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Old May 1st, 2011 (11:37 AM).
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    I'm Riley, aka Cupcake. I'm currently working on training my perfect team, and I'm against battling with legendaries D:<
    How is everybody? :]
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    Old May 1st, 2011 (1:32 PM).
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    Hello, Riley. Or Cupcake. I like Cupcake - that's a cute nickname.

    I'm doing peachy. Hope you're doing peachy as well. Good luck with your perfect team and welcome to PC! 8D

    ( ‿‿ ) PM me for a contract.
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    Old May 1st, 2011 (2:01 PM).
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    Welcome cupcake. Nice nickname, lolz. :D. Hope you enjoy your time, and i think the Pokemon Strategies and Movesets and Pokemon Gaming Central should be of your intrest, because of your team. Be sure to read the rules !! don't want to get infracted so early(like i did when i got here).
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    Old May 2nd, 2011 (5:18 AM).
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      me likey cupcake too. Love to make them :D

      nice to meet you riley! I'm new here too so I hope we can be friends

      Ferriswheelshipping FTW!
      visit my blog for moar drawing :3

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      Old May 2nd, 2011 (10:46 AM).
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      Riley is a cool name, I want that name. XD

      Welcome to PC, Rileeey. Had to stop by here and say that, after your username stood out to me in some amusing sort of way. Is there a meaning to the name, or was it just catchy? xD

      Also, kudos to not battling with Legends.

      Hope you enjoy your time here.

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      Old May 3rd, 2011 (10:17 PM).
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      Originally Posted by voodoocakes View Post
      I'm Riley, aka Cupcake. I'm currently working on training my perfect team, and I'm against battling with legendaries D:<
      How is everybody? :]
      Hai, voodoocakes! Lovely name, all three of yours. :3 Welcome to the PokéCommunity!

      That's awesome that you're training a team! It's really, really hard to get a "perfect" team that's almost always successful, though... And especially if you just don't use legendaries! Do you know how tiering works? Well, in competitive battling, Pokémon are assigned a tier based on how often they're used. Really powerful Pokémon (the ones that make using the rest of them not fun at all) are banned to a tier called Ubers, and then the rest are more or less free to use. The thing with the word "legendaries", is that some of the "legendaries" are Uber, but some of them aren't really that strong! Some can be used in OverUsed (things such as Thundurus) and some are in UnderUsed, even (things like Kyurem). It's kind of hard to understand at first and I'm totally okay if you just wanna stick with a "no legends" rule, but you should know that some Pokémon are still perfectly usable!

      ...anyway, after that rant, I do hope you enjoy your time posting around in PC! There's really no better forum as far as staff, community, and activity for anything really. :>
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