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Old April 30th, 2011 (7:20 AM).
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Minccino-Neat and Tidy!
Season 14, Episode 13
Professor Juniper forgot to give Ash the traditional Gym Badge case when he started on his Unova region journey, so she sends her helper, Bianca, to catch up with our heroes and give it to him. But the dusty case attracts the attention of a persistent Minccino, who's determined to make it shiny again! Can Bianca get Ash's Gym Badge case back—and catch a new friend in the process?

Pokémon of the Day

February 25, 2011
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Old April 30th, 2011 (11:31 AM).
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Minccino sounds alot like Jigglypuff
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Old April 30th, 2011 (6:13 PM).
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A pretty funny episode. Bianca is quite the character. Spring purse cleaning is overdo.....

Team Rocket has some impressive technology. They even have a custom-made iPad! Very cool, ha ha.

Ash's fall from the tree towards the end was obvious once he got up there, and it made for a pretty funny scene.

We certainly haven't seen the last of Bianca. I wonder when she'll come up next....

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Old May 1st, 2011 (3:18 AM).
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I thought it was a great episode. Loved Bianca! She's the new Barry

It seemed like a lot happened in this episode, which is definetely a good thing Can't wait to see Bianca again!
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Old May 2nd, 2011 (11:24 AM).
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What? I'm sure I heard someone say that Bionca has more badges, but she doesn't! Ash has 25 badges!
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Old May 2nd, 2011 (12:06 PM).
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Finally we get to the episode where Bel is, she's one of my favorite characters and I didn't mind her English dubbed voice.
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Old May 2nd, 2011 (12:20 PM).
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Originally Posted by Fithboy View Post
What? I'm sure I heard someone say that Bionca has more badges, but she doesn't! Ash has 25 badges!
Yep, you heard right, and that was, out of all people, Iris, the constant "put-downer" of Ash.

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Old May 2nd, 2011 (12:33 PM).
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Very good episode in my opinion, I really enjoyed it. I found a lot of the episode quite funny and Bianca reminds me of the stereotypical blonde girl. Minccino looked funny when it carried Ash's gym badge's case in it's mouth and when it would use tickle as an attack.
I'm still liking the new Team Rocket and they are looking very mischievous and I'm looking forward to see what will happen.

Overall I enjoyed the episode and I couldn't fault it so i'll give it a 4.5/5.
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Old May 4th, 2011 (11:58 AM).
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I was looking forward to this episode and boy I wasn't disspointed!

Aww Bianca =3
Oh, Ash fell in the water too? I was too focus on shipping Cilan and Bianca xD
I like her voice
She's so busty xD and mature looking, shows the game's protagonists are way over 10 xP
Everything's awesome with Ash
Iris don't be vexing on Bianca
Shuddup Ash
Lol@ Minccino'c face with he badge case in its mouth
Shuddup again Ash. Gosh. they're so rude to Bianca so farrr
Oshawott =3
Hydro Pump! xD Ah I love Bianca
Razor Shell looks cool
What is TR up to????
Bianca(Bel is so much easier to type >!>) even looks older than Cilan.
Love the scene where she explains her starting journey, totally sounds like an American teenage girl
Zap Cannon x3
Nurse Joy! <3
Audino </3
Where was that egg all along anywayz
Pignite totally should have won >___>
Cilan's face looks like a pear there
ZOMG Ash! You can count.

Such a cute and funny episode. I really like Bianca here. I thought she's be shy and reserved but I like her hyper and social personality. Mincinno was alright, didn't notice it so much coz it ran a lot, cute nonetheless. And who do those three think they are judging Bianca like that?! And sort of wanting to exclude her. It's bullying Not a good example to set for the little kiddies watching it. Can't wait to see more of Bianca in the future!

Ah, they did spell Minccino wrongly on the opening credits. The things you discover from video commenters
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Old May 4th, 2011 (12:34 PM).
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Wow I didn't notice the misspelled
Minccino was misspelled as Mincinno in Who's that pokemon and Title Credits.
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Old May 7th, 2011 (5:22 AM). Edited May 7th, 2011 by fenyx4.
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Review of Pokemon Best Wishes BW013 - Minccino-Neat and Tidy!:


-LOL at title mispelling.

-These title puns are getting a bit forced.

-BELLE/BIANCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, she makes her anime debut!


-Ash in his underwear next to Belle is so weird. XD

-ONE BADGE, ASH! WOW! [/sarcasm] be fair, any Badge is an achievement, I guess, so I'll stop pestering Ash.

-Geez; that was short. Professor Juniper didn't even ask about how Ash's Pokemon were doing? Wow. :o

-CILAN, POKEMON CONNOISSEUR! For some reason, the delivery of that line piqued my interest. A bit weird to hear that when Cilan is half-nekkid. #_# in all that time (the fire being extinguished, Ash and Cilan's clothes drying, and putting on said clothes), Belle was looking for that Badge Case in that moderately small bag. Just WOW. I love the hue of her emerald eyes, though! :cer_love:

-Kind of suckish that the Badge Case partially spoils the design of the actual Badge...

-NINJA CHILLARMY! (Yes, I'm preferential to the original Japanese name of Minccino as well, particularly because it's more inclined to be a girl, judging from the gender ratio. Actually, Chillarmy could actually pass as male from certain angles. The evolution, however, cannot.)


-LOL at Ash yelling "What?! Replacement?!" on the fallen tree stump, and subsequently slipping and falling off.

-Whoa, Belle's all fired up; LOL.

-What the- it ATE the Badge Case?

-Whelp, there goes Pignite's voice. Sigh... T_T At least it bumbles, and this is my least-liked stage of the Tepig line, anyway. I'm a bit worried for Emboar's voice. ;_;

-Whoa, for a move with only 50 base power, Nitro Charge looked quite powerful. Basically, it visually represents a Fire-type Aqua Jet, which is essentially Flare Blitz.

-LOL at Belle and Pignite frustratingly stomping in unison.

-Well, Ash sounded a bit rude. :<
OMG Belle did Ranka Lee's Kira! pose. 0_0

-Hyper Voice looks (and sounds LOL C WHAT I DID THAR) AWESOME. :3 The game version should have a secondary effect that makes the foe flinch or something, just like Pignite was too stricken to move.

-Oh GOSH...Pignite getting tickled by Chillarmy sounded/looked so annoying, yet sounded/looked so CUTE!

-D'awwwww...Oshawott looks so determined! Uh...Belle is a bit too enthusiastic.

-Aww! And Chillarmy tickling Oshawott looked so cute! gets Tickled and then whacked twice by Iron Tail! :x


-Team Rocket has tablets now? Geez, Meowth's on the ball with the plan(s)!

-I liked how the camera jerkishly panned out, then the Parasol Lady strolled by, and Team Rocket was suddenly gone without a trace, nowhere to be seen. FREAKING NINJAS.

-Who's That Pokemon? An uber-cute jerk.

-Poor Cilan's nice clean spoon! XD
LOL, Chillarmy looked like an idiot when it got caught in the silver inverted bowl...and then it trots away. Sheesh, Belle made no attempt to chase it. Liking sticking her hand out is going to do anything.

-SMUGLEAF, yup, yup.

-"What else do you have besides Pignite?" -Cilan
"Only Pignite." -Belle
LOL. And apparently she spams Nitro Charge as well.
LOL at the scene where Belle described her father's restriction imposed on her. Classic Valley Girl-ish. XD


-A male Chillarmy. Using Attract. And looking "manly" afterwards. XD
Well, at least they're confirming Pikachu's gender more often now. -.-

-I loved how the 'DoubleSlapIron Tail against Iron Tail' collison between Pikachu and Chillarmy made waves in the water from the sheer force of the impact.

-The brief drizzle reminded me of a scene in the first 'Kakashi vs. Itachi & Kisame' fight in Naruto...

-YEAH! Pikachu withstood Hyper Voice!
Heck YEAH! Pikachu held its own against Tickle and tired out Chillarmy! :cer_boogie:

-Belle..Zap Cannon? Srsly. And she was so adamant about it, too.

-EPIC Thunderbolt, Pikachu! That is what Chillarmy gets! And now it's dazed. >:]

-I liked Belle's voice when she said "I wanna catch it - let me take over!'

LOL - that thing must win an award for dirtiest Poke Ball ever! XD Yikes.

-LOL..poor spinning Pikachu.
AH-HA! Now Chillarmy has been lured!



-Man, that Chillarmy must be the most gullible one ever! XD I mean, how stupid would you be to accidentally let yourself get caught? XD

-LOL at Belle's calm words with her unfazed expression.

-LOL at Ash's branch fall. DAIJOBU! "No need to worry!" -Ash I knew Dawn's catchphrase would crop up here at some point!


-LOL I forgot about that Egg being present.

-Well, I know the identity of it, thanks to spoilers. T_T


-Somehow, there's a convenient battle right outside the Pokemon Center...Nurse Joy must be tripping Balls.

-LOL Pikachu was surprised about being sent out. Though it wasn't a necessity, Belle.

-That sure is a speedy Pignite Belle's got there.

-Yikes...that Take Down-Heat Crash combo must have been downright brutal for Pikachu. I'm loving the animation for Heat Crash, though.

-W00t. Nitro Charge vs. Volt Tackle! (though the victor should be obvious by base power alone..)

-YES! Pikachu scored a KO, leading to his second victory in the Unova region! Maybe things are looking up for him finally. ;_;

-I loved how Belle hobbled off. The shuffling, the hop - everything. :3 Not to mention that she's cute, hot, fast-paced, and has amazing Hartman Hips.

3.5/5 for me. Somewhat uneventful aside from Chillarmy, though's Belle's presence alone automatically provided a +0.5 boost. XD

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Old May 25th, 2011 (3:16 PM).
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I don't understand why he was so dramatic about losing the badge, it was just one and the guy who gave it to him is standing right next to him. Just ask him for another. hmm?
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