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Draconius GO
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    • Explore the new region ofCretens!
    • At least 150 new fakemons, and original Pokemon as well.
    • New custom music and sounds!
    • Unique storyline: Following the years after the great Pokemon war!
    • Completely new moves, abilities and items!
    • An all new type: Light
    • The new and improved Battle Frounteer, featuring characters such as Prof. Oak, Giovanni and Red
    • New evolutions!
    • Alternate formes!


    In the region of Cretens everything was not as peaceful as it is today. There were violent storms, earthquakes strong enough to destroy cities, huge vulcanic eruptions, tsunamis 50 feet tall, and diseases spread across the land. This was all caused by the great war between humans and Pokemon. Many innocents were fatally injured, or even died. People say that the war was caused by a menacing Pokemon that killed the wife and daughter of King Hirosaki Nagashima, but that is not the whole truth.

    King Hirosaki was not as innocent as he claimed to be. He was power hungry, and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. He single-handedly started the war by killing a family of Nidoran, along with their mother Nidoqueen in his quest to conquer the region of Cretens, for he knew that the Pokemon were standing in his way. But what he didn't know was that the family of Pokemon had a father, Nidoking. Nidoking saut after King Hirosaki and killed his family to make things even.

    King Hirosaki then formed a six man team of the most skilled warriors of his time to work under him, and lead his army to battle. There was Dieppe the swift, Blitzkreig the strong, Ypres the hot head, Roosevelt the wise, Mackenzie the beautiful, and Winston their kind-hearted leader, who was the most skilled of them all. He told them his story about Nidoking killing his family and they put all their loyalty in him and blindedly fought for his cause.

    But one day Winston found out the truth. He then confronted King Hirosaki in front of the rest of the team and King Hirosaki confessed his true plans. He then offered them a choice, join him and rule over the Cretens region, or fight against him and die a horrible death. Dieppe, Blitzkreig and Ypres chose to join King Hirosaki but Winston, along with Roosevelt, his bestfriend, and Mackenzie, Winston's one true love, chose to fight against him.

    Winston, Mackenzie and Roosevelt get exiled from the kingdom and become wanted criminals. They know that the three of them alone cannot hope to defeat King Hirosaki, so they turn to the Pokemon that they once fought against for help. Winston speaks with Nidoking, who is now leading the Pokemon, and they form an unbreakable bond of friendship. Now with the Pokemon on his side, Winston knows that they can win this war.

    Winston and Nidoking lead an all-out assault on King Hirosaki's kingdom. Their fighting seemed endless but eventually things started looking good for Winston's side. King Hirosaki fled from battle and Dieppe, Blitzkreig and Ypres stayed to hold back Winston and his army, but Roosevelt, Mackenzie and Nidoking chose to stay and fight them so Winston can chase after King Hirosaki. Winston reluctantly chased down King Hirosaki and the two of them were never seen again.

    Some say that King Hirosaki will one day make his return to try and finish what he had started. If that happens who will be there to protect the region of Cretens? The only one who was ever capable of defeating his has disappeared. But what King Hirosaki doesn't know is that before Winston chased after him, Mackenzie was pregnant with his child...

    16 Years Later...

    You have been having these strange dreams of two men fighting against each other, each trying to kill the other. One day the dream seems worse than it usually is, the man wearing a crown gains the upper hand and starts winning the fight, then the other man turns to you and asks for your help. Before you can do anything, you are woken up by your step dad, Roosevelt, and your mom, Mackenzie. You deside that these dreams have been going on for too long and you tell them what happened. They then tell you to get dressed and meet them in the living room.

    When you go down stairs and they tell you that the man in your dream was your father, Winston, and that you are are the only one capable of defeating King Hirosaki and saving your father from destruction. For years they have been telling you the story about the war but they always used different names, so this took you by surprise.

    Roosevelt then says that you will need to gain the trust of Pokemon so they can help you save your father. He gives you a choice between three unique Pokemon that he befriended during the war and a Pokedex to help you befriend more Pokemon. He says that you must first challenge the Pokemon League in order to sharpen your skills and develop a close bond between you and your Pokemon, then sends you on your quest.

    During your quest you will face many obstacles created by the children of King Hirosaki. They will ultimately offer you a choice, try and save your father and face their wrath, or help them save their father and rule over the Cretens region as a god. Which will you choose? The fate of Cretens is in your hands now...


    The Hero/Heroine
    Age: 16
    Choose to be the silent protagenist or the talkative hero.

    Roosevelt (Step Father)
    Age: 39
    The wise veteran of the great Pokemon war. After your fathers disappearence he vowed to protect you from harm and act as a father figure to you. He is a nice man but very stern. After you start your quest he will help you prepare your Pokemon by battling you on occassion or battling along side you against the children of King Hirosaki. He uses the starter Pokemon that is stong against yours

    Mackenzie (Mother)
    Age: 37
    The beautiful veteran of the great Pokemon war. She has raised you with the help of Roosevelt for your whole life. She would never let you leave her side, not even for school. She is hesitant to send you on your quest but she will help you on occassion will difficult tasks and battle along side you against the children of King Hirosaki. She uses the starter Pokemon that is weak against yours.

    Hideki Nagashima (Rival)
    Age: 20
    The eldest son of King Hirosaki and the most skilled in Pokemon, and combat. He wishes to free his father and help him conquer the Cretens region. He will stop at nothing to get his way, he will even try to convince you to join him on occassion.

    King Hirosaki
    Age: Unknown
    The cruel king who will stop at nothing to rule the region of Cretens. He dissappeared after the great Pokemon war and has since been trapped in a hidden place where time is at a stand still and he most fight against Winston until there is a winner.

    Winston (Father)
    Age: 22
    Your father who went missing after the great Pokemon war. He has since been trapped in a secret place where time stands still and he is to forever fight against King Hirosaki until there is a winner.


    Project Co-ordinator - James901
    Scripter - Highly Needed!
    Eventer - Highly Needed!
    Spriters/Pixel Artist - James901(Amature), Highly Needed! Need 2-3 more.
    Tile Setters - Highly Needed! Need at least 3
    Mapper - Highly Needed!
    General Graphics - Highly Needed!
    Composers - A friend of mine, need at least 1 more.
    Concept Art
    Fakemon - James901 and a friend of mine.
    Town Map Layout - James901.
    Storyline - James901.
    General Ideas - James901 and a friend of mine.
    New Moves - James901.
    New Abilities - James901, can use 1-2 more.
    New Items - James901, can use 1-2 more.


    If you have any skills that we need please submit a request to join this project. We will need plenty committed members to pull this off. Here's the format for you to submit your request. Please PM it to me.

    Want you can help with:
    Proof of skill:
    How committed are you?:

    Sorry that there are no pictures, I haven't started development yet since I am still in need of helper.
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