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Old July 9th, 2011 (8:31 PM).
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This story starts in the Losthorn Bayou. Deep inside the forest, right by the willow tree there were two Pokémon. One; a cerebral Pokemon and the other a multiplying Pokémon. Both sitting there peacefully, fishing in the bayou. They always come around the autumn season because the fish often bite at this hour. Reuniclus, the multiplying Pokémon, always hopes to catch a shark while her friend Beheeyem, the cerebral Pokémon, hopes to catch a alien like fish to prove to Gothitelle that aliens really do exist. So far, none has reached their goal, however they always come to the bayou in hopes that one day, they will catch what they seek.

They sat there, for many hours hoping for a bite on their fishing lines. So far, nothing. However, to pass the time, they always like to look around at the scenery. It changes every season. Right now, in the autumn season, the trees barely have leaves as they are all scattered around on the pale green grass. There were hardly any Pidgys around since at this time, they would all migrate up north for the season. So fishing in the autumn or winter times were a good time to do so, because there was hardly any competition from the birds; and the humans would come around the afternoon times. So not much from them in the morning. In the winter however, they’d compete with Beartics for fishing holes since the water would be all ice and only a few openings of water.

While fishing, they hear a rustling sound in the bushes followed by what seems to be the sound of someone humming a song. The two Pokémon looked around and at each other, wondering what would be making such a sound. It was a sound that only a large being can make. Being curious, they went to the middle of their side of the bayou and waited. It appears that whoever could be coming this way is getting closer as the bushes began to rustle faster. In a few second, it appeared.

It was a Pokémon! This Pokémon was blue, so Reuniclus and Beheeyem can tell that it was male. He was a blue dragon with many metal parts and has a chest plate with some type of shiny diamond in the middle. Also had wing-like plates on his back. He looked almost like a dinosaur, except a tad-bit smaller. But as tall and metal-ish as he was, he looked at the girls as if he was scared. The girls looked up at this Pokemon and wondered if they should say something in order to make this Pokemon feel more comfortable. As the intensity between the Pokemon got tenser, one breaks the mold.

“Hi!” Reuniclus yelled out.

“Huh?!” the Pokemon took one step back from where he was standing.

“Come on!” Reuniclus motioned for Beheeyem to follow and she began to bounce on the stepping stones that lead to the other side of the bayou. Unfortunately for Beheeyem, she wasn’t a blob of jelly; so she had to hop on the stones, which were somewhat a distance apart. Trying to make sure that she didn’t fall in the water, she held on to each stone as she hopped on them. Eventually, she got there, joining her friend on the other side.

The Pokemon got a little less nervous as he kept looking and smiling at Reuniclus bouncing up and down on the stepping stones and on to the ground. His eyes followed her, going up and down. Eventually, she stopped bouncing up and down so that she can introduce herself.

“Hey! What’syourname? What’syourfavoritecolor? What’syourfavoriteanimal? What’syourfavoritefood? Doyoulikefishing? Doyoubelieveinaliens?” Reuniclus asked simultaneously.

“Oh! Okay… umm… well. My name is Dialga; my favorite color is blue; I like kitties, meow~; Waffles; what’s fishing?, what are aliens?” the Pokemon replied.

“Your favorite color is waffles?!” Reuniclus asked.

“Fishing is… umm… when you sit there with a hook and bait and you catch fish then either eat them or just throw them back. Aliens are, those things living in outer space that I think exist.” Beheeyem explained.

“Oh… and who are you guys?” Dialga asked.

“I’m Beheeyem and this is my friend, Reuniclus.” She said as she pointed to her friend, looking dumbfounded. “Oh and he said his favorite color was blue, not waffles!”

“How do you do the whole fishing thingy? Do the fish bite?” he asked.

“How ‘bout we show you how to do it?!” Reuniclus exclaimed. Dialga nodded and they all started to go back to the other side of the bayou where the girls originally were fishing. However as they started to go back, they saw something weird in the water. It was like… the water was producing a whirlpool. It was abnormal for a bayou to have a whirlpool, so the kids just stood by and watched.

The whirlpool then turned into a black hole with a large twister surrounding it. As a result, it blew everything in the forest around like debris. The kids try to stay still on their side of the lake as they tried not to be blown by the wind. The wind did slow down, but then something else happened. A figure arose from the black hole in the water. This figure was weird because when it first started to rise, it looked like a giant worm, but now it was starting to change forme. It was starting to grow bigger wings and also grow legs and a longer tail. The kids can tell that this Pokemon was going to be bigger than Dialga, so they stood by anticipating their arrival.

When the Pokemon hit the ground, the ground shook, indicating that this was a big Pokemon. When the light cleared on them, the kids can finally see what this one looked like. It was huge and had red and black stripes on its neck; six legs with gold claws on them and three gold rings on its neck. The kids felt intimidated by this Pokemon, especially Dialga as he was shaking in his claws. The Pokemon looked directly at Dialga; with glowing red menacing eyes. He and the girls can tell that this one was angry. Very angry.

They backed away slowly as the Pokemon began to form the red spikes on its wings in a different fashion. They were forming in a triangle like fashion. The kids wondered if they should leave or should they go. They want to leave, but something about this Pokemon is preventing them to leave and it’s the eyes. The angry, menacing eyes staring at them as if it wanted to attack them. Then something unexpected happened. The Pokemon came at them, grabbing Dialga, Beheeyem and Reuniclus in its wings and pulling them into the back hole.

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