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Tutorial [Fire Red] Adding Instruments to another Voicegroup

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Old December 4th, 2016 (3:07 AM).
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Hello everyone! We all know how limiting voicegroups are without sampling. An example would be the voicegroup at 0x048B8B8, which is the one I commonly use. This voicegroup includes some commonly used instruments like Bright Acoustic, Electric Bass, Strings and Trumpet. But there isn't any other voicegroup which includes all those but with Accordion or Overdriven Guitar. But there is a very simple solution for that we can use. Sappy has the function to edit voicegroups, so we don't need a hex editor for that.

Tools needed :
  • Legally dumped Fire Red ROM
  • Sappy
  • .s music file (for testing)

Noting the right values
Let's take 0x048B8B8 for this example. This particular voicegroup has some very good instruments like Bright Acoustic or Trumpet (all the Hoenn fans ). But it doesn't have accordion which we want it to have. To start things off, open a rightfully dumped ROM with Sappy. Then move to a theme that has accordion. I've choosen 0x0490FAC. This is the voicegroup for the second Jigglypuff's song. After than that, select "Edit Voice Tables" from Tasks. Accordion's instrument number is 21, so navigate to number 21 from "Instrument Number - Adress". Note down the Adress1, Atk, Dec, Sus, Rel and Output device values.

Editing the voice table
Make sure you noted down everything and then proceed to the voice group you want to add "Accordion". After proceeding, select "Edit Voice Tables" once more. When you select number 21 from "Instrument Number - Adress", you'll see it's Square Wave 1. That's because GBA plays every instrument as Square Wave's outside of the Voice Group. Change output device to DirectSound (in Accordion's case) and then insert the values you've written down before.

Cook your MIDI and test!
Just to make sure you've done it right, cook a MIDI files that has both Accordion and Trumpet in it. Accordion should now play properly. For some reason, it sounds very low while playing. I'll post it here once I figure that out.

This is my first post here, and I've never seen any tutorials about adding instruments to voicegroups so if there is any other tutorial about that same topic, this can be deleted.
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