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"A Connoisseur's Revenge!" - Review Thread

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Old June 11th, 2011 (12:09 PM).
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Episode 19 of the Pokemon: Black & White Series has aired. Post your thoughts.

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Old June 11th, 2011 (12:20 PM).
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I watched a couple minutes this morning, I lawl at Ash expression when they anted up his pokemon if Cilan lost. I thought it was funny how people were saying "Maybe we will get to see Sturdy ability come in to play with Roggenrola" I guess they forgot Dwebble has Sturdy as well... Or the fact that it was used in this episode.

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Old June 11th, 2011 (12:49 PM).
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Wait a sec.....I thought the PokeMart was suppose to be inside the Pokemon Center.
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Old June 11th, 2011 (2:32 PM).
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I actualy enjoyed the episode. Sadly it was thunder clowdy this morning and froze up every once and a while =(.

Snivy is my favorite of ash's pokemon and probably my favorite starter. Sadly oshawott's fully evolved form looks ugly as well as tepig's. I loled when she tried to lick snivy. 0_o
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Old June 11th, 2011 (6:39 PM).
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OMG it's this episode!!! :D - BTW this is my first episode being in America, a nice way to start

Of course not Ash T_T
You Americans stretch every syllable. Seewwaaadle.
Burgundy, no you look Purple xD Oh... same ting. I like how she's named after food as well
Her voice is appropriate
OMG Ads, I miss YouTube.
No mans talk to Snivy like that
Ahaha! Scraggy xD
Wash your face, I'll use that.
This WTP is actually good :o
Wait, they're advertising again *facepalm*
Iris' face xD
Fantina's lost long daughter
Tasting time was better
Ash you get your own self into stuff.
So that's what Sturdy looks like in the Anime.
Premium brand. Lol.
Accumula Town music!!! :D

Nice episode, some character development and all that. I look forward to seeing Burgundy again, she's funny
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Old June 12th, 2011 (5:56 AM).
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I love the name Burgundy, considering it is a type of Wine, perfect for her French style. xD

Heh, they changed Tasting Time, to Evaluation Time. "Alors, evaluation time s'il vous plaît!" I do really love that catch phrase though.

Her evalution on Ash was hilarious, it was funny how all his Pokémon attacked her, and that use of judging a Pokémons aroma. Although, I don't think that meathod is really fair, maybe a Pokémon just came out of an intense battle, and it was all sweaty n' stuff. (that is if Pokémon do actually sweat.)

Not too sure I liked that battle, Although Cilan had some Strategy - using Protect a few times isn't fairly fair in my opinion. I wish Sawsbuck could have at least tried to take out Dwebble, but Cilan brought it back.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable episode - I'm hoping Burgundy will have an apparence in the upcoming Jap episode.
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Old June 12th, 2011 (10:02 AM).
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I'm a huge fan of this episode because we got to know about Cilan as an individual and getting to know his past and his stance as a trainer. If what we've seen from him already, he's a very powerful trainer. I'm liking the Connoisseur thing, the more I hear about it. We've only touched base with it and I can't wait to see what the anime take his character. I do hope they develop his character even more and get to know him AND Iris a little more since we've only really gotten glimpse of them really as individuals.

Even though I love Ash, I know alot about him and I tend to focus on Iris and Cilan when watching the show but I loved his reactions to Burgundy's evaluations. The new series is really growing on me.

I'm glad that someone other than Ash has a rival now and Burgundy sure isn't going anywhere. I really can't wait to see her appear once more. I'm trying to figure out why Iris is actually around. I mean, Cilan has a purpose and acts like Brock in the food department but I just hope they give Iris an actual reason to stick around. I mean, right now, she's just along for the ride (which can be reason enough) but she needs to do something. I would love to see her choose to be a trainer and be a travelling rival for Ash.

Anywhoo, I really enjoyed this episode.
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Old June 13th, 2011 (12:30 AM).
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Burgundy's eyebrows are really thick. I couldn't stop starring at them. :x

I quite liked this episode, though they couldn't stop talking while startting the battle. I just wanted them to get on with it.
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Old June 14th, 2011 (10:46 PM).
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It's Review Time!
I don't usually watch the English dub, but how can I pass up seeing how well they portray Dent Cilan?

> Oh, Castelia sounds odd for some reason. Perhaps the emphasis on the E...
> Cilan's head is covered by a big Y7 mark. Not cool.
> That's one flashy Friendly Shop PokéMart.
> arrgh oh my ears Iris do you regularly speak like that? >__<
> I've heard this theme song all of seven times and I've got it memorized. On accident. Lame~
> Shouldn't the title really be "A Connaisseuse's Revenge"? I mean, Cilan's not taking revenge, and Burgundy is female... wait... what are they telling us? D:
> Ash: "Whoa! It's huge!" Me: "Hehehe... *cough*"
> Cilan. There are synonyms for "extensive". Use them.
> Saleslady has that pitch memorized.
> Oo pretty music.
> Ash, you're stupid. Sonic will explain it to you. I mean Cilan. Ugh.
> Sonic you explained it badly. You aren't just tossed into a category, you have to start with no class and train to become C-Class. Then you work your ass off to get better.
> That was not boasting at all right there.
> Seriously, I never understood why the lady was blushing.
> Also, don't you have to pay money to be evaluated? If not, how the hell do these people make a living?
> Yes Ash, she is female. Are you that surprised to see females working places other than the corner like your friends always did?
> And you don't question why she doesn't have a line. Perception, Ash. You need it.
> Ranked, yes. What rank?
> She's pretty good. She hasn't actually told a lie.
> Also, those eyebrows rival Emma Watson's in Goblet of Fire.
> Sewaddle sounds odd.
> Uh... Gratuitous French, anyone? After that show, I want Tasting Time back.
> Ash, you really can't blame it.
> Don't you have any sense of professional attitude?
> Okay, there's a lie. You can become a Pokémon Master without checking compatibility.
> > Besides, he already has a fanboy to do it for him.
> Why does anyone need to respect your tongue?
> Why does Tepig's voice sound so, so, familiar?
> Ohmygod Scraggy's voice is ew
> > Why do I hate Jason Griffith's voice acting so much lately?
> Freak-out much?
> That wasn't nearly as mean and articulate as it should have been.
> "I was so hurt and angry." ...So?
> Cilan, having been calm all this time, begins to get feisty when anything is said against his Ash.
> A hundred times more? Somehow I doubt this.
> Also, how is that proof of anything?
> Ash, you hadn't even known there were other connoisseurs. Why are you this excited for a battle between them?
> "Well if you ask me..." NO ONE DID SO SHUT YOUR YAP
> exposition exposition
> I guess Evaluating Time is about as close as it's gonna get.
> Well that was an unnecessarily dramatic sound effect.
> Ughhh I hate how Cilan is pronounced. It should be like "cilantro", since that's where it came from.
> A) You mean vocabulary, not dictionary. They are not synonymous. B) I am absolutely sure that it does, 'specially since you lost to Ash a while back.
> "Our Cilan..." WHAT YOU SAY?! HE IS NOT YOURS, YOU HEAR? HE IS MINE! Or Ash's depending on the mood I am in but mostly mine.
> Your Pokemon. Is not fully matured. Hell, it isn't even fully evolved.
> Protect spam commence.
> Hmm? A-Class Connoisseurs are required to be flamboyant? Brb finding more.
> Worst choice he's ever made, huh? You speak as if you know his entire past.
> Dewbble is so cute. <3
> Why does Dewott have to hurry up and return? Not like Cilan's going to have Dwebble kick him while he's down... or is he...?
> Those shadows make Burgundy look much curvier than she is.
> OMG life changing revelations
> It occurs to me that Burgundy's first Pokémon was actually a Deerling and not an Oshawott. This intrigues me.
> Premium brand, eh? I think vintage better suits the meaning.
> Yes, ignore the compliment right there.
> Ooh he gettin feisty.
> RIGHT IN THE ASS! That's gonna hurt for a few days~
> "Sometimes it is necessary to attack from the front, and sometimes you must approach from the back." bahahahahaha best quote ever. 'specially since Pansage just hit Sawsbuck up the ass with seeds. dying rn
> And a kick-ass Kamehameha Solarbeam to the face!
> And this interaction leads to Ash thinking Cilan admires Burgundy more than him, and vows to remedy this atrocity soon.

Wow, I do go on, don't I? Perhaps I should write for Pokémopolis. Maybe Tim is getting bored of doing episode guides.
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Old June 19th, 2011 (3:35 AM).
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Surprisingly enjoyable episode. I really hated Burgandy, and she deserved being hit by all of Ash's Pokemon's attacks @~@ I hope to see her again as she was quite fun XD
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