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Old June 7th, 2011 (10:22 AM).
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I love Curse Body Jellicent but for this particular team, I'd say that Water Absorb works better. Salamence doesn't really count as a water resist and things like Specs Politoed and Gyarados in the rain can really hurt your team.

For Forretress, have you tried Toxic Spikes? Something like 1 T-Spikes + 1 Spikes (maybe more!) + SR would be enough to dismantle most teams. Taunt Jellicent backed by Spikes support makes people want to forcefully pull their hair out. Things immune to Toxic like Ferrothorn you can burn then Taunt to make useless.

Don't Scarf Salamence, it really doesn't have strong attacking options to warrant one, plus its weak to Rocks. Something like Hydreigon can work as well if you don't like Garchomp. You could even try stuff like Head Smash because even with a -nature KOs every variant of Volcarona anyway. Draco Meteor hits pretty hard as well.

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