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Tutorial Bright windows and doors in Gen III

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    Hey Everyone, i'm here with a noob proof tutorial.

    This is my method for making bright windows and doors just using two very common tools: Dns and Advance Map.

    Spoiler: Option

    1- Open Your Rom with Advance map, and select a map.

    2- Open the bloks editor and find the correct palette for the window we want to make bright.

    3- Export the tileset (in this case the tileset2)

    4- Export the palette in .act format, it make some palette changes faster using PS.

    5- Now open an unused palette, in this case i choose the seventh and load the palette that we have exported before.

    6- Make sure that the changes to this palette are saved

    7- Open the tileset with paint and just copy the tiles with the windows and doors

    8- Delete in the first sheet of tiles the stuff that we want to make bright and leave it invariate in the second sheets of tiles.

    9- import the edited tileset in advance map.

    10- Edit the main tile and be sure that the up layer is the trasparent one
    ATTENTION! Use the original palette, in this case Palette8, or when you open the game everything in that tile would be bright!

    11- Edit the down layer using the new palette. Save Everything and close Advance Map.

    12- Open the rom in DNS and install the RTC, deselect the palette 7 and insert DAN!

    13- Reopen the roms in Advance map and be sure that the tile that you edited work proprely, if the inside of the windows is completely black just do again the step 5 and 6.

    14- Finish, that's it. test your rom and enjoy.

    I hope that this tutorial will be useful, and tell me if some of the steps are not clear.

    Credits: DNS by Prime-Dialga and Advance Map by Lu-Ho
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      Good tut.
      FC: 3582 - 9598 - 9978. Add me!
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        Originally Posted by Criminon View Post
        Good tut.
        Thank you!
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