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Old April 18th, 2011 (7:07 AM).
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    As fer names...

    Gothitelle: Emii Roozu (Amy Rose in Jp. Because Amy in french means beloved and in jp it means friend)

    Hydreigon: Gothitelle

    Emolga: Gothiruselle (Gochirezeru in the game but I wanted Gothiruselle)

    Chandelure: Kenderu (Kendell in Jp. And nuu "Kendell" is nawt just a girl's name)

    Jellicent: Koyubi (Pinky in Jp. Self explanatory)

    Vanilluxe doesn't have a NN

    Honerary members: Reshiram and Volcrona don't have NNs either.

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    I read the news today, oh boy.
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    I nickname a lot, so I won't go into too much detail.
    All I want to say is that I think I picked the perfect nickname for my Snivy:
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    Gotta love that feeling~
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      I dont name my pokemon, besides that one time I named my Charmander Blaze in Red/Blue. To me, I can never think of any good nicknames, so I just stick with their original names .
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      Das Kirby
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        D'awww, Blaze.

        I take it as a challenge to see how much I can nickname, so I pretty much nickname everyone. I cringe when I get a Pokemon that isn't nicknamed from a trade, since that locks me out of the fun in nicknaming.

        Some of my notable ones...

        Sir Triton for my Serperior, since his smug attitude is rather regal, and I got the last name off Luke Triton from Layton.

        Amenhotep for my Cohagrigus, named after the actual pharaoh of Egypt. I don't know which one, though.

        Omnhkhbomf for my Crobat. It's kind of like an onomatopoeia.

        Whoopee for Stunfisk. It sounded like a whoopee cushion...

        BurgerKing for Shieldon. Yeah, I don't know too.

        Monkey Bed for Scyther. ...

        Bill's Poop for Eevee...

        All right, I'm kind of done here. xD
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        Problem, officer?
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          I nicknamed my Krookodile Brock. I don't know why. XD Also, my Aerodactyl is Dust. The color reminds me of Dust. (thats all i have nicknamed so far)
          Old April 18th, 2011 (10:45 AM).
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          Charger = Zebstrika and that's probably my most creative nickname lol. Also Serperior = Smuglord, Beartic = Chillydude, Excadrill = KingArthur, Scrafty = Gangstaboy, Swanna = DonaldDuck. Also some other stuff but this is my in-game team.
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          the thread killer™
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          Taking this from my first completion of them game.....

          Zekrom the Zekrom

          Eon the Samurott

          Nica the Fraxure

          Musculur the Conkeldurr

          N-Aura the Zoroark

          Wispa the Sigilyph
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            Most of the pokemon I named simply use the Japanese names because many of them are better than the English names IMO. Some are based off of what many fans theorized as the names before names actually got released. Some are just things I came up with.

            Japanese/Concept Names

            Nicknames I Came Up With
            Krookodile-------Al Capown
            Old April 19th, 2011 (9:43 AM). Edited April 19th, 2011 by Bluerang1.
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            pin pin
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              Serperior - Leavi
              Swoobat - Wilhelmina
              Darmanitan - Dextar
              Scrafty - Zach
              Galvantula - Jayke
              Jellicent - Fiora

              Haxorus - Chrys

              Lillipup - Pippa
              Ditto - Baby Daddy

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                Haxorus - Reinhard: For being the leader of my team
                Excadrill - Getter 2: Drills, nuff said
                Braviary - Wargle: I liked the speculation name better
                Samurott - Neptune: Roman god
                Archeops - Zeta: He's overpowered and can outspeed most guys
                Whimsicott - Col. Hill: From King of the Hill, he's made from cotton, and he's short
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                  Scraggy: Sangy-([sanjeet] similar to the species name and looks good on it
                  Zebstrika : Bertie (caught as a blitzle)
                  Samurott : Ole , more or less nordic name and I couldnt find another name off hand with O either.
                  Unfezant : Pieter. I bought the game while I was in South Africa so It got a local name.
                  Leavanny: Sonny , It has sun swining in the name (German sonne) since it is half a plant
                  Beartic: bernd. Nordic name
                  Reshiram: Rory.
                  Gurrdor: Tino southish name
                  Tornadus : Torben
                  Terrakion: Terron
                  Simipour : Palle (looks like one)
                  Cobalion: Cobalt
                  Snivy: Tsuty
                  Victini: Wickie (red haired little viking popular kids series in the 70s )
                  Cottonee: Charlie
                  Deerling: Dara
                  Foongus: Forie (also kind of south african)
                  Ferroseed : Feronis
                  Venipede: Vergil
                  Dwebble: Deb
                  Simisage: Planty
                  Joltik: Jolo
                  Larvesta: Larn
                  Gligar: Skorgla (the German name of gligar)
                  Golett: Golo
                  Roogenrola: Runghild
                  Krokorok: Kromos
                  Sandile: Meg (from meguroko)
                  Tympole : Tane
                  Wingull: Gulli(all wingulls that I have had shared this name I <3 Wingulls)
                  Frillish: Frida
                  Delibird: Delilah
                  Vanilish: Volkert
                  Audino: Anya
                  Patrat: Pat
                  Zangoose : Zany
                  Bouffalant: Boukon
                  Farfetch'd :Quax
                  Minccino: Minko
                  Tynamo: Tina
                  Emolga: Emil
                  Trubbish: Trudi
                  Deino: Dina
                  Purrloin: Per
                  Liepard: Lina
                  Gothorita: Gonor
                  Gothita: Gertrude
                  Pawniard: Patrick
                  Elgyem: Eron
                  Sigiglyph: Siegund
                  Yamask: Yona
                  Cohagrius: Cohen
                  Klink: Keagan
                  Druddigon: Drudge
                  Mienfoo: Mera
                  Crobat: Batty
                  Drilbur: Dors
                  Tepig: Teapiggy

                  When the names where all spelled in caps I had most of my Pokes with nicknames but now most of them retain their original names
                  My Pokemon have random names . In 90% of the cases they start with the first letter of its species name.

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                    Tepig - CharSiew
                    Krookodile - TickTock (anybody remembers him in Peter Pan?)
                    Vanilluxe - Hagen Dazs
                    Mienshao - Xena

                    Sanity voraciously consumed by hatred. A murderous machine of pure destructive vengeance.
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                    Gotta love that feeling~
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                      Snivy/Servine/Serperior: Seed (The name I use on most forums and websites and RPGs..And plus, it fits with him XD.)

                      Ducky the Duckless/Swanna

                      Axe the Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus (Dropped the W..Ftw)

                      I used to not nickname my Pokemon, but with all the terrible names had to >_<. Have a few more in the PC, but I usually just use the same Pokemon over the course of the whole game, and into the endgame.
                      Current Challenges:

                      Ultimate Monotype Challenge- Electric
                      Yellow/ Crystal/Emerald/Diamond
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                      I only remember naming my male Scraggy - Mike and female Oshawott - Rini, male Pidove was Nico. All I remember, It was in Japanese version :F. Long time ago...
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                      Sassy McSasserson
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                        I always name mine something similar to their original names. eg. Oshawott - Oscar. Roggenrola - RocknRoll
                        Old April 21st, 2011 (4:25 PM). Edited April 21st, 2011 by 2Cool4Mewtwo.
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                        Usually I don't nickname my pokemon, but I named my snivy smugleaf (duh)

                        just started pokemon black today :D

                        Old April 22nd, 2011 (11:11 AM).
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                        Unique is an Understatement.
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                          Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott- Keemy
                          Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland- Xiomara
                          Purrloin/Liepard- RatedR
                          Pansear/Simisear- Geno
                          Blitzle/Zebstrika- Sidity
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                            Koetetsu as I believe there was some myth on him as a blacksmith that makes Japanese swords, so the name fits

                            Pluto, because it's a mole... lives underground... like the roman god Pluto... I ran out of good nicknames, m'kay...

                            Shadow, if you don't get this, you have a few problems

                            Nike, as Victini is the victory pokemon, and Nike is the victory spirit

                            Mercury, as it flies. A lot. :/

                            Mars, as It's a complete sweeper.
                            Blame your fate.
                            "Any fool can be brave, but not many can be sly"
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                              The only Pokemon I have currently nicknamed is my roggenrolla, named Dangoro, not only because it was his jp name, but it sounds very fitting for his current gigalith form.
                              Old April 22nd, 2011 (4:36 PM).
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                              I bought the Mt.Moon Magikarp
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                                I named all mine after Shakespearian characters.

                                Samurott = Othello
                                Aerodactyl = Don John
                                etc etc

                                Old April 22nd, 2011 (9:56 PM).
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                                  I named my mantric spark for a lighting type name.

                                  Old April 22nd, 2011 (11:07 PM). Edited April 22nd, 2011 by Misheard Whisper.
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                                  Posts: 3,389
                                  Samurott - Ira (My friends and I had a thing going with our starters and the Seven Deadly Sins.)
                                  Simisear - Toffee (I have no idea, honest.)
                                  Chandelure - Shandera (I thought the Japanese name was cooler.)
                                  Haxorus - Ononokus (Same deal here.)
                                  Zekrom - Gorgonzola (Couldn't think of a name, asked Mum for one. She named it and it stuck.)
                                  Kyurem - Stilton (Following the theme.)
                                  Throh - Brutus (Real clever, amirite? )
                                  Gigalith - lmao can't even remember. It was something really clever, too, I'm sure.
                                  Old April 22nd, 2011 (11:53 PM). Edited May 7th, 2011 by Sir Skids Nickelton.
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                                  Are You SERIOUS!?
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                                    Posts: 104
                                    I Have Pathetically Random Nicknames

                                    Piglington The Emboar
                                    Coffinhead The Cofragrigus
                                    Onion Bubs The Tornadus (Homestar Runner Reference, Onion Bubs Is A Replacement For Bubs)
                                    Death Gear The Klingklang
                                    Iron Greg The Bisharp (Homestar Runner Reference, Took Name From 4 Gregs, Though Not The Name Of Any Gregs In The Toon)
                                    Metal Greg The Cobalion (See Iron Greg)
                                    Icy Butt 2 (A Reference To Icy Butt, My Platinum Regice) The Kyurem
                                    hiroshi The Vanillite
                                    Marzipan The Virizion (Homestar Runner Reference, Marzipan Is The Only Female Main Character, And Virizion Sorta Looks Like A Girl)
                                    Thormund The Terrakion
                                    DJ Smithy The Boldore (Haven't Found Someone To Trade With Yet)
                                    Excagreg The Excadrill (See Metal Greg)
                                    Greginater The Golurk (See Excagreg)
                                    TROGDOR The Hydreigon (ANOTHER Homestar Runner Reference. Go On Youtube/ And Watch The sbemail dragon.
                                    SSN The Metagross (Short For Sir Skids Nickelton/Nickel-Slick. That's Right. I Am Also Sir Skids Nickel-Slick.)

                                    Huzzah For Nicknames With Nothing To Do With Anything!!

                                    I May Post More Later.
                                    Old April 23rd, 2011 (12:24 AM).
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                                    Well my nicknaming skills suck so I nickname my pokemons not to far from their original names. Here are some examples of my pokemons from FireRed version:

                                    Charizard - Chary
                                    Jigglypuff - Jiggle
                                    Pikachu - Kachi
                                    Fearow - Arrow

                                    I can't remember the others but it goes like that.
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                                    Old April 23rd, 2011 (12:58 AM).
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                                      I always give my Pokemons real names like Thomas or Gabriella. The name starts with the first letter of the last form's name.
                                      Sweet success or so they say is never quite you'd imagine.
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