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Old March 26th, 2011 (8:59 AM).
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I've played over 100 matches, and I can proudly say, at least 59 of them ended with the opponent rage quitting...


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Old April 5th, 2011 (3:30 PM).
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I got rage-quitted on four times in double battle. Yes my pokes are better trained than you, yes I'm more sneaky and no I don't care that all yours are shiny. That's still no reason to rage quit.

That said I take the exception at slow pokes vs fast pokes that have been speed IV+EVed ...
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Old April 5th, 2011 (3:41 PM).
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Originally Posted by JP View Post
I've yet to have anybody rage quit on me. I did however have one person keep me waiting for like ten minutes on what move they were going to use, just in hopes that I would leave the battle... pff, please, it was inevitable at that point! I have all the time in the world for a Pokemon battle lol.
haha i wish i won't experience this one... don't like waiting for opponent's to make a move.

i wish gamefreak would implement a timer for every turn (40 or 60 seconds would be good).
Old April 6th, 2011 (1:20 PM).
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When I was a looooot younger - like, at least ten years ago or something - I can imagine myself rage quitting when playing my brother over a GBA link cable match or something. Of course, he was two years younger than me, so he'll have often done it as many, if not more, times than me. Nowadays, I don't really play battles with other people, so I don't know what I'd do... sometimes if I'm playing Facebook Tetris Battle and I'm losing, I have a tendency to rage quit, so I guess I'd probably do the same with Pokemon. Eep... I'm a bad person!
Old April 6th, 2011 (1:33 PM).
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Though it sometimes is tempting you really shouldn't do it. It's really annoying when someone does this. Sometimes I've made amazing comebacks in these situations.
Old April 6th, 2011 (9:47 PM).
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I've only ragequit once, and that was when I was getting my ass kicked by a Protect-spamming level 1... Cottonee, I think it was, and I was getting supremely aggravated. XD. I immediately went back into another battle after I did that, though, because I felt bad about it, and then was defeated honestly without any quitting from either side. XD
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Old April 6th, 2011 (10:30 PM).
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i recently rage quit(yes i freaking am a hypocrite) i was very stoned and realized the person i was battling haxed his blaziken to have a different ability...the point being if im a true pokemon masta i shoulda beat him anyways cheat and any one named AJAE (ithink) please get at me i wanna freaking rematch im ready for you...cheat all you want ima win=)
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Old April 11th, 2011 (6:24 PM).
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Originally Posted by PokéSwimmer View Post
You're exaggerating quite a bit here. The fact that some people (immaturely) whine about "rage quitting" does not change the fact that it is a very immature action. Besides, everyone has the right to get at least a little ticked off when someone "rage quits" on them. It simply ruins the experience of battling. The person could have easily selected "run" and forfeited, but they didn't. It's like someone flipping over the chess board when they make a mistake and get their queen taken away. They could have easily just tipped their king over and given in. And I don't think that anyone here is even implying that "a ruined win/loss ratio equals a ruined life." That is a huge exaggeration on your part.

Bottom line: Rage quitting in anything, not just Pokémon is immature. It would not be tolerated in a competition and therefore should not be done.
This. And if you're going to forfeit due to anger, at least do it in the bounds of the game, rather than in a metagame format (as in, "beyond the actual game". I.e., "ragequitting" via a hardware disconnect {taking advantage that the Pokemon experience is confined to hardware limitations} rather than an in-game option).

Originally Posted by Kaori View Post
I'm going to go ahead and move this over to Pokémon Gaming Central where you can discuss what you think about the rage quits people go through in all games, since this isn't really Black and White specific.

I do however find it immature when people disconnect when they are at loss in a battle. The luck in a battle and the winning person at the moment of it can change very quickly, so it's always best to see what happens in the end. That's what makes the match better imo, but others like to lead the winning progress. It's unfortunate that they would disconnect if they are not however. :\
This. I remember one time I was going to "ragequit" in the Battle Tower because I was very close to being on the verge of losing, yet by some miracle, I managed to turn the tide of the battle around and achieved victory. That incident alone has helped me to persevere in real life...

I'm still conflicted as to whether I should keep track of my win-loss ratio, because if the loss count begins to become excessive, I fear that my anger will get the best of me if I continue to lose... :\

The only time I will actually "ragequit" in a battle is when the opponent is clearly using hacked Pokemon. If it was caught in a "hacked" Master Ball or was "hacked" to be shiny, I probably wouldn't care. However, illegal/unofficial hacked moves and abilities in the vein of Wondertomb (Spiritomb with illegal Wonder Guard) are definite no-nos. Perceived "high" IVs would be gray areas, because there is a chance, albeit very small, of getting a Pokemon with high IVs, even 31 IVs in each stat...
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Old April 11th, 2011 (9:28 PM).
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I do not participate in this wifi stranger battling thing. I do not participate in wifi activities period except to make a trade with a friend every once in a blue moon.

I have not had a battle with another human player since my bestie and another friend a few times back in the original Silver/Gold days with the GBC connector cable and my original late silver. No one ever quit on me though, and I always won mostly due to being armed with my three top pokemon, my level 100's.

If not for them though my bestie pretty much matched me with her team levels in her gold. We had played through them side by side pretty much the whole time through. We even beat the elite four for the first time sitting right next to each other the next morning of a sleepover.

Those were the days.
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Old April 12th, 2011 (2:57 PM).
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I'm guessing that if someone rage quits, it won't count as a win for you eh? I had someone rage quit on me in the Rated game mode earlier and it doesn't look like it counted as a win for me... kinda stupid. :/
Old April 12th, 2011 (4:28 PM).
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If people didn't rage quit I would have about 6 more wins than I do now. The ones that REALLY annoy me are the people that quit right as their last Pokemon is about to faint from my final blow. If you're going to quit do it earlier so you don't waste any more of my time.

I don't normally quit my random match-ups but there was ONE time that I quit. It was a triple battle and the opponent had 6 WaterAbsorb-using Pokemon that all continuously used Surf. I knew there was a 0% chance of me winning because only one of my Pokemon resisted water-type moves. So I left once I KO'ed one Pokemon and saw another WaterAbsorbing Pokemon take its place.
Old April 12th, 2011 (5:26 PM).
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I never play online or through wifi. But I have shut off my game in the middle of a battle due to frutstration. Sometimes it is just better to take a break and cool down.

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Old April 16th, 2011 (8:07 PM).
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I was ragequit on once and once I ragequited, back in my old file.
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Old April 16th, 2011 (8:11 PM).
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Yeah If I'm going to rage quit. I usually run because the person deserves the win, but I'm sometimes like... irked... about the way they won. Of course I don't play random unova battles cause I'm sick of seeing garchomp.

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Old April 16th, 2011 (8:22 PM).
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Yes, my random matchup record is very bad because of this. I don't do this, I understand that the right thing to do is be the better person and take the loss, even if other people are rage quitting on you. It really disheartens you when you think you have a win and your opponent disconnects on you, though.

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Trade Thread

Old April 17th, 2011 (8:33 PM).
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I really wouldn't mind it if they would just go on ahead and give you your win if the opponent disconnects. I got in a battle today with an epic hax noob that had all shinies caught in masterballs who ended up quitting as soon as his last Pokemon's HP hit zero. It's things like this that make me not want to play online with people I don't know. I, personally would never rage quit and would prefer to take my losses like a man and go on to further improve my team(s).

Some people are good sports though because just a little while ago I beat a guy 5-0 and was expecting a rage quit but surprisingly he didn't and I got myself a win.

Old April 18th, 2011 (5:22 AM).
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I dont know if this would go here or not, but I transfered all my hacked up level 100s from the sinnoh and johto over, and I was about to trade a level 100 dragonite for a level 42 terrakion. (I can easily get another dragonite so i didnt really care for it) When the pokeball was about to be sent up into the air for the trade cutscene i see connection with the other person has been lost. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Old April 18th, 2011 (12:03 PM).
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Originally Posted by GET READY TO RUMBLE! View Post
I dont know if this would go here or not, but I transfered all my hacked up level 100s from the sinnoh and johto over, and I was about to trade a level 100 dragonite for a level 42 terrakion. (I can easily get another dragonite so i didnt really care for it) When the pokeball was about to be sent up into the air for the trade cutscene i see connection with the other person has been lost.
Um, maybe it's because that person realized your Pokémon were hacks? In that case, them quitting on you is perfectly justifiable. It's similar to "ragequitting" when the opponent uses obviously hacked Pokémon in a battle.

Old April 18th, 2011 (12:11 PM).
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At Wifi battles I'm such a loser!! I have 4 loses out of 5 battles!! But I'd never d/c because I feel like I'm cheating on my capacity to get better!!
Be happy =D

Old April 18th, 2011 (12:33 PM).
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I have had it happen a few times to me but I just move on with life not that big of a deal, At the end of the day I know I would of won if there going to chicken out like that.

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Old October 22nd, 2012 (8:29 AM).
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Haha, I faced a 3-star trainer (The ones with alot of wins and had 3 stars), I beat them with my Trick Room team. I think it was one where I got lucky and critical'd their swords-danced scizor in a close-call match. Even they ragequit. So THAT, along with the GTS garbage, is what makes Wi-fi stuff bad. In Gen 6 I hope to God Gamefreak fixes these things, and that ragequitting, and yes, even disconnecting by accident should give the other person the win.

So when I battle at Starbucks before they close, I just laugh and smile as they ragequit.
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Old October 22nd, 2012 (9:26 AM).
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Ive done that and had that done to me
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It's better to concede a loss once it becomes clear and save everyone's time.
Old October 22nd, 2012 (12:04 PM).
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This is why I won't battle on Wi-Fi, 'cause I'm actually rubbish at the Pokémon games really, and I know I'd lose, and I know I'd be at least tempted to rage quit
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Old October 22nd, 2012 (12:32 PM).
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