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Old December 14th, 2011 (5:19 PM). Edited December 14th, 2011 by Webdemon.
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Meh! Seems legit
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If any of you are familiar with Pokecheck, Then skip the explanation, If not then I will go ahead and get it started.

Since I can't seem to find many people with distributions on this forum I figured I'd lend a hand. The plan is pretty simple.


That's exactly how it sounds, It's actually fully evolved battle ready Pokemon to make use of in your wifi battle needs. (They aren't smogon approved so don't worry XD.)

I have this on another site so it's pretty popular but I'd like to spread the fun around for more to enjoy. I add Pokemon every so often (Sometimes a few daily) whose trainers just happen to be...You guessed it, Street fighters..From Ryu's Speed Boost Blaziken to M.Bison's Bouffalant. If you have a favorite Street fighter character. Chances are that I have his/her Pokemon on the distro.

Conditions for using the Distro:


Here's a list of the Pokemon that are currently available to obtain (Get 'em while they're hot), The list so far is as follows:

(The * Next to the Pokemon's ability is from the Dream World. Don't worry they are legitimate abilities...Mostly XD. If the * is next to the Pokemon it's infected with a Pokerus).

Pokemon Shiny Nature Lvl Ability SR trainer
Weavile No Jolly 100 Pressure Rolento

Salamence No Adamant 100 Moxie* Gill

Krookodile No Jolly 100 Moxie Lee

SKARMORY No Careful 100 Sturdy Dee Jay

Porygon-Z Yes Modest 100 Adaptability Retsu

Chandelure Yes Timid 100 Flash Fire Adon

Sigilyph Yes Timid 100 Magic Guard R.Mika

Metagross Yes Adamant 100 Clear Body Birdie

Haxorus Yes Jolly 100 Mold Breaker Urien

Aggron No Jolly 100 Rock Head Geki

Crawdaunt Yes Jolly 100 Adaptability* Gen

Togekiss No Timid 100 Serene Grace Chun Li

Manectric Yes Timid 100 Lightningrod Eagle

Milotic Yes Modest 100 Marvel Scale Charlie

Jynx No Timid 100 Forewarn Maki

Blastoise No Modest 100 Torrent Yang

Feraligatr No Jolly 100 Torrent Yun

Electrode No Timid 100 Soundproof Guile

*Bouffalant Yes Adamant 100 Sap Sipper M.Bison

Cacturne No Timid 100 Sand Veil Karin

Houndoom No Timid 100 Early Bird Dhalsim

Exeggutor No Modest 100 Chlorophyll Sean

Scrafty No Jolly 100 Moxie Akuma

Mismagius Yes Timid 100 Levitate Twelve

Lucario Yes Docile 100 Inner Focus Sakura

Xatu No Timid 100 Magic Bounce* Makoto

Hariyama No Adamant 100 Thick Fat E.Honda

Hitmontop No Adamant 100 Technician Oro

Sharpedo No Jolly 100 Speed Boost* Alex

Blaziken No Adamant 100 Speed Boost* Ryu

Venusaur No Timid 100 Chlorophyll* Elena

Gengar No Timid 100 Levitate Guy

Infernape No Adamant 100 Iron Fist* Ibuki

Arcanine Yes Serious 100 Intimidate Ken

Toxicroak No Adamant 100 Poison Touch* Dudley

Zangoose Yes Jolly 100 Immunity Vega

Excadrill No Adamant 100 Sand Rush Balrog

Electivire No Naive 100 Motor Drive Blanka

Dugtrio No Modest 100 Arena Trap Cammy

Smeargle No Serious 100 Moody* Necro

Spinda No Adamant 100 Contrary* Q

Alakazam No Timid 100 Magic Guard* Zangief

Drapion Yes Adamant 100 Sniper Hugo

Arbok No Jolly 100 Intimidate Remy

Raichu No Timid 100 Lightningrod* Sagat

All these and more will be added for all the enjoy. The onle stipulation is that since these Pokemon are either from black/white or with B/W Dream world abilities...They are only for Gen 5..Sorry Gen 4 peeps..I play only Black and white...I sold my SS..Otherwise I'd do it!

GEN 5 Users - The steps are simple (Again if you already know skip this and start downloading from it

Step 1 - Click on the Distro link and download the desired Pokemon.

Step 2 - Go to Pokegts (Click the link) and upload said Pokemon into the server.

Step 3 - This requires your full attention. You must set the DNS (Primary ONLY) to the current DNS server stated on the site (If you don't feel like clicking want to set it as you read...The current server is! This goes in the Primary DNS server ONLY. Nothing should go on the secondary.) and save and test connection.

Step 4 - Remembering that you've uploaded your Desired Pokemon, Go into the game, Head to the nearest Pokemon center and go into the first lady on the left (The one you talk to yo go into random matches.) Select Global Trade and click GTS..(Not GTS Negotiations..As this will screw you over like a hot cat schlong going into your mouth...and those things are barbed.)

Step 5 - Now you play the waiting game until the Pokemon is sent through the server into your game..Congratulations..You've downloaded your Pokemon!

Enjoy this distro for as long as you see fit! I will be adding new battle ready Pokemon as time goes by. Whether you wish to use them for battling or simply for collection, These Pokemon are at your disposal.

Have at thee

FAQ Section

1.Are these legit?
A. For the most part yes...But sometimes I like to be a little..generous..So to speak. But they are legit in terms of learned moves and appropriate abilities.

2.Are these Pokemon done through RNG Reporter or Pokegen?
A.Pokegen. I like this Program as this eliminates to need for people to get me the Pokemon I desire.

3.How often to you update?
A.Every so often

4.Do you want anything in return?
A.Just post on here if you like the Pokemon or not.

5.Would you like a cookie?

Aliens? Us? Is this one of those Earth Jokes?

Black FC:1291 9663 9203
Don't ask me to battle if it involves Tiers/clauses. I respect Game developers too much for that. If you wish to battle me, I fully intend to destroy you with everything I have. I would expect the same from you.

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Old December 14th, 2011 (6:23 PM).
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I'm gonna go ahead and lock this.
We don't encourage obtaining Pokémon from Pokecheck or using Pokegen to illegally create Pokémon. Please take the time to review our rules before creating a thread. Thank you.
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