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This tutorial is about changing the titlescreen for Emerald if you have already done so at least once and you don't have the offsets of the images that you inserted. This tutorial can be used to insert a titlescreen the first time but THIS tutorial is a lot easier. And since I personally think pictures along with instructions is a whole lot easier to understand I'm gonna have ALL the pictures(within reason).
If you already have followed a different tutorial and have your INDEXED Title screen image, the tilemap raw file and an infranview palette the skip to step three.

Tools Needed
Unlz Gba
Infran View
Paint program
APE (advanced pallete editor)
Ultimate Palette Converter
Free Space Finder
A hex editor (I use hxd)
Also a CLEAN Emerald rom

Step One: Your Image
First off you're gonna make a backup of your rom, cause I aint responsable to anything that happens to it. Now you need to make a new titlescreen with the dimensions 128x128. This seems small but you will reuse a lot of tiles or if your like me you just throw that image in there as a whole.
Heres mine, it's super basic it will be added as a whole image wiht a small part copied and reversed.

Open up the image in InfranView

Now click images>Decrese color def

Next you will want to export the palette of your image to a location that you can access.
Click image>Palette>Export

Now we will save that palette for later.

Step Two: Creating the Tilemap
Next open up NTME. In NTME open you image

Now click the little button at the bottom right hand corner labeled preset sizes. There should be an option for E TS click it and wait for NTME to flash. When done it should show the size as 32x32

Now you can use the new tileset to map out your new title screen in the timemap section. You may want to use the block settings to make things a little faster for you.

Once your tilemap is done click the palette map button and cover the 32x32 image with "E"

Once that's done go ahead and save your tilemap by clicking ctrl+s. It's a good idea to put it in the same location as you palette and titlescreen image.

Step Three: Inserting The Image
Delete any files that were for your edited rom made by Unlz GBA, we don't need them. Open up Unlz Gba and open up the CLEAN emerald rom. once it finishes loading the compressed images close Unlz Gba. Copy the 2 files created and rename them to the same name as your current rom. IE if your rom name is Thatonegame.gba then the 2 new files will be named Thatonegame.gba.pal and Thatonegame.gba.spr

Now open up your edited rom and go to index# 152

This image will be the original title screen that emerald had.
click the import button and locate your new title screen image.

Now clikc write to rom. It make sure that abort if bigger and export image are checked.
The write should fail and say that the new image was to big with a number of the image size.

Take that number and write it down some where. Open up your favorite hex to decimal converter(theres one HERE) Now take the converted number and type that sucker into free space finder and then copy that offset and PASTE IT INTO NOTEPAD AND SAVE IT. Make sure that you name it and know where it is for future uses. Go back to Unlz GBA and click write to rom again but this time paste the new offset into the image offset. Make sure that you don't check automaticaly repoint pointers. We will be doing that later. Now after the image is inserted click file>Load Raw and open the raw file you created earlier. And now do the same thing that you did with the image and insert it making sure that you write down the offset.

Step Four: Repointing
Now open up your rom in your hex editor and then goto the offset 0x00000166

Take your offset foryour image and reverse it. Ie if my offset is 123456 the reversed it would be 56 34 12
back to the hex editor highlight 00000166 to 00000168 So you should have highlighted 6 numbers. now while highlighted type in your reversed offset.

Now your going to do the same thing at the offset 0x000aa95c

Now after those two have been repointed you need to repoint the raw offset goto 0x000aa964 and do exactly the same thing except with your raw file's offset.

Step Five: Inserting The Palette
Now take your palette that you made with infranview and drag and drop it onto ultimate palette converter. When it opens up the command prompt click 5 then 3. your new palette should be in the same folder as the original with a slightly different name. Now open up APE. and open your rom then in the offset box type 00DDE418 and click Load.

After the palette has loaded click the import button at the bottom right hand corner and then open up the converted palette file you made. Once its loaded click the Replace button and then load. If the top colors changed when you clicked load then it worked! Congrats!

Step Six: Bask In The Glory Of What You've Made
Open up Vba and load your rom. check to make sure that the new title is working and all corect and such!

If the clouds are causing issues or they just look bad to you, then go back to unlz gba and go to 153 click save as and then cover the entire image in the background color and then save open infranview and decrese the color def to 16. Go back to unlz gba and import the now black clouds image. (no need for a new offset here as the size has not increased)
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