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Battle Log Archive, V2!

Hi there, and welcome to the new and improved Battle Log Archive! With the previous thread being such a cluster, the S&M community decided that cleaning it up a little bit would do it nothing but good, so here we go! Essentially this thread is where we’ll link to some of the good battle logs from the past for your viewing pleasure, but now with a much more organized first post, that also includes a short introduction to each log, as well as explaining why it is indeed here in the archive.

If you’ve gotten inspired by this thread and want to post your own (battle) log, please post it in the main forum, and it will be added to the archive!

Also, special thanks to Vrai and Opposite Day for helping to create this thread and a nice format!

Happy reading!

Rocks fall, everyone dies by Opposite Day (March 22, 2011)

Opposite Day loves alternate movesets, and this log is no exeption to that. Read on to see how Swampert performs when it is no longer set-up bait, how everything is extremely deadly in this new metagame, and how Stealth Rock still proves its worth as the best move in the game in this quick battle.

Mirages in the Sand by Vrai (March 24, 2011)

Unlike the last couple of generations, no Pokémon can just be thrown away...every single one can be useful later on, even if the end seems near. In Vrai's first battle log ever, read on to see how exactly mispredictions can ruin an entire gameplan - and how great ones can turn it all back around.

Speed is fun - 'till it kills! by Opposite Day (March 30, 2011)

Keeping up the pace with a pokémon that received the ability Speed Boost is hard - but not impossible! The trickster Opposite Day returns once again with a fast-paced log where both players wrestle for momentum, as well as showcasing just how brutal Scizor can be if left unchecked...unless you've got an extra trick up your sleeve!

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