme the Patrat, female, lv. 6
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Have I mentioned I'm LOVING this game?!

" U Mad?"Level 33
"Alfonso" Level 32
"Shawty" Level 32
"The Tank" Level 33
"PullUps" level 33

Saved and quit right before the 6th Gym Leader. Will Playthrough tomorrow after School
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started my white run

-picked boy and named myself Ash
-picked snivy and beat cheren and bianca
-getting ready to tackle the first gym
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Dear Journal,

I beat Cilan using the Pansear the girl in Dreamyard gave me. I saved Munna from Team Plasma with the help of Cheren, and currently I'm in Pinwheel Forest training because my Pokémon are extremely under leveled. My team is so far:
- Pidove (Lv 13)
- Purrloin (Lv 12)
- Blitzle (Lv 14)
- Drilbur (Lv 13)
- Dewott (Lv 17)

Why am I always so under leveled? *Sigh*
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Pretty much started playing as soon as I got back home from buying the game. I've gotten three gym badges so far, currently working my way through route 4. I caught Victini immediately after arriving at Castelia City.

My team so far:

Servine - Lv. 24
Panpour - Lv. 23
Victini - Lv. 25
Scraggy - Lv. 19
Sandile - Lv. 16 (thinking of whether to use it or not)
Patrat - Lv. 4 (CUT)

EDIT: Decided to use Sandile, because I freakin' love it! ♥

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Just got Pokemon White today! :D

-Chose the boy and named myself Kira
-Picked Oshawott (I don't really like that name, but for the sake of consistency, I'll just call all of them by their English names)
-Named him Wotter
-Caught a Lillipup and named him Kiba
-Also caught a Patrat and a Purrloin, but I won't be using them for my main team
-Got my free Pansear; named him Aidan
-Faced the first gym leader, but things were looking rough. So I pushed the power button and decided to grind
-I wish all the Lv4 Pokemon would stop appearing :cer_pissed:

Wotter - Lv13 - Male - Rash

Kiba - Lv11 - Male - Adamant

Aidan - Lv12 - Male - Hardy

Red: Completed
Silver: 4 badges

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Audino power leveling is what's up. Real talk.
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Dear Journal,

Three hours into my journey and I've already done so much (or at least I'd like to think so). Upon arriving to Striaton City, I remembered back in Accumula Town, Professor Juniper asked if I go see her college friend, Fennel. Unfortunately, she was busy in her lab, so I decided to stroll around the city until she was done.

I believe I mentioned how kind people were in the Unova region in my last log, but when I arrived in the Dream Yard east of Striaton City, this one girl I ran upon was overly nice. Not knowing her for very long at all, she offered to give me a Pansear. Shocked, I couldn't accept it at first, but after she explained her offer I couldn't refuse. After all, if I wanted to capture many of the Pokémon there was in Unova, I couldn't pass along such a unique Pokémon.

Continuing around the city, I came upon Cheren at the Trainer's School. Trying to test out what he learned about using items in battle, we did just that. Like before, I managed to come out on top, but I was impressed by how much stronger he had gotten. After the battle, Cheren told me that the Striaton Gym Leader had recently left the school and headed back to the gym. Eager to win my first badge, I darted across the city to where the gym resided and made my way toward the gym leader.

Little to my knowledge, there were three of them! Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Each specializing in their own type, I ended up facing off against Cilan. He was a tough first gym battle, especially his Pansage, but as well trained as my Lillipup was, I was able to claim victory along with my first Unova gym badge; the Trio Badge!

Caught by surprise, Fennel walked up to me as I existed the gym. After showing me her lab upstairs, she sent me out to the Dream Yard with Bianca to find the mysterious Pokémon Munna and Musharna so we can obtain the Dream Mist. As easy as it sounded, we encountered a strange couple of trainers. They looked familiar, like I had seen them before, and their name of the organization they called out bypasses me at the moment, but they were out to harm the Munna we found. Not allowing that to happen, we immediately engaged and put them in their places. Luckily, at the end of all that confusion, Fennel showed up and explained what had happened with Munna and those odd people and before heading back she was able to pick up the Dream Mist Munna left behind. Not to forget, I was able to find and capture a Munna of my own!

With everything that's happened so far, I feel quite tired. Fennel was kind enough to give me a useful feature called the C Gear before finally leaving her lab today. She said I'm sure I'll find a lot of use for it later. However, for now, I'm just thinking about all the sleep I can get.

Until next time...
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Originally Posted by Johnny™ View Post
Audino power leveling is what's up. Real talk.
Best sentence I've heard today.

Currently in Pinwheel Forest searching for an Adamant Venipede.
Old March 6th, 2011 (7:20 PM).
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I just started playing white sometime around 4 or 5 o'clock today.
-Chose Oshawatt
-Lost the first fight with Bianca because her Tepig got a frickin critical
-Would've lost the fight with Cheren had he not used Leer instead of Tackle.
-Went to Prof. Juniper's lab
-Named Oshawatt Tsunamurai (a mix of Samuri and Tsunami)
-Got mah Pokedex
-Caught Terria the female Lillipup and Meeratta the Female Patrat
-Trained All to level 6
-Took my first trip to the pokemon center.
-Got the Liberty Ticket (tbul)
-Listened to Ghetsis's speech
-Defeated N with Terria, who got up two levels as a result of defeating a pokemon 1 level higher (this is when the new exp. System comes in handy)
-Did a little bit more training, but stopped in the middle

I'm not gonna post my team because eventually it's gonna have like, a lot of stuff in there. However, after a while, I will list Pokemon caught number in the pokedex.
In progress

Hoenn, 1 Badge
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I defeated the Gym Leader in Striaton City and have caught all the Pokemon up until this point.

Yellow: Complete
Sapphire: Not Started
Cherrim: Not Started
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After getting Pokemon White today (Gamestop, how did you get my mom's number wrong?) via pre-order, I opened up my DSi, and began playing!

I won't go into details, but for you to get the gist of it, I

-obtained Oshawott, nicknamed Muramasa, aka Demon Blade since he's based off of samurais. Quiet nature.
-captured Patrat and Lillipup.
-beat Bianca and Cheren many times, Cheren's broken Snivy ko'ed my starter.
-obtained Pansear, nicknamed Fiyah.
-I changed my WPA code to WEP and obtained the Liberty Pass. Victini, here I come.
-And I caught Drilbur, Female, nicknamed Dig'em. Hasty natured.
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Fell in love with Munna for being an elephant and for kicking ass. But really it is because he had Yawn. Sleep moves Rock.

I was suprised by my love for Patrat. Run Away, Thunder Wave, and False swipe would make an exelent catching pokemon.

And did you know that you can re-use TMs!! Because like a dozen NPCs told me so. They realy wanted to hammer that in for retuning players.

Seeing a Patrat sprite walking on the map made me angry. They can animate some pokemon, but not have Walking Pokemon as a feature? Come on! Walking Pokemon is better than BUBBLES!!!!
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Started playing as soon as I found a DS that worked (mine finally died). I started playing Black to familiarize myself. Since Black's the version I plan on playing around with, I rushed through the storyline and everything instead of taking the time to explore more.

But I'm not as far as I would have liked.

Currently in Castella City's Pokemon Center, having just caught a male Sandile for my main game. Again, I'm loving Sawk, who helped me defeat the rather difficult second Gym by essentially OHKO every trainer in there.

Team currently is:

"Crazy Tom" the Pignite - Level 20
"Broccoli" the Pansage - Level 19
"Don" the Sawk - Level 18

I'm thinking Crazy Tom's going to make a return, though, in my main game.

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Took a break from gym challenging to put a Solosis up on the gts, I asked for a Gothita in return. The trade came through this morning and my first gts trade on pokemon white was with a spanish person.

I checked out unity tower....but it makes me wonder. The one I traded with said her favourite thing was reading. I don't remember ever telling the game my hobby. I wonder where you can tell the game that...
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So at around ten am, I forced my lazy butt out of bed and into my grandmas car so she could take me to gamestop and I could finally obtain the game ive been waiting for for what seems like years even though it was only around six months and even though I was home by eleven, I wasn’t able to play the game until a few hours ago. (run-on sentence for the win?) I currently have around two and a half hours clocked in, and im on route three.

Notable Events:

-Chose male protagonist.
-Chose Snivy. <3
-Decided against giving nicknames to my Pokemon, hoping this method will familiarize me with the American names.
-Lost one of the first battles to Cheren. Doh. >.<
-Feels bad for Bianca. :/
-Route 1 was a breeze.
-Not sure why, but I love Accumula Town. <3
-Caught a Purrloin and a Patrat on route 2.
-Got my first badge. :D
-I saw my first shaking patch in the Dreamyard, but got intercepted by a wild Pokemon. :(
-Lmao @ little preschooler wanting his Pansage to hyper beam. x)
-Lmao @ fact that you can climb on a slide, but you cant sit on chairs or lay in beds anymore.
-Caught Pidove.

Current Team:

Snivy | lv 14 | Overgrow
tackle | growth | vine whip | wrap
I am DEFINITELY keeping him on my team. Hes just so cute. :D im unsure if wrap is a worthy move though. :/

Patrat | lv 13 | Run Away
tackle | leer | bite | sand-attack
I heard bad things about this guy, so I was kind of iffy on whether I should have caught him or not. Im not sure if im going to keep him throughout my play-through. Only time can tell.

Purrloin | lv 12 | Limber
scratch | fury swipes | assist | sand-attack
Basically the same thing as Patrat, except she doesn’t have STAB, unless shes lucky and assists bite. Also, I cant tell whats worse: scratch or fury swipes. >.<

Pidove | lv 10 | Super Luck
gust | growl | leer
Hes the newest member of my team. I havnt even tried him out. :o


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I reached Nacrene City, but I decided I'd visit Pinwheel Forest and catch Throh before I tackled the gym.
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Oh, Solosis is so SQUISHY♥

Oh, sorry, where was I?

Last night I arrived in Driftveil, ready to crash for the night, but as I came to the end of the bridge, I saw Cheren had been stopped by a strange man. The man said he was called Clay, and that unless Cheren and I found and stopped Team Plasma, we wouldn't be allowed to challenge the gym! I was pretty angry and Cheren didn't see how it was up to us when Clay is responsible for the town, but that was that. It was up to two kids to stop the bad guys. I was all ready to tear someone's head off when I realised Team Plasma might mean N, and there was a possibility I'd see him again.

It was a good night's sleep after that, and I woke up refreshed in the Pokémon Center, as did my team. I stocked up on some supplies and explored the town. There were a couple of people concerned about Team Plasma, so I guessed Cheren hadn't found them yet, and I should get on the case, but if no one could find them, they had either left or were hiding somewhere, so I surmised I had a little time to kill. After all, my team needed a little more training, and everyone was raving about somewhere called the Cold Storage, so I headed in that direction.

On the way, I met a guy on a motorcycle named Charles. He kept calling himself a heartbreaker but unless he was breaking those hearts with his beard, I don't know what the fuss is about. He challenged me to something called a Triple Battle, which I accepted, and I went all out with Comet, Fawke and Marik, my Blitzle, Tranquill and Liepard. I won, as was expected - hey, I'm getting to be that good - and then Comet evolved, as was ex--wait what. Comet evolved! He became a Zebstrika, just like Elesa's that we battled yesterday! I was so excited and so was he, because he got a lot stronger as a result! We were ready now! We headed over to the Cold Storage.

Cheren was there, and he said he suspected Team Plasma were inside. I agreed, but didn't tell him my hopes to meet N. We stormed in and -- nothing. Just confused-looking workers and loads of ice. It was really, really cold, too. And slippery! After a couple of slips, I got the hang of sliding across the ice to get to new places, and eventually reached the back of the storage, where a container stood. Cheren was sliding behind me and he nearly crashed into my back but I sidestepped and he hit the side of the container instead. Hehehe.

We heard voices inside, so I stepped in, and lo and behold, Team Plasma! They were all huddled around this old guy, but stopped that once Cheren and I appeared. The eight goons split into two groups and four of them battled each of us. Every single one of them claimed to be the toughest, but none of them were really that hard. Cheren and I beat them all up just in time for Clay to show up and finally actually do something, instead of asking kids to do it for him. However, the thing he showed up to do was... ask other people to gather up the wrong-doers for him. Lazy bum.

I took a close look at each of them as they left, but none of them were N. Shame. D: I even searched the container, but all I found was frozen boxes and a chunk of strange ice. Meh.

Cheren stopped to chat and said that what Team Plasma were doing, aiming to separate the worlds of humans and Pokémon, sounded bad, since it would be like having no Pokémon at all. I didn't say anything, but I remembered children's stories my Mama used to tell me, about a world where there were only Pokémon, and things you would never believe went on, and sometimes, just sometimes, a human would get sucked into the Pokémon world and turn into one. I loved those stories. Thinking like that, a world of just Pokémon sounded fun. But a world of just humans, with no Pokémon at all?

... N... I hope you know just what you're doing... ♥

Thus, exploration of Driftveil is complete. I really enjoy writing these things because then I go back to the game still in character and the events seem that much more exciting! And yeah, I'm twisting the NPC dialogue a bit to fit my own intentions but hey, it's fun, right? :3

Key Moments:
Beating up Team Plasma
Comet evolved
Tardigrade is still cute and squidgy
In the right circumstances, Assist is one heck of a move. (Randomly managing to grab Shockwave against a Panpour? Getting Flame Charge against Pansage? Are you sure this is random?!)

Next time, training to take on Clay, the old lazy miser! :D
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Originally Posted by TheDoctor View Post
Defeated Clay at the Driftveil gym and headed for Chargestone cave, Bianca gave me HM02 Fly, I had planned to teach fly to Emolga but I found it can't learn fly so I've replaced Emolga with a Joltik which I caught in Chargestone cave, I'll be catching a Vullaby as soon as I get a chance (Dark/Flying) which will also cover the empty spot on my team (I was planning to add a dark type anyway), I'm just making my way through Chargestone cave battling Plasma grunts.


Pignite Lv31
Palpitoad Lv31
Simisage Lv31
Joltik Lv31
Gothita Lv31

I was also given a lucky egg by Professor Juniper which has come in handy for training Joltik from Lv25, I'll probably swap it between all of my team so that everyone gains from it, I'm planning to get my team to about Lv35-37 before I go to the next gym
Another big update since I last posted, I've just defeated Drayden and obtained the final badge, my team has changed alot since my last post too, I had replaced my Simisage with a Ferroseed (which I evolved into Ferrothorn), then when I got to the 8th gym I realised I was lacking an ice type pokemon (none of my team could learn an ice type move) so I caught a Beartic (I changed my ds month to April so that it would be winter), I also caught a Vullaby, I'm going to head to Victory Road now and prepare for the pokemon league.

My Team;

Emboar Lv42
Beartic Lv43
Seismitoad Lv41
Galvantula Lv41
Gothitelle Lv41
Vullaby Lv40
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Alright a little more got done last night.
-Caught Purrloin
-Trained it to level 8, along with the rest of my team
-Got all the items in Striaton City
-Saved in the pokecenter
In progress

Hoenn, 1 Badge
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hmm traded my gurdurr for another one now have conkeldurr, and got bianca's munna back from team plasma, now fighting Burgh for my 3rd gym badge.

Servine and Conkeldurr wrecked Burgh
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Originally Posted by RYOUKI View Post
Oh, Oh, oh! Today, I finally got White! So yeah, here's what happened.

I chose Snivy as my starter, and now I'm in Pinwheel Forest trying to train my Servine for Lenora.
Okay, here's what happened:

-Challenge the Castelia City Gym, but they were specializing in Bug-types, I decided to catch a Darumaka.
-Darumaka pwned Arti.
-Wandered forever in the desert just to take Archen.
-Archen kinda sucks right now. After he hits the yellow line, he's pretty much useless.
-Went to uh, Nimbasa City.
-Elesa is tough.
-Er, no. Elesa's Emolga is tough. Her Zebstrika went down in, I dunno, 2-3 moves?
-To beat Elesa's Emolga, decided to catch a Sandile.
-It worked! Her Emolga kept abusing Aerial Ace, so I decided to torment.
-The battle was long, she kept healing her FIRST Emolga. Rock Tomb only has 10 PP, you know?
-Sandile went down, but it's speed was down because of the effect of Rock Tomb, so Archen Ancient Powered her.
-Second Emolga got Ancient Powered too. Yeah, I dunno why it's suddenly not annoying and weak.
-Elesa's real Pokemon was Emolga. Zebstika was weeeeeak.
-Off to Driftveil City.
-I thought Clay's name was... Clayton?

Pokemon team so far:
Servine, Solosis, Archen, Panpour, (Darumaka), (Sandile).

Pokemon in the parenthesis, I don't plan on using.
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After being defeated by Elesa twice yesterday, I decided to train up a Sandile up to a Krokorok.
Even with a newly evolved Krokorok, I still had trouble with her Emolgas, but I eventually won in the end this morning.
I also went back to Nacrene city to revive the fossil that I got from the backpacker.
Since I was in Nacrene, I decided to backtrack even further into Nuvema town to collect my prize for seeing 50 pokémon.
After all that, I'm now ready to face Clay.

Current team
Servine lv.32
Panpour lv.28
Tranquill lv.28
Whirlipede lv.28
Zorua lv.28
Scraggy lv.28
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