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Old March 28th, 2011 (6:48 PM).
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    I don't feel bad, every time I see one of them it uses Take Down and never Heal Pulse, so...

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      yes i do especially when they heal my pokemon right before i knocked it out

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      I love beating down every Audino I see. >:D The exp is tooo much to pass up.
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        I have a Shiny Audino, so I don't have to feel guilty for slaughtering the lot of them.
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        Nah, i just think of them as being masochist pokemons. They get the pleasure, and i get the EXP i want from them. A win-win situation for the both of us
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          Nope, don't feel guilty at all

          *Culls a large crowd of squealing Audinos*

          They're cute but.......think of the exp! The exp! D:
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            I feel bad KO'ing it all the time, but strangely I haven't encountered a lot lately...which I am kind of glad of. xD It looks so innocent too D: But you never know when a black sheep will come along haha

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            I do feel a bit bad for fainting them. Especially because they are the Pokemon I seem to go for when I train my Pokemon. I must have defeated hundreds since I started the game. And then they start using Take Down and Double-Edge which annoys me. But before I defeat it it usually undoes all the damage it's done to me with Healing Pulse. That's what makes me feel bad.
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            I see Audino as a bit of an annoyance because whenever I go into shaking grass, they almost always show up. Whenever I see one, I always run from it because even though they give out a lot of EXP, they give out 2 HP EVs to go with them. I run from them instead of battling them because I EV train my in-game teams.

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            I feel bad for killing them. Now I feel even worse after seeing the art. :<
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              I really love Audino, so yes. I always feel horrible kicking their butts with my team, even though when I see the rustling grass I am initially all, "Yes! EXP heaven!" But then it's an Audino and I'm all, "I wish I could catch all of you and keep you safe with me forever!" T_T
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                  Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
                  I didn't feel guilty until now. Thanks ;~;
                  These are my words exactly ;
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                    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
                    It looks really innocent & cute so I always feel guilty after defeating one, especially after it tries helping me and using Heal Pulse, and that picture didn't help me feel any better about it D:
                    Same here. why does it have to be so cute? I feel bad killing that thing...kinda glad that I don't really notice the shaking grass as much. I just abuse lucky egg. When I killed it a couple times, I liked the exp but I definitely felt bad. Someone mentioned they should make an ugly pokemon give you that like sawk or I agree. I wouldn't feel so bad if it weren't such a sweet looking thing that you could have as a pet.
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                      I don't. I focus blast that thing to kingdom come.
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                      Not as much as I probably should... why did they have to make the best exp in the game so cute? I did catch one for my collection so I do feel a bit less guilty about that.

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                        You guys do realize you FAINT Pokemon in battle(NON-LETHAL), not KILL them? Kay, just checkin'

                        That said, I did originally feel bad about fainting it. I saw an Audino and I was all like 'DAWWWW => but then I fainted it and got a lot of EXP. Afterwards, I was all like OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE (=-((((((
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                        I'm not too far along in the game yet, so the Audinos I battle don't know Heal Pulse, but I don't feel too bad about knocking them out so far. After all, they frequently try to Attract my Pokemon, then Double Slap them to death. Sounds like an abusive relationship if you ask me, and I don't feel sorry about ending it.

                        Of course, later on, once the Audinos level up and become better behaved, so to speak, I may feel guilty about KOing them, but for the time being, I'm not going to worry about it.
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                          Noooo, I don't feel bad, it's a great way of gaining HP and it's not my fault that the Audino wants to heal my pokemon! lol

                          At the end of the day it makes the leveling up of high level pokemon a lot easier in a game where it's not particularly easy to do so.
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                            I don't feel bad. No sirree. I love the EXP I get for them, not to mention they're not really dying in my opinion, so it's okay.

                            Old March 29th, 2011 (1:36 PM).
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                            not at all, its just a computer script really. But it does come into use.
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                            I didn't even know that they had a move in which they heal you, so no, I haven't felt bad for it. Even though it is cute in my opinion. Maybe in the future I will if they happen to use that move on me, who knows.
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                            I don't have a guilty bone in my body for hurting Audino. If anything, I should be thanking it for all the experience it gives me. D< And I'll gladly take whatever Heal Pulses they throw at me, as long as I can rack up as much EXP as possible. /lolheartless
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                              I'm after the exp., so I don't care if I hurt them...and I thought it was a very special pokemon at first.
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                              Thanks Nica now I can't Audino-grind anymore ):
                              When reading the title I was like, "Hec, no! It's just a bunch of pixels..," but after reading the comic I'm like, "I'm so sorry how could I do this to you please just punch me in the face fifty times so I feel a little better." d.d
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