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Old July 3rd, 2011 (11:13 PM).
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Originally Posted by Tomandgreen View Post
I l-o-v-e this! More please, and maybe a new pokemon for some old characters?
...hmmm... that could work. And I know just where they'll get them.

Thank you very much for the comment!

Originally Posted by NiallC View Post
Oh I'm glad this is back, my computer had been sent to be fixed whilst you was on holiday and i was just horrified i wouldn't get it back in time for the next chapter...

Keep up the good work...
Hehe, you shouldn't worry. The story will always be here!

Thank you very much for the comment.

After my homework I'll be back to writing some more!
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Well, number eight.


The Pokemon Academy: Chapter Eight

Starring Impo, ~Ryukaa, Rossay

The rest of the subjects for the day went buy fairly uneventful. The next subject for Impo and Ryukaa was Cooking. Lucky for them, as they both didn't eat lunch. Then in art they received their first piece assignment.

"A sketch of our Pokemon? On the first day we get an assignment!" Ryukaa wailed. He hated homework and wasn't very good at drawing. Impo thought he was good at sketching, but didn't boast because he knew his standards weren't as high as they ought to be.

The bell for end of lessons rang loud throughout the halls, and all the students sighed in relief. Their first day hadn't been to hard, but it was still tiring. Impo and Ryukaa met up with Rossay in the main hall, who was on his way to the meadows.

"Rossay! Where are you going!" Ryukaa called, waving his arm in the air. Rossay rushed over to them and explained.

"To the meadows, duh. After school there's always everyone outside wanting to battle. And sometimes events, like bug-catching contests and Pokeathlon courses! Not to mention contests! Great for experience!"

"Awesome! Let's go!" Impo cheered.

"Yeah, I can't wait to get Sentret stronger!" Ryukaa said, patting a lump in his pocket. Impo guessed it was Sentret's ball. The two ran eagerly outside, leaving Rossay to catch up.

"You guys! I meant experience for study!" Rossay said, running after them.

The meadow, instead of being empty like it was yesterday, was filled with people. They were everywhere. Battling, chatting and trading. There was also a bug-catching contest in the forest, which was starting in five minutes.

"Oh! A bug-catching contest! I'm so in!" Rossay said, excitedly running up to the official in charge. He waved goodbye to Impo and Ryukaa as he entered the forest.

"What should we do now?" Impo questioned, looking around.

"I don't want to catch more Pokemon yet," Ryukaa said. "I'm going to strengthen up Sentret before I give it a new friend."

Ryukaa released Sentret from its ball, and it happily climbed up Ryukaa to rest on his shoulder, playfully bouncing on it's tail.

"Yeah, me too. I think Teddiursa might have been a little hurt from its-"


Impo stopped in his sentence to witness Sentret accidentally bounce off Ryukaa and onto the floor, landing with a soft thud. Sentert emitted a groan and replaced itself upon Ryukaa, playfully bouncing again. Impo blinked, then finished his sentence.

"from its last battle," Impo then released Teddiursa from its ball. It looked around at the meadow full of people, then it clutched the leg of Impo's trousers in a frightened manner.

"Let's battle!" Ryukaa suggested, with eagerness in his voice.

"Sure," Impo grinned. They moved into a more open space and begun their battle. With their Pokemon out, there was no need to release to wait, and they both wanted to win. Not because they had grudges, but they knew they wouldn't let the other one go a day without telling them who had the stronger Pokemon.
The battle wasn't very good. Nor was it fun to watch. Impo and Ryukaa were too inexperienced to have some good, strategic battles. The two just relayed attacks until Sentret fainted.

"Yes! I win!" Impo cheered.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Impo checked the source of the beeping noise, his Pokedex. He pulled it out of the inside of his jumped pocket and read the flashing message.

"Yes! Teddiursa leveled up!"

The message stopped and Impo returned his attention to Ryukaa, who picked up his unconscious Sentret.

"Damn. Rematch?" He asked.

"Yeah! But you need a Pokemon."

"Haha, there's a healing machine near the bug-contest entrance. I'll just use that."

So the two battled until Rossay came out of the forest, gaining their Pokemon some valuable experience. They darted back and forth from the healing machine whenever necessary, somewhat irritating their Pokemon. Not to mention the Nurse there. Rossay seemed excited and began to speak.

"Hey guys! Come check out the results of the contest! I think I did good!" He said quickly. Without another word he ran back into the forest.

"I wonder what Pokemon he caught?" Impo said, and he and Ryukaa followed Rossay's footsteps.

"I hope it's not a Weedle," Ryukaa shuddered. The two entered the forest and awaited for the results to be called.


Please, please, please comment or critique. I like to know if people are actually reading this.
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Old October 15th, 2011 (2:14 AM).
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is there a one month rule on updating? Oh well

The Pokemon Academy - Chapter Nine
Starring Impo, Ryukaa, Rossay, Signomi and Paradox
Impo and Ryukaa followed an eager Rossay into the forest, parting branches to view the artificial podium. Next to it was an announcer, gently clasping her microphone with both hands. In front of her was a large group of people, a mix of contestants and students. The two merged in with the crowd, assuming Rossay had already entered. The announcer placed her mouth to her microphone and boomed her voice across the forest.

"Welcome, one and all to the rankings of this week's Bug Catching Contest!" She rose her arms up, signalling the thunderous applause that followed. She sure knew how to handle a crowd.

"In third place, with a total of forty points, Rossay and his newly found Surskit!"

Rossay proudly strode up to the podium with his Surskit scrambling along beside him. He walked up onto the podium with a satisfied grin. His Surskit clamped onto Rossay using its frail legs, causing the crowd to "awww".

"Second place goes to Signomi and Scyther with 45 points!"

A young girl applauded diligently before realizing it was her name being called. She ran with joy past Rossay and climbed onto her place on the podium, her Scyther bouncing behind her.

"And first place goes to Paradox and the amazing catch of a Shiny Scyther! He scored a whopping 200 points!"

Paradox arose from the crowd as if he was expecting his name to be called. His shiny Scyther was a darker green than Signomi's, and upon meeting it on the podium they hissed, exchanging vouches of their toughness.

"Now, let's give a big round of applause to the winners, and let's not forget the others!"

"...Well, what a way to make the others feel good..." Impo thought as the crowd drowned out his thoughts.

"Now, if all those who participated could follow me to the tent where they'll recieve their prizes! How exciting!" She said enthusiastically, beckoning them forward.


Rossay impatiently followed the announcer into the tent, along with the others who were a part of the Bug Catching Contest. He was eager to collect his prize, he hoped it was something good for third place. He didn't know anyone in the group and he felt quite isolated, so he decided to strike up small talk with Paradox.

"Hey, Paradox! Nice find, you must be really good at this!" Rossay chuckled, holding his stomach with his hands.

"Yeah, better than you'll ever be," Paradox replied, smirking as he distanced himself from Rossay.

"Oh, don't worry about him, I think he's just a little bit proud," said a voice from behind Rossay. It was Signomi, she had seen how Rossay was a little hurt by his encounter. After all, he was just trying to be friendly. "I tried talking to him before, but he shrugged me off, and my Scyther, too." She patted her Scyther lovingly and continued to speak. "My names Signomi by the way, you must be Rossay, right?"

"Yeah, nice to meet you."

"Same!" Signomi giggled. The two stopped talked as the announcer began to speak again.

"Okay, everyone's here! Now, we'd like to thank everyone for joining yet another Bug Catching Contest! We hope you all join the next one! Now, to begin to hand out the prizes could Paradox please come here?"

Paradox coolly strode towards the announcer, maintaining his sly grin.

"Paradox, you are awarded the Metal Bag for receiving First Place in the Bug Catching Contest. It has lots of goodies that are wonderful for trainers!"

Paradox exchanged a grunt of thanks as he accepted his prize, then he exited the tent.

"Now, if Signomi could please step forward," the Announcer smiled. Signomi squealed and rushed forward, skidding to a stop.

"Someones an eager beaver, aren't they?" the Announcer joked, handing her a small pouch.

"You are given the Healer's Bag as a prize, congratulations!"

Signomi cheered herself as she returned to Rossay. She instantly dived into her prize, feeling all the items inside. Her mixed emotions of happiness were interrupted by the Announcer.

"And if Rossay could please come here, we will reward you with Training Bag!"

Rossay stumbled forward and gratefully accepted his prize. He and Signomi exited the tent together before hearing what the prize for participation was and emptied their bags on the grass outside.

"Wow!" Signomi said excitedly. "Look! Heal Balls, Potions and the Leftovers item! Sweet! What'd you get, Rossay?"

"I got some Vitamins, Great Balls and the Exp. Share! Nice! ...Wait, what's this?" Rossay noticed a lilac ticket that fell out of his prize.

"I got one too," Signomi said, picking hers up from the grass.

The ticket was one-sided and not very informative. All it said was "One Ticket. Congratulations, Winner!" with a simple border.

"I wonder what it's for," Rossay wondered.

"I wouldn't worry about it, but let's hold on to it, just in case!" Signomi suggested, placing everything she poured onto the grass back into her bag. Rossay did the same and the two walked back out the forest to find Impo and Ryukaa.
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