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Old March 22nd, 2011 (4:31 PM). Edited March 22nd, 2011 by Waki Tobaye.
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    Hey everybody, recently I saw an online article which made some pretty good points about some "conspiracy theories" of the Pokémon games (although they can be found on the anime and manga too, hence the subforum where I'm posting this).
    I'd like to share it with you so you can express your opinions, things out of place and propose several more for us to discuss.

    1. The Player kills Gary’s Raticate in the S.S. Anne

    Gary has a Rattata / Raticate that is a staple of his lineup all the way to the S.S. Anne. After you pummel his team onboard the ocean liner, the next time you see him he’s visiting Lavender Town, the final resting place for dead Pokemon. His Raticate is nowhere to be seen.

    2. Cubone is related to Kangaskhan

    Note that this is pure speculation by the fanbase:

    • Prior to the original game’s release, Cubone eventually evolved into Kangaskhan.

    • The developers must have removed the ‘missing link’ Pokemon that connected Cubone and Kangaskhan, and replaced it with the non-evolving Marowak.

    • Rather than deleting this missing link, the developers brushed it under the digital carpet by simply giving it a Pokemon index number of zero.

    • If you played the first Pokemon games, you might recognize that index number as belonging to either MissingNo or ‘M, the game glitch Pokemon that you can find surfing off the coast of Cinnabar Island, and that M "evolves" into Kangaskhan

    3. Dark Triad = Cilan, Chili and Cress?

    Besides the obvious 3=3...

    Reason A- You go to meet Cilan in the Academy... somehow he gets past you without you even knowing. Ninja Skills.

    Reason B- One of the few cities not attacked by Team Plasma is their city. (Unless you count the Dreamyard/Abandoned Lot of Dreams as part of it)

    Reason C- Team Plasma are never shown at the same time as the waiters. (and vise versa)

    Reason D- They are the only gym leaders who do no show up towards the end.

    Reason E- Cilan and Chilli don't talk about the incident afterwards, while Cress just gives you one short answer IIRC.

    4. The Old Chateau in D/P/Pt is related to Mr. Backlot/Team Galaxy/Charon/Cheryl/Gardenia/Riley/Cynthia/Dawn or many more characters.

    There are LOTS of versions for this theory, but almost all of them coincide in the point that the chef poisoned some food and killed the little girl and the old man that appear as ghosts, saving himself with an Antidote/Old Gateau/Substitute TM found in the mansion.

    5. Red is a spirit, that's the reason of why he doesn't talk.

    I saw this a long, long time ago. I don't remember everything well, but I'm sure it was something like this:
    Red died some time after the events of Red and Blue. The reason he appears in the most high (apparently) peak of Kanto-Johto is because he wants to cross over to the heavens, but his spirit doesn't want to depart Earth yet because he has to battle the main character in G/S/C in order to feel complete. He feeds on the spirits/souls of lost persons and challangers and will part when, again, the main character beats him. That's the reason of why he doesn't talk.

    Comment with your opinions about these and, why not, post some other theories that I may have missed!

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      The Mystery Dungeon Games take place far in the future when Pokemon have inherited the planet after nearly all of the humans have left. It neatly explains why you don't see any, perhaps they were already in the process of dying out or they went off to space and left a small group behind to watch the planet. They are mentioned very few times as if they were a myth. Also, where else could Porygon, Mewtwo, and the rest of the artificial pokemon have come from?

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        Never. Believe. In. Conspiracy. Theories. The Cubone and Kangaskhan is very good though.

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          5. Red is a spirit, that's the reason of why he doesn't talk.

          If that one is true, how come he reappears once you defeat the Elite Four rematch again?

          Originally Posted by Fastlane250
          I really think the [ROBLOX] admins are not satisfied with breaking the game, they intend to break reality itself.
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            Porygon-Z was created by Team Plasma, or more specifically, the same scientist who created Genosect (interesting to note, Genosect is the only Pokemon outside of Porygon's line to have Download as an ability, along with sharing the otherwise out-of place ability to use Psychic).

            When the player first visits the P2 Lab after beating the game, the Dubious Disk is found lying on the ground amongst all the other complicated wiring present. When the player enters the lab with Genosect however, a single scientist is present in the lab and discusses the Pokémon's origin, saying that he wanted to make the most powerful Pokémon in the world using the fossilized remains of the legendary beast, whether Team Plasma willed it or not.

            This combined with the disk sparks the theory that Porygon-Z was an earlier attempt by the scientist, inspired by the works of the Pokemon Mansion and Lab of Cinnibar, to make the most powerful Pokémon through modifying the seemingly perfect candidate for such a task...Porygon2, as evident from early Pokédex entries indicating that Porygon-Z was meant to be something much greater then it's end result. Modifications included furthering Porygon's abilities to bend space at will, scan and adapt to any foe through Downloading information on them, and extend its energy to horrifying proportions, being the only Pokémon to "naturally" learn Trick Room, has the strongest Hyper Beam possible*, and can learn Dark Pulse, something Porygon2 could not, but seeing as its body was not meant for such purposes (or that said scientist simply didn't know how to code it properly) the end result was...Not as intended. Though powerful, Porygon-Z was a warped, unstable hull that couldn't possibly stand up to the title of most Powerful, and so was considered a failure and dispersed, copies of the software being copied and distributed by evil teams such as Team Galactic, curious in a Pokemon that could "Travel through other dimensions".

            Latter, feeling that Genosect's body was "more suitable" for such a task, this scientist was eager to make it even stronger, it's natural power and savagery combined with the technology allowing it to adapt and hunt down foes at will being able to accomplish something that an insignificant "toy duck" could not. N, seeing such a project as abominable and impure forced Team Plasma to abandon it prematurely, leaving the Scientist with the lab and their incomplete work. Determined to let nothing stop him, the scientist improvised using anything he could to complete Genosect, eventually managing to bring it to life.

            Indeed, Genosect was a powerful Pok
            émon backed with a savage nature and the ability to channel its energy through the cannon grafted onto its back. It was not bound by the physical constraints that Porygon-Z was, and this showed through its great agility and endurance. However, having to improvise various times in order to make due with limited resources, Genosect's construction ended up being shoddy, barely improving it over it's original form, which was already quite powerful on its own. It appeared that Genosect's capabilities were cut short, not by the fault of it's own limitations, but through the decisions of N. With no means to contain it, Genosect escaped before the scientist could install the drives which would give its cannon the ability to fire shots which could "shoot down anything."

            *Not counting the absurd possibility of Skill-Swapping Adaptability to a +6 Modest Deoxys in attack forme after Mimicking Conversion to become a normal type and somehow obtaining Choice Specs though trick, with max EVs and IVs in special Attack)
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              Originally Posted by The Corrupt Plague View Post
              The Mystery Dungeon Games take place far in the future when Pokemon have inherited the planet after nearly all of the humans have left. It neatly explains why you don't see any, perhaps they were already in the process of dying out or they went off to space and left a small group behind to watch the planet. They are mentioned very few times as if they were a myth. Also, where else could Porygon, Mewtwo, and the rest of the artificial pokemon have come from?
              I would hope that anyone that not only is on this site, but makes reference to Pokemon mystery dungeon games, would have played them well enough to know that the actual hero (you), is a human who has been turned into a Pokemon by the rising calamity and natural disasters caused by the meteor.

              Originally Posted by Kenpokid View Post

              If that one is true, how come he reappears once you defeat the Elite Four rematch again?
              He reappears due to his being up there to defeat his successor. His goal to beat you will allow him to move on, but he feels compassion for you. He most likely died right after you got your eighth badge, thus knowing you would be able to take the Pokemon league challenge. He feels compassion because he has been through challenges much like you have, and knows how bad it feels to lose, so when you beat him, he doesn't feel the ability to move on, yet, when he beats you, he feels bad for you and wants you to beat him.
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                1. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is all a dream. And you're supposed to wake up at the end. You are waking up, ex. you're in that yellow sphere, about to end the dream, when something happens. You apparently die, thus you are back in PokeWorld, which now instead as a dream serves as a sort of remnant of your conscious. I think that the main character is in the hospital. That would explain all the flashing lights at the beginning, he was being put under by an anesthetic. He has this dream. He doesn't survive the operation. It's a bit...out there...but still a thought to consider.
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                Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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