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Favorite/epic battle facility moments you've had?

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Old February 20th, 2014 (12:32 PM).
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As the title says, what are some of your favorite moments you've had in any of the battle facilities in-game, including any of the Battle Towers, the Battle Subway in Generation V, the Battle Maison in XY, the PWT in BW2, or anything from the Battle Frontiers? Or moments that were just so unbelievably amazing that you feel should not have happened?

One I already mentioned in the "Luckiest moments in X and Y" thread, but i'll mention it here anyway: the only time so far i've made it to any of the Battle Chatelaines in Super Mode, Nita (the singles one), her Tornadus had used Double Team a few times and my last one was Mega Gengar. She was at 1/2 her HP and had used Double Team twice. I had just missed and she used Hurricane, which not only knocked me to 1/5 my health, but also confused me. I missed with Thunderbolt. Then next turn, I hit through confusion and killed her with Thunderbolt and won the battle.

And in my longest streak in the Battle Subway in White 2, 105 wins (the only game i've ever gotten a 100+ win streak on), battle #48, the last one before the Battle Subway boss, had one trainer with a Weavile that I knew had a Focus Sash. I had stupidly let my Scizor die to something else of hers, and my Garchomp (which wouldn't have lasted against that Weavile) was down also. So my last Pokémon was Hydreigon with Flamethrower, although I had a Choice Scarf. I was like, "If I don't burn this thing, we are dead." I used Flamethrower, knocked her to her Focus Sash, and... "The foe's Weavile was burned!" Oh my god, that was amazing. She used Ice Punch and I lived with over half my health left. Then she died from burn damage.

In that same streak, battle #100 was so intense! Their last Pokémon was a Walrein that my Hydreigon had just weakened, while mine was Garchomp. I used Outrage, which didn't kill her, and my heart just sank. Then instead of killing me with an Ice attack, she used Hail. Then I finished her with Outrage and broke that 100 win streak! I then proceeded to fail at battle #113 to an Archeops with a Sitrus Berry.

So those are a few of my craziest wins in the facilities i've had. How about you guys? Any nerve-wrackers to share? Discuss.
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Old February 20th, 2014 (7:21 PM).
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It wasn't a happy ending, but in Platinum I somehow managed to get to the boss of Battle Factory. The rental Pokemon are always crap so I was pretty proud of myself. He happened to have a Raikou though and proceeded to destroy me. But not before I was able to Mirror Coat away like 99% of his Lanturn's health after surviving a Thunderbolt, which I thought was awesome.
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