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Which Bug Type Pokemon is your No.1?

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Old March 25th, 2011 (12:21 AM).
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Hi everyone,

I'm posting threads where you reveal your favourite Pokemon of a particular type. This one is about Bug-type Pokemon!

My faves: Yanmega, Beautifly, Dustox, Yanma, Scizor, Butterfree, Leavanny and Vespiquen.
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Old March 25th, 2011 (12:40 AM).
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Combee, Leavanny and Joltik ftw~! They're awesome~ XD
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Old March 25th, 2011 (12:42 AM).
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    My favorites are Leavanny,Escavalier,Galvantula,Accelgor,Durant and Volcarona! They are all really awesome Bug types. They are all based of of cool bugs too! They are all really cool and creative and strong.
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    Old March 25th, 2011 (1:38 AM).
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    Urugamosu, Beautifly and Genosect, maybe also Scizor but I don't care about others :D
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    Old March 25th, 2011 (6:02 AM).
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    Forretress, Venomoth, and Ariados have been on my list of favorites since forever, but recently Genesect, Galvantula, and Volcarona are giving them a run for their money. XD

    GenV actually introduced several awesome bugs in addition to the three I listed. :D
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    Old March 25th, 2011 (6:47 AM).
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    We'll get to that tomorrow
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      Swadloon, Scollipede, Scizor and Ninjask are my Favorite Bug Types Cause I like How Scizor and Ninjask are Fast Pokemon and How Scollipede is Fast for someone that big and I like Swadloon coz it looks emo to me

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      Old March 27th, 2011 (2:29 PM).
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        I think Scyther takes the cake for this one - I got so excited in Silver every time he came up in the Bug Catching Contest :D
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