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Old 2 Weeks Ago (11:28 PM).
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I am currently running a platinum playthrough, and just found out that you Can get both Crogunk and Skorpi without going to the safari zone! Though i'm a bit comfused, as to who I should choose. Could you guys help me?
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Both are fairly solid choices. Looking forward to the elite 4, Drapion may prove a superior choice, as it gives you something that can tear through Lucian's team, whereas Toxicroak stands no chance against Lucian's team. Drapion also has better defenses, so it can Poison some of Cynthia's Pokemon which can be hard to take down.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (10:41 AM).
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I prefer Drapion myself. I like its design more than Toxicroak's, and Toxicroak has 3 weaknesses while Drapion has only 1.
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I personally find Drapion's typing a lot more useful offensively (and even defensively) than Toxicroak). Being only weak to Ground gives Drapion a huge advantage over Toxicroak over pretty much every single remotely relevant NPC in the game with the exception of Bertha (because Ground-type).

While Toxicroak is definitely not a bad choice, it's weaknesses leave much to be desired, so you have to be more careful with using it than you would with Drapion.
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I'm more of a drapion person since i find his typing and moveset to be more usefull than that of Toxicroak (he can learn all of the elemental fangs but you gotta use a move reminder for it)

he also can take more hits than Toxicroak.

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I mean Drapion is practically better but I love Croagunk and Toxicroak so I often go for them.
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Drapion has better typing, and there are better fighting types such as Lucario.

I'd go for Drapion.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (9:52 PM).
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Like the others said, Drapion is the better choice of the two thanks to less weaknesses and also having better abilities than Toxicroak. Drapion also gets a lot of powerful moves through TMs (such as Earthquake) and it has the defenses to survive a lot of the game as well.

Toxicroak unfortunately gets outclassed by other Fighting-types, like Heracross or Lucario.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (5:38 AM).
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I'd go with drapion. I like the larger, more intimidating looking pokemon. And I was lucky enough to catch a shiny skorupi as one of only 3 shinies I've randomly encountered!
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