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Old April 23rd, 2011 (8:21 PM).
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Welcome to the Kuromuksuji fanclub! This club is devoted to the anime/manga Kuromuksuji.

If you love the show or manga we suggest you take a seat and have our finest butler, Sebastian, cater to your every need. Oh and don't leave without saying goodbye to our host Earl Ciel Phantomhive.


1) No spam, Sebastian has enough to do so don't make him clean up any spam.
2) No bullying at all, if you don't know what bullying is its being mean to someone for no reason but to make yourself feel "higher in power"
3) The password for the signup form is "I am one hell of a butler"
4) Try to stay on topic if possible, we don't want to confuse Ciel with topic changes ever other post. Just to put it out there anything having to do with Kuromuksuji is part of the topic.

Current Main Topic: What do you think of the anime/manga?


None >.<

None Yet, Be The First!

Signup Form:
I wanna Join! 
You can add me to the memberlist under the name: {Insert Name Here}
Password: {insert password here}

If you would like to create a banner for the club by all means go a head.

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