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This is a fan-made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode.

Quick Synopsis:
In an attempt to make a male Pegasus notice her, Rainbow Dash enlists the help Twilight Sparkle and Rarity to give her complete image makeover. When Twilight and Rarity go overboard and decide to completely change her attitude and outlook on life, Rainbow decides to take it upon herself to make the male Pegasus notice her.

You Can't Change a Rainbow's Colors!

The episode starts with Rainbow Dash a spunky tomboyish pegasus, high in the skies in Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash has a cyan fur color with a vivid rainbow colored mane. There are a few pegasi sitting on the clouds, watching her perform.
"Watch this!" Rainbow exclaims. She starts ascending into the sky and stops. The pegasi down below are all looking at each other.
"Hurry up will ya?" one shouts up to Rainbow Dash.
"I was trying to build up suspense, but whatever." Rainbow Dash replies. She begins to perform the Sonic Rainboom, her special move. As she gets faster, she eventually breaks through the spear drag she accumulated.
"She did it!" a pegasus exclaimed, "Again!" She vanishes down beneath the clouds, only to come back up, with a big rainbow trail behind her.
"See, I told you!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, "The Sonic Rainboom is possible!"
"No need to rub it our faces!" one pegasus replied. The group gets up and leaves the area.
"Rainbow Dash, you're so awesome!" one pegasus said softly.
"Thanks Fluttershy." Rainbow Dash replies. Fluttershy is a shy pegasus with a light yellow fur color. She has a light pink colored mane. As she stops, Spitfire, one of the Wonderbolts, a group of fantastic fliers, and the group Rainbow Dash dreams of being in trots by. Spitfire has an orange fur with an orange mane. She is accompanied by a tall, suave pegasus with a white coat and a yellow mane.

"Hello you two," Spitfire says.
"Oh, hello there Spitfire," Fluttershy replied.
"It's good to see you two." Spitfire replies; laughing slightly.
"Who's the guy?" Fluttershy asks.
"Oh, this is White Lightning." Spitfire began, "He's here to become a member of the Wonderbolts. He's an amazing flier and should fit our group nicely." Rainbow stared at White, blushing bright red.
"That's wonderful!" Fluttershy said, happily.
"Yeah, I know." Spitfire replied, "Isn't it?"
"It's a pleasure to meet you both." White said. He then turned to Rainbow, who was still staring at him and blushing.
"What's your name, pretty girl?" White asked.
"Uh…it's…uh…um…" Rainbow said, stuttering nervously.
"Her name's Rainbow Dash." Spitfire tells White.
"Wow, that's a pretty cool name." White replied. Rainbow now nervously blushes and smiles.
"She's a pretty good flier herself." Fluttershy says.
"Wow, I'd love to see you fly myself." White replied. Rainbow gives a fangirl squeal and blushes still.
"Well, I got to show White to the other Wonderbolts." Spitfire replies, "See you two sometime later!" And with that, Spitfire and White flew off towards the Wonderbolt headquarters. Rainbow then fell flat on her face.
"Rainbow Dash, are you okay?" Fluttershy asked. Rainbow's reply was muffled by the clouds she had her face buried in.
"Maybe Twilight can help you." Fluttershy replied. With that she helped Rainbow to her feet and the two ventured to Twilight's house.

"Write this down Spike." Twilight began, "Invisibility Spell." Twilight Sparkle was a purple pony. She has a raven-colored mane with a pink and violet streak in her mane. Spike is Twilight's faithful companion. He is a young dragon with purple skin and green scales on his back. He grabs a pen and began writing "Invisibility Spell" on the paper. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
"I wonder who that could be." Twilight said out loud. She moves towards the door and sees Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash at her door.
"Can I help you two with something?" Twilight asks.
"Yeah, Rainbow needs help." Fluttershy replies.
"With what," Twilight asks, "What's her problem?"
"You see…" Fluttershy begins.
"There's this cute guy I have a crush on!" Rainbow exclaims, and then covers her mouth with her hoof, blushing.
"Rainbow," Twilight replied, "That's nothing to be ashamed of!"
"Yeah," Spike chimes in, "Having a crush is perfectly normal for both boys and girls."
"But…I don't know if he would like me." Rainbow replies.
"Rainbow," Twilight said, "Why are you so unsure about how he feels about you?"
"It's just…" Rainbow said, "I'm not sure he'd like me because I'm tomboyish. I'm thinking he'd like a pegasus with an attitude like Rarity's."
"Rainbow," Spike exclaims, "You can't judge what kind of girl White likes without knowing that officially. Right now, you're just assuming. Never assume."
"But if you're so unsure about that, I'll take you to Rarity's, Rainbow." Twilight explained. Rainbow gulped nervously as Twilight lead her to Rarity's.

Rarity was the fashonista out of the group. She had gorgeous white fur, that she carefully grooms each day and night. She also has a beautiful purple mane, which gets the same treatment each day and night. Rarity was busy putting dresses together when the door opened.
"Hello, may I help you?" she asked, her back towards the door.
"Rarity, we have a problem." Twilight said.
"Oh, with what?" Rarity asked, back still towards Twilight.
"It's with Rainbow Dash." Twilight continued. Rarity turned around to face them.
"What's wrong with Rainbow?" Rarity asked.
"She has this crush on a male Pegasus." Twilight stated. Rainbow smiled nervously.
"And where do I factor into this predicament?" Rarity asked again.
"We need you to completely change Rainbow's image." Twilight stated. Rarity smiled. She then grabbed Rainbow and ran her into a changing room. She then tossed a dress into the room.
"Put it on, please." Rarity said. After a bit, Rainbow came out in a pink dress. She had an extremely angry look on her face. Twilight and Rarity looked and each other before laughing hysterically. Rainbow growled angrily and tore the dress off.
"I didn't like that dress anyway." Rarity said. She grabbed another dress and tossed it into the changing room and pushed Rainbow into it.
"Let me go!" Rainbow exclaimed.
"We're only trying to help!" Rarity replied.
"No you're not!" Rainbow shouted.
"Yes we are!" Rarity exclaimed. The two began shouting back and forth.
"ENOUGH!" Twilight exclaimed. Rainbow and Rarity looked at Twilight.
"I don't need this!" Rainbow exclaimed angrily, "I'm going to try to impress White without your help!" With that Rainbow darted out of the building and Twilight and Rarity saw her fly out of sight through the window.

Rainbow was now back up in Cloudsdale. She saw Fluttershy and rushed over towards her.
"Fluttershy," Rainbow began, "Have you seen Spitfire anywhere?"
"She's over there with White." Fluttershy said, motioning her head to where the two were. Rainbow saw White was dressed in a Wonderbolt uniform.
"Oh, hey," Spitfire exclaimed, "Rainbow Dash, over here!" She motioned Rainbow towards her.
"Meet the newest Wonderbolt, White Lightning!" Spitfire exclaimed. Rainbow's eye twitched rapidly.
"That's wonderful!" Rainbow replied. Spitfire and White replied, smiling.
"I knew you'd be happy!" Spitfire replied.
"Thanks for that, Rainbow!" White replied.
"Was there something you wanted to ask us?" Spitfire questioned.
"For White primarily," Rainbow replied.
"Well, what's on your mind that you want to talk to me about?" White asked.
"Would you…like to…hang out sometime?" Rainbow asked nervously.
"With me?" White asked. Rainbow blushed and nodded her head. White then blushed in response.
"Yes," Rainbow began, "Is that okay with you?"
"I'd be delighted." White replied. Rainbow smiled brightly.

The two then flew off onto the horizon. Rainbow was happy that she got the guy by just being herself.

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