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Old July 20th, 2013 (5:57 PM).
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    In this tutorial I explain how to animate and insert tiles in a very fast and secure.

    • Weed need:
    • A-Map
    • Animator Tileset Editor (to download, click here)
    • Paint or some program to design your animations.
    • Well, and the emulator to see the end result.

    Well, for starters we need the tile frames to insert, which in itself, has no
    size limit or a maximum number of blocks, but I recommend you not exceed that may
    have trouble inserting them into the A-map. Well, in this tutorial, we will make a simple
    example, I will insert these tiles in a single animation, as you see, and I have the
    animation of each tile.

    Continue ...
    Opening the Tileset Animation Editor, and load your rom you will have the option "Insert Routine", give click and you will get a window that says "Charge Routine", you give click the Ok button, seleccionad one of 5 possible directions, and then click to "repoint"

    From now on, you can choose the tileset to which you want to place an animation, in this case, as a useful insert in nature, choose the "tileset 0", but clarified that you can choose any one, you can replace the existing or create new giving click the option "Add"
    but in both cases, you have to configure your options from "Anim Options"

    Now, I will explain the function of each parameter.
    speed: Vary the speed at which anger the tile when in motion, it is recommended to leave it on x16, because some problems may arise with other speeds.
    Steps Amount: displays the number of frames that takes animation.
    Anim Slot: Indicates the number of the animation, is always the same number that is in the parameter "Animation No."
    Tile Amount: Indicates the size of tile.
    As follows:
    8x8 ---> 1
    8x16 ---> 2
    8x24 ---> 3
    Start Tile: indicates the direction in which the tile begins, is in decimal.

    In this case, the tile starts at 244, but remember that the A-MAP works in hexadecimal, so we change it to decimal (you can do it with the windows calculator in programmer mode) is, if the direction in which I began my tile is 244 in hexadecimal, decimal would be 580, as indicated by the parameter "Star Tile" in the picture above.
    Time to insert the tiles to A-map ...
    Sure many have given you already own, these tiles can not be inserted as any other, to insert smoothly thus becomes:

    You see, we should follow the order of the rows, if a row is completed, continue with the next, and the next, and the next ...
    Well, as a last step, it is time to insert the frames of the tiles, for you to designate a parameter used to these options ...

    • Palette: the option "tile ending" as you know, is to choose the palette title.

      and "Anim Preview", the parameters ..
    • Display size: changes the size, something like a "zoom"
    • Steep Amin: Indicates the frame to change.
    • + / -: Used to vary the number of rows in the title, is an option that facilitates and avoids some problems when inserting the frames.
    That is, you can insert the frames in any of these ways:

    I did the selected shape, as is the tile as it is easier and arming; finally you export each frame only to "Save Image" edit it, and loaded with "Load Picture". These are the frames to insert, according to how many rows I chose to keep...

    then give to "Save Animations"; I see a window and repeat the initial step to insert routine.
    Finally, it only remains to check the result in the emulator,
    my i stay this way!

    It's a great way to give more life to hack because they can add as many animations wish, is a matter of how creative you may be useful to know that encouraging.
    Try to be as explicit as possible, I hope you understand for everyone!
    If in doubt, you can count on me!
    PD: Sorry for my but english u.U!

    greetings and I hope I have helped!
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    Old July 21st, 2013 (6:12 AM).
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      First :D

      Wow, that's nice. Never heard of that program before o.O

      I never actually tried to insert tiles, everything's just too hard, but now, I can make it easier (for animated tiles at least)

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      Old July 21st, 2013 (4:23 PM).
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        I really want to try this, but I get this error when trying to save an image so I can edit it in paint or something.


        Just strollin' to my next destination...
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        Old July 23rd, 2013 (2:29 PM).
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        Originally Posted by Varion View Post
        I really want to try this, but I get this error when trying to save an image so I can edit it in paint or something.

        Hm... It should prompt you for a filename when you want to save an animation. It could be possible on older versions of Windows that saving with an empty filename is not caught by the dialog, but it seems that your version of Windows should not have a problem.

        What are the steps that can reproduce this problem?

        Again, when I save in my Animation Editor, there is a dialog, I specify the filename, and it successfully saves.
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        Old July 25th, 2013 (10:45 AM).
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          I LOVE YOU! You made my day!!!!!!
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