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Old March 16th, 2011 (7:42 PM).
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    OK. I've desided to stop rom hacking, cause rpgmxp has way way more capibilities then a rom hack. I'm blind and my screen reader will not read anything in RPG Maker XP, but it will in Pokemon esentials
    I need to gather a staff who will help me with the maps, scrips, etc. I can make the Pokemon, but I need people to draw them, for reasons minsioned above.
    I will reviel the storyline in hopes that you'll take interest in it.
    Your a young boy-girl who helps the proffessor, proffessor Cedar, in her Pokemon lab.
    Your whole life will be helping the proffessor. It pays good.
    But a evil organization, the Devastators, are trying to awaken a legendary pokemon. Sounds normal right? No. The legendary they are rying to awaken is a evil pokemon, and will never awaken again. The Devastators have found a way. 8 Orbs contain massive energy, eatch protected by a gym leader. They burn down the proffessor's lab, forcing you to find a different living. You disside to travel the region of gorna and beat the Pokemon league wile tracking down the devastaters.
    You travel the region battling the gyms, most of the gyms have been burned down, robbed, or the leader has been killed. At eatch gym you find other methods of obtaining the badges.
    Battling the gym leader in a pokemoncinter or a house, battling him in his recked gym, or Battling a relative.
    At miney points you stop the devastaters from stealing pokemon or other things.
    At some points you chase after them after they have stullin a orb. Finally, on route 15 You are racing them to the final orb, aka the final gym. You pull ahead and when.
    When you get to the gym you fall unconcious. The Devastaters get the orb and capture you in your sleep. You awaken in a Cell, but, your friend, rival, saves you. You have your final battle with your rival, and then you head through a big hideout.
    You find that your to late. The legendary has been awoken. It is taking out cities with a single blast of energy. You must now go on a
    guse chase through the whole region. You go to spotting after spotting that is on tv, until it reatches your hometown. Then you capture it, or kill it. You then choulenge the 8th gym. The leader of The Devastaters, mr. devastater himself, battles you in victory road. After you win, he tells his trgic story. His name is not frino devastater, but john smith, a commen person who was robbed of his life in 1765. A pokemon known as psylord offered him his life back, if he would use it for good.
    Obviously he aggreed, but didn't keep his part of the deal. He seaks to kill psylord by destroying his world he loves so mutch.
    Psylords life is inerconected with that of earth. John smith then bays you to always use your life for good. Go, he says "Go and become what you desire, and go beat the pokemon league.
    Psylord then takes his life and your on your way.
    So the rest is up to you as a helper. I have used a friends already worked on project, so there will be some useless pokemon abillities and music in there, but it doesn't matter mutch. I've just told you the rough outline of the story, so you as a helper can have some fun with it.
    I will not release a version for you to work with until I get some people willing to help.
    I need the map of the region done first.
    Be creative with it.
    Heres a rough outline of the region.
    BriteBlosim city. Up from there is route 1, and left is a ocean leading to ekkertan city. But we'll go up for now. Head up through the route, it has a lot of trees and the grass has been trampled by miney wild pokemon and trainers. Head west for a ways and you'll reatch GreenGrove City. The ocean leading to ekkertan passes through here, and has a dive spot in it. There is a forest going south from here, but it leads to that same ocean. North from here is route 2. Head up a wile, and a branch in pathways are reatched. A rockSmash is in the way on the left, but if you have rock smash, you can reatch the end of the ocean and reatch ekkertan city, but thats for another time. The right is free to go through. It leads to a forest, the same forest minssioned previously stated. Now I must explain. The forest I said was a dead end leading to that ocean, but there is a way leading a different direction if you have surf. You can reatch the otherside of the surf, however, by going the way stated. Hope that is cleared up. The forest is called forest of voices btw. Go this section of the forest and you will reatch solf peninsula. This peninsula has the first gym, electric type, and allows cut. When you when, you must take a boat to shadow canion. This canion has grass, for wild pokemon, and a pokemon cinter, and finally a obandend store. The second gym is also here. It allows rocksmash, but your a ways away from getting the hm. I also need to say, when you take the boat, theres know going back that way until you have fly.
    You travel south through another route. You eventually reatch safary hotsprings. The safary zone, with a bunch of hot springs is here. You travel west through another route and reatch lost peddle city. All the plants and trees are dead, of btw back in shadow canion, the gym is ghost type. The gym here is dark type, and allow fly. You fly back to shadowcanion, and head north. The route leads to solo city. This city has know gym, but has plinty of miney games to enjoy. It's a dead end unless you have waterfall. It leads to the pokemon league. You can get rocksmash here. You fly back to GreenGrove city, and up to the place ware there was a rocksmash. You head left, breaking the rock, and head to ekkertan city. The gym is flying type, and allows surf. You now must return back through that ocean, and find a place ware the ocean branches off to lead a different direction. You then reatch land, and mt.ekkertan. The mountain has a city in the middle of it. The city is dark, and it's far under ground. You fight it's ground type gym, and ern dive. After you when, the devastaters cause a rock slide blocking the way you came in. This forces you to go a different way to a dead end route, but in the dead end route, you can fly. You must now returm to greengrove city, and dive down ware I said here was a dive spot. You reatch a devastater hideout, and at the end you reatch another city. The gym here is poison type. It is a swompy city. The gym allows rock Stringth, and rockclimb. Now you return to shadow canion ware they have another hideout, this time with rockclimbs, and stringth puzzles. You then will complete the storyline there, and return to the very first city. Theres a place ware you can rock climb, ware they were doing construction before. You are now on route 15, and I believe the rest is self explanitory, or atleast creatible using the other facts in this post. Please guys sign up to help! :D
    Game developer.
    Not nearly as active on here as I used to be.
    Still like meeting and talking to pokemon fanatics like myself.
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    Old March 18th, 2011 (10:54 AM).
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    I'm going to move this to the Drawing Board where it should belong, but you're going to need to add Credits, and at least two screenshots within the next 48 hours.
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